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The Self-Sacrificing God

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Theos is a god, but misfortune follows him no matter where he goes. Will he be able to bear all the burdens that come with chaos?

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“Child, why do you weep for me?”

“Because you have faced such cruelty, Master Theos. They have wronged you, and they have continued to wrong you. It’s cruel! It’s cruel!”

The child was wailing, flinging his arms heavily against the ground. Theos smiled lightly and thought to himself “I can’t believe someone can cry so earnestly for my pain!”

“It’s been many years, little one. Hundreds of lifetimes have passed, and it no longer hurts. There’s no need to weep.”

But this only made the child despair more deeply.

Finally, the child’s sobs broke, and he looked up at Theos.

“Master, could you not fight them? Why did you not protect yourself?” Theos only chuckled, patting the little one on the head.

“You could’ve destroyed all of those posers with one fell swing of your sword!”

“Some circumstances call for sacrifice, child. If I had fought then the situation would have worsened.”

“For them-“

“No, child, for everyone. To kill a god- it means to risk the mortal realm.”

“But, Master! You are wronged! Are you not also a god?”

“I cannot die from this, child, so this is simply a new way to spend my time.”

“Locked away and chained! While they got away with the murder of your family, the burning of your temples, and the stealing of your worshippers?”

“It is but the passage of time…” Theos said, but the child’s words reminded him of his younger self, shouting at the gods disdainfully.

“What have I done? What have I done to offend you all? Rumbling God of Thunder- did I not save your land from disaster? Saintess, have I not always helped save you all? Heavenly lords and ladies have I not done right by your names?”

The sky only rumbled in response, as Theos was chained in the soul stealing cuffs, and dragged into the lowest layer of the earth, and left there. What an ill-fate indeed!

The soul-stealing cuffs only left Theos drained of physical and spiritual strength. Affectively, Theos was no longer a god while cuffed.

“Master Theos, when will they release you?” The child asked, interrupting the gods daze.

“I fear I have been forgotten. Not only by those who have wronged me, but those who swore it to be righted. Although, Child, it has been some time since we last spoke… be honest with me now-“

The child only screamed, pushing Theos over, and vanishing. It was as Theos thought, the child was nothing more than a spirit. ‘But he had cried so earnestly!’ Theos sighed, sitting back down, and adding another line into the stone which was carved, and almost overflowing with those lines.

“How many years has it been?” Theos wondered out loud, not expecting an answer.

“You’ve been here a few centuries at least, Theos!” A voice he recognized thundered through the cave! The Rumbling God of Thunder!

“My Lord!” Theos called out, a spiteful hope raising from his belly!

“I have come, Theos.” The lord strolled into the open, but there was something wrong with the sight before Theos. Theos couldn’t quite pick it out, at least not with his centuries of uselessness. Theos supposed he was no better than an invalid.

“Are you ready to return to the heavens? We are in great need of assistance Theos!”

Theos finally realized what it was that was nagging him so. Lord Thunder was missing an eye!

“My lord, I am afraid I will not be of much help. I am out of practice.” Theos held up his hands, showing off those soul-stealing shackles.

“I have saved this for you though, Theos.”

What Lord Thunder pulled out caused panic to swell deep inside of Theos.

It was nothing other than Theos’ cursed weapon: the sword of misfortune.

“Why have you come with that!” Theos cried, pushing away from Lord thunder clumsily.

“Because we have no need for a martial god! We need a god of misfortune!”

Theos could only stare at Lord Thunder, disbelief coloring his features.

“This god of misfortune refuses. Was I not cast out exactly because of that sword?” Theos finally said, staring up at the Thunder God.

“Unfortunately, Theos…” It was the voice of someone Theos respected greatly echoing throughout the cave. In the form of a woman, out came the greatest Deity of the continent.

Theos, no more than a mortal, immediately prostrated himself. Yes, Theos respected this great deity, but there was also a deep fear that filled his heart.

This god that was respected and feared equally among all was known as “The Kingdom Crushing Saint”. For she had won all the wars she had fought in- which was no easy feat since she had fought in over 400 wars well before Theos had ascended!

“My Lady! What have I done to deserve this new cruelty? Will I be released should I help, or will I be imprisoned for something I can no longer change?” Theos’ words could be considered a courage. To speak out in front of this mighty deity could be taken as an extreme offense.

“I will release you from bondage and will grant you freedom for the rest of my time ruling the heavens. Should you help- I will demolish those shackles with my own hands.” The Saint smiled, lifting Theos’ head so that she could look into his eyes.

Theos could only sigh. It seemed there was no point in fighting. Perhaps he should’ve treasured these peaceful years locked away a little more. It seemed his life was about to spiral into the chaos of a god of misfortune!

The Saint and Lord Thunder both grabbed Theos, and they ascended into the heavens quite loudly. Once they arrived several gods, as well as their lower ranked officials rushed to Lord Thunder. It seemed Lord Thunder had taken over as the supreme civil god as well. “What talent!” Theos thought.

The Saint waved Theos to follow her and began speaking as Theos trailed behind her.

“I know it has been quite a while, your highness.” Theos almost passed out from shock, what an old title!

“My Lady, please you no longer have to address me as such. I am less than a mortal in this state.”

“Nonsense, you deserve respect. Others might not recognize your sacrifice, but I know your actions have saved both the heavens and the mortal realm.

“Nonsense, I was being punished for the misfortunes I caused as a prince.” They both eventually agreed to drop the topic- and finally breached into why Theos had been brought to help.

“The mortal realm is in chaos.” The Saint whispered darkly.

“How will a god of misfortune improve that chaos? All I can do with that sword is spread more chaos around!” Theos didn’t know if he should begin walking himself back into the cave, as clearly they were mistaken about his abilities.

“Now, your highness, we all know that’s not true. After all, we witnessed your infamous ascension.”

Theos paled, thinking far back to the moment the heavens grabbed him and made him a god.

“Ah, that.”

It was a hard memory for Theos, one which he would rather forget. His ascension, strangely, was not a happy occasion for anyone who was involved.

“I’m not sure what My Lady is considering is a good idea. There are many things with that plan that could go wrong.”

“Then, don’t let it. But things cannot get much worse, so there seems to be little choice”

Theos bowed his head at her, and she began asking questions about the day he ascended, it was all done so quickly Theos didn’t have even a moment to think it strange.

“I would like to go check out the mortal realm myself, My Lady. There are certain conditions that must be met in order for this to be a feasible plan.”

The Saint nodded, waving him out of her palace. Only then did Theos realize he was still bound! He turned around immediately and knocked back on the door. The Saint answered, smiling wryly at him.

“Finally, you’ve noticed!” Without any further warning, she removed the shackles, and crushed them beneath her feet.

“!!!” Theos gaped at her.

“I had said I would- were you not listening?”

“My Lady! Those are a very effective spiritual nullifier- to just destroy the-“

“Don’t worry there are at least thirty other spiritual nullifiers in my palace alone that are twice as effective!” Still, Theos felt at a loss. He had grown quite attached to those shackles.

“Oh! By the way, Are you aware of the kid spirit that would visit me about every 10 years while I was imprisoned? He must hold a very strong grudge.” The Saints face showed no sign of worry.

“I will have Lord Thunder look into him. Is there anything you would like us to do should that spirit be caught?”

“I would like to speak with that child, perhaps I can lead him to release.”

The Saint chuckled “There is no change in your soft spirit, Your Highness.”

That made Theos want to face palm. Of course there was change! It just wasn’t so obvious because he had just returned! He was less naïve nowadays, and no matter how Theos thought of himself he felt that he was tainted by grief, which was very different from the him before the soul-stealing shackles.

“I shall descend to the mortal realm now, My Lady.”

And so Theos descended and was engulfed by the terrible wailing of people all around him.

And so, the first condition was met.

Theos walked around for a bit, looking for a single person unaffected by the misery that was so succent in the streets of this city. After he had wandered for a while he find not a single trace of joy.

Meaning, there was only one condition left to be met, and Theos just had to figure out how to make it happen.

The conditions for the sword of misfortune to absorb misfortune rather than release it were so:

Firstly, there must be plague, famine and misery, and it must affect every household in the busiest area of the city. Secondly, there must be no joy or hope present on these streets. Joy and hope tarnish the effect of the sword of misfortune, so if they are present the sword will simply spit out what it has absorbed, and it will be worsened. Third, was the only condition that Theos could truly affect. In fact, the third condition was almost entirely dependent on Theos taking action. There must be bloodshed, and every citizen that is suffering must stab the person wielding the sword of misfortune!

It was no wonder, Theos thought darkly, that his ascension was so miserable.

Suddenly he heard a voice speak in his head.

“So, your highness, are the conditions met?” Indeed, it was The Saint telepathically communicating!

“There will have to be some preparations made. How many cities will I be travelling to? How many mortal cities are like this one?”

“Well, your highness…That city you’re currently in is actually considered to be in relatively good conditions. In fact, it is considered the best of all the human cities we rule.”

Theos gritted his teeth.

“How many mortals are there?”

“An exact count your highness?”

“As close as possible.”

“1,045,092 mortals that we will be saving.”

“My Lady?”

“Yes, your highness?”

“I may die…”

“Impossible! Gods cannot die not even from a million blows!”

This was factually true. Theos would not die, probably.

“I will be waiting for the last mortal to wound you and I will heal you immediately. The pain may last a week, but it will just be that- a week!”


“I know you do not want to experience it again, your highness.”

“It’s not just that, but rather- what have I done to incur such violence? Have I wronged you, my lady? Have I wronged the heavens? I was locked away, with little reasoning, and now I am to become the self-sacrificing god I was in the past?”

“Your highness, it is not that you have done wrongs, it is that you have done the most right.”

Theos could only sigh. The memory of his ascension, while bitter was no longer fresh. His title at ascension-a cruel joke. It seemed he was truly destined to be nothing but a god of misfortune.

“By the way, my lady… is there any news on that spirit?”

“Unfortunately Lord Thunder is under a lot of pressure at the moment, so he has not been able to investigate properly.”

Theos nodded, silently leaving the communication realm. It wasn’t like Theos to be full of fear, but he did not think his mind could survive the brutatlity of mortals for a second time.

“Master! Have you been released?” The little spirit appeared suddenly. Theos almost chuckled, before looking at the young boy.

“I have.”

“Then, Master, why is there still grief hanging about you?”

Theos couldn’t help himself, he hugged the small spirit.

“I cannot help it, child. I am grieving myself.” The child was frightened, but hugged his master back.

“Do not grieve master: ’Misery and grief are passing emotions, to achieve greatness you must react!” the little spirit quoted.

“I have nothing left to achieve, little one. I will pass the time, and the time will pass me.”

The little spirit, disheartened pulled away from Theos.

“Master, can I be honest with you?”

“Of course, child!”

“I don’t think you’re a very good god of misfortune at all!” Theos smiled wryly at the child.

“But I am the best god of misfortune.. look around you! I’ve been back a day, and the mortal realm is like this…”

The child spirit laughed.

“Master, I think I’ll be gone soon, but to be honest there is someone that has sent me to keep watch of you. I don’t like him! He’s full of hatred and anger, but he told me he will find you. And to tell you, before I’ve fully dissipated this ‘If you have no honor, steal some. If you have no joy, take it from others. If there is no one to listen, scream until the worlds ears have opened’.”

Theos winced. Who would spread those cheesy lines around so seriously? The little ghost hugged Theos one last time, and then he was released from his wandering. Jealousy filled Theos, but he prayed over the little spirits soul.

“May you go in peace, and with all the dignity of the gods.”

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