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Night detective

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Brenda Melis, a private detective,gets trapped in a hospital's morgue while trying to investigate the death of a recently abducted boy's lawyer. In an attempt to find a way out, she sees the boy in the basement and rescues him. She does her best to escape from the hospital, reunites the boy with his family and together they try to find the criminals in order to bring them to Justice.

Action / Thriller
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Episode 1

"Hello,I'm Brenda",said a lady dressed in a long black trousers.Still hearing no reply,she continued."Could you please take me to the corpse of the old lawyer??.

"Something small for Ken" said the security guy as he stretched his hand to collect some coins from the lady.

He walked Brenda down the deserted stairs of the hospital in order not to attract attention from anyone. The duo walked steadily and noiselessly into the morgue. Brenda directed the torchlight towards the long path as Ken moved fearlessly along it .

According to Ken,it was almost time for him to change shift with the new guard in the morgue so they had to make it quick. As they approached the door in the corner, Brenda's phone rang .She went a few steps back in order to receive the call. About five minutes later, she returned to her original position, this time facing an open door. Ken signalled her to come in which she fearfully did and pointed to a figure about a hundred and fifty centimeters long. She moved towards the figure, put on her face mask and slowly drew down the white cloth covering the figure. She cried out for some seconds and began to think things through. She began to think about how Ken stood adamantly while her phone rang so loud that it could wake an entire neighbourhood up. She also thought of how Ken stood oblivious to the noise she made when she first saw the body. "Something is not right"said Brenda as she moved her hand slowly over the head of the lifeless figure and pulled out some hair strands. After that, she took a piece of cotton and wiped the wound of the lifeless figure with it. Brenda, placed the cotton and the hair strands in a plastic bag, turned towards Ken who was right behind her and asked for directions to the morgue's washroom. He pointed towards a door in the corridor and Brenda quickly moved towards it. While in the washroom, she called her boss Peter and narrated everything to him. Peter, after hearing this, told her to run out of the morgue. He explained to her that the morgue was owned by "Parot Brothers" a company he once investigated secretly alongside some colleagues but stopped this investigation when some of the colleagues he embarked on the adventure with died mysteriously. .......to be continued>>>

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