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Unveiling Desires

By Rose KulikowskiGilleece All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


I turned quickly to catch my opponent’s kick land straight at my chest, knocking me right across the arena a good 20 feet and into the crowd, falling on several onlookers. The two women I knocked into pushed me off of them. They looked slightly pissed that I covered their Armani outfits with my blood. For a second I got the image of the two of them attacking me in my mind. I raised an eyebrow at the two women placing my hand over my sword and gently tapped it with my fingers as if I was waiting for one of them to say or do something. Of course, they did nothing just cleared their throats and backed away from me. I looked directly in front of me as I made my way to my knees. There were three men, one of which I knew very well talking rather quietly. The three were taking bets now on how quickly my opponent was going to take me out.

“Really,” I silently said to the one I knew. He did not say anything just laughed slightly.

I made eye contact with the three idiots as they placed their fucking bets.

“Not worth it,” I heard my opponent mumble under his breath as he waited for me to respond to his prior attack.

I took a breath before raising my sword again. I knew he was right. I looked back at the three idiots one more time. Money was exchanging hands now. I don’t know what pissed me off more, the three idiots from our family taking bets on how fast I was going to be defeated or that one of those idiots was my first opponent and one of my exes.

“Fuck that,” I yelled out loud looking toward my right. There were several cement pilings just sitting there. I smiled slightly as the pilings flew across the arena and straight at those idiots knocking them unconscious.

You could almost hear a pin drop around me. Everyone including my opponent just stared at me.

“Was that really necessary?” I heard a voice growl deep in my mind.

“Probably not, but he won’t underestimate me again, now will he?” I yelled back as my opponent brought his sword around quickly clanging with mine.

“He,” I heard HIM growl back in my mind.

I looked up to see my opponent’s sword swing toward mine once again. I had only seconds to raise my sword to meet his.

“Pay attention to what you and I are doing Laurie. These challenges are hard enough without you getting distracted,” My opponent yelled on mental path only he and I used. “Don’t worry about anyone else, not the onlookers, not that idiot betting and definitely not HIM. Just think of you and me. Pretend we’re sparring.”

“Sparring my ass. We’ve never sparred in front of ten thousand of our fucking kind asshole,” I mumbled to my partner under my breath. No one just sparred in front of 10 thousand of our kind.

“Girl you cursed at me three times. You do it again and you’re sitting on that fucking metal chair for two damn weeks,” Tom growled in my mind. I moaned thinking of that damn metal chair but was at least smart enough not to say anything back.

Thomas spun around and struck the sword hitting me in my left arm. I could hear a growl deep in my mind.

“One more injury I am stopping this nonsense.” I heard HIM yell.

Of course, I did not answer him. It was hard enough fighting with who I was. I mean I wasn’t exactly like everyone else in the arena. I wasn’t in my full powers just yet. Hell I didn’t even know about the ritual until that Old One Zegford let it slip after hearing me

complain for the millionth time about how I became HIS. I just wanted to free myself of HIM, so I could go to HIM on my own as I should have been able to do years ago. HE pretty much did everything but order me not to go through with the ritual. I knew why HE was afraid for me. To his knowledge, no one has ever tried the ritual In fact, HE said the ritual was going to kill me, why even try it.

“Who cares how you became mine?” HE yelled at me in one of our many arguments over the past two weeks. “You are mine, always were and always will be.”

“I care,” I screamed back at HIM. HE just didn’t understand how important it was for me to be the one who chose him, to choose this life. HE didn’t understand when I was younger, and still didn’t understand.

Thomas sweeping my legs out from under me knocking me flat on my ass brought me back to the here and now.

“Wake up, Laurie and fight me,” he yelled just before I saw his foot raised as though he were going to stomp on me.

I knew my opponent was right. If I had any chances at winning, my freedom I would have to do what I did best. I had to fight.

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