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Kosmic: The Rangers of Northern Falls 1

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Demon, ghouls, goblins and monsters prey on the Common-Folk of Northern Falls, it's thanks to the Ranger Corps that they haven't wiped everyone out yet

Action / Scifi
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Az'Ra the Troll Chief

“Let go of me, no please!” the man cried then let out a bloodchilling scream as the troll snapped another limb.

The man’s screams soon seized as his body went limp and just like the previous victims, the troll tossed the man aside.

The large beast towered easily over 12 feet tall, wielding a massive cleaver that had claimed multiple lives since the fight begun and large spiked club that had planted young Sichiro in a wall.

The boy’s light blue eyes shot open, he blinked some blood out of his eye lash and suddenly gasped for air. “I passed out? How could I pass out at a time like this!?′ he thought to himself. He emerged from the rubble and did a self-analysis.

He had a cut on his scalp somewhere, he wasn’t losing massive amounts of blood but he was still leaking. His hands that gripped his sword were numb. If he wasn’t looking, he couldn’t tell he was holding his weapon.

He took a deep breath and looked around.


Splintered bones, twisted bodies, and a swamp of blood engulfed his view. He felt violently dizzy, but he suddenly remembered what happened: he had jumped in front of someone to try and save their life.

He looked around behind him and noticed the young woman he tried to shield, was mangled in a tree adjacent to the crumbled wall he just sprung from. Blood dripped from her mouth like a leak. Sichiro could see she could no longer be helped.

A twig snapped and he spun to see his reflection, he reflexively bent backwards and limboed as low as he could. The large blade cleaved the tree behind him in two with just one swing. Sichiro jumped to the side and shook his head.

His vision and hearing were clearing up, he could hear the groaning cries of crippled men and women alike. He felt his sword in his grip, he could feel the first block from the troll’s club broke two knuckles and their fingers, but he could still grip his weapon.

Sichiro glanced at the field, out of the 25 people that came here he could only see four attending to the wounded. He locked eyes with the Troll, Az’Ra. An unnatural, invading behemoth from the depths of hell it seemed. His nostrils flared and webbing on his nose flexed, revealing several venting chambers that were smoking. Smoke was leaking from the corner of his lips and he locked eyes with the young fighter.

Suddenly he blew a massive tsunami of hellfire at the boy

Sichiro jumped into a tree and watched as body parts and wood splinters flew past his cover with alarming speed.

Sichiro opened his eyes and watched as debris and people fell from the sky, he sneezed then he noticed the large canyon left by the blast. The radius itself had to been four food shops wide and he couldn’t see where it ended, this was the power of Az’Ra. The infamous Chief of all troll-kind

The Company the city of Southern Dunes had authorized to take this creature down is all but wiped out, Sichiro noticed the city’s flag smoldering nearby. He had an idea.

Az’Ra trampled over broken bodies, some tried to play dead but cried out in pain when something else broke under the weight of the beast. Sichiro found a tree to perch in, he sat just above Az’Ra and watched as the beast devoured what pour souls that were within arm’s reach.

In an instant, Sichiro had the flag over the unaware chief’s face.

Az’Ra roared in fury.

The troll reared and ran into several full grown trees, plowing through them with ease. Sichiro, broken hand, was holding on for dear life. The troll shook his head violently but was kneed in the eyebrow each time.

Sichiro pulled back the flag as much as he could until Az’Ra’s face was facing upwards and his foot was in It’s nape. Smoke leaked through the black and gold tarp and Sichiro knew it was coming. He leaned forward and wrapped the flag over Az’Ra’s face a few more times.

“Are you insane!?” a woman asked as she approached

“I’ll go for the legs!” a man shouted as he rushed to him

Sichiro’s eyes widened in horror ” No! You have to-”

then everything exploded.


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