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Mystery Of The Maker

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this is the backstory to the 1st volume what has happened in the past in madeline blake's life it is the history that maddie doesn't remember . The introduction to the characters will be sent in a while.

Action / Mystery
Age Rating:

Character list

Characters :

1) Madeline Blake Paker


-15 yr old

2) Slydia Parker-

-mother of Maddie

- ruler of gykes kingdom

3)Paul Parker

-Father of maddie

-ruler of gykes kingdom

4) Valerie Aroura

-sister of Slydia

1st wife of Noah

5)Noah Aroura

-brother of Paul

-1st wife was valerie

-mother of eloise

6)Lilith Aroura

-2nd wife of noah

-mother of draven

7) Draven Aroura

-son of lilith

-ruler of the under world

- step cousin of maddie

-step sibling of Eloise

8) Eloise Aroura

-daughter of Valerie

-step sibling of Draven

-Cousin of maddie

9) Elizabeth Ashley


Friend of Valerie

loyal follower of paul and slydia

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