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The returned

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So a Teenager wakes up from a bad dream just to end up losing his best friend in a car crash. Then finding out that his best friend is dead he decides to end his life because he feels that he is alone once again. When suddenly before deciding to end his life, a stranger kidnaps him and toys around with him.

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

"ding, ding" my alarm went off, yawning I got up from my bed to go wash my face and brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth I heard a knock at my door. "hold up I'm almost finished Kyung!". Quickly finishing up I ran straight to my room and got changed before grabbing my backpack for school. I rushed down the steps and opened the door. "finally took you long enough damn" replied Kyung.

We quickly started sprinting to school before the school gate closed, When suddenly I stood still as a car was driving fast right in my direction, but suddenly I felt Kyung shove me to the side before getting hit. "bang!". As my version was slowly coming back I suddenly realized all the blood on the ground. "Kyung, no how could you do this to me screaming!". I quickly rushed him to the hospital well still bawling my eyes out.
After hours of waiting, the doctors came out, "sorry Miss, he just couldn't make it, there was to much blood loss". feeling frustrated I dashed out of the hospital and ran all the way to the bridge. Pete couldn't take it anymore, the one person who actually cared about him was actually gone. He climbed on top of the railing of the bridge well still sobbing. "whats the use of living, I feel empty inside, this is all of my felt why didn't I just move". slowly moving forward well closing his eyes.
He suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. "ahhhhhh!" Pete screamed, there was a guy right next to him. But how did he get up there so quietly?. "should we jump together or should I jump first?". Bruh this guy is seriously saying that. Pete quickly got off the railing and started quickly walking home. But that stranger kept following him so he picked up his pace. When suddenly the stranger started pacing at him. Pete hid behind a tree at the park but stupidly got caught by the stranger.
The stranger gripped Pete really hard as he covered his mouth with a cloth that had some type of chemicals. Pete woke up and looked around. He was in a room, chained up on a bed. There was literally nothing in the room except for the bed. "oh no my dad, he's probably worrying about where I am", and once again I make a stupid mistake.
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