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The sun goes down, and the bloody moon rises up , the Kim's family and Jeon' family meet again , biggest enemys on vampire's history, but the new leaders of the familys would change their minds and decided to make their younger members get married, what if they don't accept, what if they escaped together , would the war calm down

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Darkness everywhere, trees leaves are falling , and the night flowers are opening, inside this big forest the Kim's castle stands against the time's changings, his walls keeps standing as a witness to the bloody history of the war that happened between the Kims and Jeons , but this night is special
They -as they say- are going to make an end to this hatefulness by getting their younger members married , Kim Namjoon and Jeon Hwasa . Everything was as they planned, the castle is ready, the family is together, and the most important thing, Namjoon did not run he just listened to his older brother this time , they've waited for almost two hours, the half of them started feeling angry, this is a very unique night, and the Jeons did not appear yet , they must be making jokes of them , Jisoo couldn't take it anymore, so she started saying what everyone was thinking of to her husband " I can't believe it, when you have finally gived them a chance to make things right , they disappeared, Jin I would not stay any longer, I'm going to start the war again but this time will be the last, who wanna come with me, shall follow me" she stood up and walked giving her husband those serious looks, some was ready to follow her, but Jin screamd with his deep, scary voice " if anyone moved out this room, he'll be thrown away from this family!" No one had the bravery to step anymore, they went back to set full with their anger . Suddenly, J-park leader of Jeon's family showed up with his cold face, the rest of them was following him , they hade the same emotions as the ones here, the guest's number has been completed, he apologized first then he kept waking 'till he took his place as the rest of them

I'm not staying here any longer , I will not definitely do what that maniac wants , specially that vampires get married only once, and I'm not losing my only chance for a guy I meet for the first time, specially not when he's one of my family's enemys

That's what our hwasa said before she turned her head to the left and looked to her sister, Solar knew what she was thinking about so she hold her hands tight

Hwasa : sis I know that this marriage is important for the both families but I can't do it

Solar: don't you think of it , I already understand what you're planning to , if you want to leave , just go I'll handle the rest with Wheein , after all we still can get J-park out of his place if we didn't not approved him

Hwasa : thank you sis , I guess I will cause you troubles this time too

Solar: don't you ever think that way and now go , one last thing if you ever met Moonbyul tell her to come back we need her right here

Hwasa : I promise I'll do

You may wonder how are they saying all those things in front of everyone, but actually they're not, 'cause vampires has the ability to communicate with their siblings by their mind or you can say that they hear each other's voices inside their head but not all the time, only when their talking to them

When everyone was talking about the wedding ceremonys and other stuff , Hwasa stood up, he noticed her the first, her fiance as he supposed to be Namjoon, and was very happy that she did , cause he could see what people's will do in the future it's different from one to another but he saw that she'll refuse, but didn't know what will happen after, that's why he stayed calm , focusing on her , and on the leaders, they both seemed unhappy, but her brother specially looked like he was ready to kill her, his hateful feelings was so clear on his face , that's when her sister Wheein talked for the first time since she came in ,

Wheein : why are you standing this way, sit

Hwasa : sorry sis but I will not, I refuse this marriage

Wheein : what do you mean, didn't you tell me that you're ok ??

Rose : yeah, I heard you too, I was there

Jimin: is there something that makes you refuse?

Hwasa : actually I didn't agree at the first place , but J-park forced me

J-park : Hwasa I understand you're nervous, but sit now you'll get used to later, you must get married someday, and I'm your big brother, I Know the best for you

Jennie: he's right, you'll get married anyway, just sit

Solar: Jennie, why don't you shut up it's a siblings discussion, you're not welcome

J-park : hey, Solar you better respect my wife

Solar: or what?!!

The vibes were completely nervous, and Jeon's family was about to fight, while the Kim family was confused and shocked

Hwasa couldn't hold it anymore, so she turned her back and walked towards the door, suddenly Kai attacked her 'till she felt down , that's when Jin tried to calm them down before they do something worse

Jin " hey , everyone calm down, let us solve this as civilized people "

J-park" thanks for the advice Jin but it's Jeon's family's problem so let use solve it our way "

That's when Hwasa stood on her feets again, her eyes turned completely silver , and her nails grow , her siblings eyes turned to red , and their white teeth came out of their mouth, they all were attacking one by one

Wheein somehow got stuck at her chaire, Solar too , they were screaming hardly to warn their little sister

But no worries about her, she was so fast that no one could catch her , and when they attack her she always find a way to give back and even more worse, few minutes later she used her voice to make them all scrambling on ground , before she left, she turned around for the last time and said " don't you ever try to follow or find me idiots, cause next time I'll finish you , and do not try to hurt my sisters too, hope I see you in hell next time "

Everybody could say that she was deadly powerful .

When she had one last step to the door, someone appeard, and hold her hand "Take me with you !"

Hy , I hope you like this part, tell me what you think at comments

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