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The White Pearl

By Tania Giguere All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Action


Chicago News

Breaking Head Lines: Chicago’s Largest Drug Delivery Fails.

Chicago’s finest swoop in and take down a large shipment of cocaine also known as dust. We have learned that this would have been one of the most valuable deals distributed throughout our streets. We have not yet received any information on the value of the cocaine or who was the mastermind behind arranging such a large delivery into our city.

Our neighborhoods are becoming a haven for drug dealers and their suppliers. Chicago is thankful that our officers could stop this delivery before any of the cocaine could be turned loose on our streets.

We also were informed that there was a lot of gunfire exchanged in the raid, but all of our police officers made it through with minor injuries.

No one has a clue to how Chicago’s finest even heard about the shipment, but what we can say is there are probably several drug dealers out there enraged right about now. The money to be made on something of this size would have been astronomical.

Chicago’s Chief of Police Sam Davis would like to shed some light on this being that Sam is more educated about the situation at hand.

“The street value of a shipment of this magnitude would have been in the millions if the people could have distributed it. Something we all did not want to happen. We want our children to be able to walk home without someone standing on a street corner, selling the trash to them. Maybe even talking them into selling the poison. Our children have no idea of the destruction that these drugs can cause.

I am also proud of the professionalism that my people showed in handling the takedown. Thank you.”

Chicago News wants to thank, Police Chief Sam Davis and his superior officers, for keeping Chicago’s streets safe.

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