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Forced to fight for survival

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A conglomerate of advanced species abduct lower creatures like humans to make them fight for their life in an arena filled with traps and monsters from a fantasy world. The character must advance further and further to earn his freedom and go back to where he belongs.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Waking up in a new place

The only thing i remember is going to bed late after playing all night on video games. When i woke up i was in this strange room, there is a window but it’s way too high for me to look what’s outside. I look around but there is nothing resembling my house. The bed is just a simple bed attached to the wall with a chest at the bottom, it’s closed. There is a desk with some sheet of papers attached too against the whole. It’s like the person that brought me here don’t want me to move a thing. I could have used them to look up the window.

There is a door that is locked from the outside. When i woke up it was the first thing i tried to do. There is a little window on the door with a piece of wood that can be opened from the outside too, like prisoners doors. To continue the tour of the room, there is a closet in the angle to the opposite of the bed, it’s made from wood and look sturdy enough to resist some hits.

The toilet and the sink are in the room too. The good thing about it is that it’s a single room so i don’t have to feel embarrassed if i have to go do my needs.

I go to the door and yell for someone to come and open this damn door.

--- Is there anybody on the other side of this door?

But no one answered my call. I turn around to sit back on my new bed. I start to feel hungry, luckily for me there is a cup of fruits on the desk so i grab one and eat it. It’s an apple, I’m not fond of those but i must admit at least it cut my hunger for now. While I eat it, I try to remember what i did in my past life and why i would even end up in a place like this. The more I try to remember the more I’m hurt from a headache.

After i ate my apple I went to the closet because of boredom. I mean if I’m locked in here I might try to look around if I can find clues about my presence here. Inside there is a grey uniform with my name written on it with a tag next to it. The same thing is written in little on the torso of the uniform. So I really am in jail, but what did i do wrong to end up here? The headache that was long gone come back even stronger than before.

I should really stop thinking about who I was and what I did for now. The tag on the uniform say Jean#2987, I guess it’s my name since the clothes are clean like when you just buy them from the store. I’m in underwear with a white shirt so i dress with the uniform, I really hope it’s temporary. Right after i finish dressing up I hear behind me the chest opening.

The right thing to do was to wear the uniform? I approach the opened chest and investigate what’s inside. The first thing i grab is a notebook with a pen attached to it. I open it, all the pages are blank but something catch my attention. A note with my handwriting on it “Don’t forget, you mustn’t forget why you are here.”

I curl around in pain, my head feels like it’s about to explode from all this pain. Some time goes by when I can finally stand up, just after the pain vanish again. I put the notebook on the desk, I don’t want to have something on me that give me a headache every time I read it. I’ll get back to it if my memories come back or if I have something useful to right.

I go back to the chest to search for more things that could be useful. There is a piece of clothe with something hidden in it. I unwrap it to have in my hands a sphere attached to a strap made in leather. The sphere seems to be made of glass, there is little symbols floating in it. I attach it to my wrist like a watch, by instinct i put my forefinger on it.

From this instant a blue window open up with some writing in it. I fall on my butt from the surprise, the flashed scared me and i definitely wasn’t prepared for this to appear. There is a mannequin of me on the left of the frame. It represent me, I have dark short hair, brown eyes and an height around 170cm. I’m pretty average and basic if i should make a statement about myself. Like a character from a video game, my mannequin also have slots of equipment next to various parts of my body.

On the right it is well organized with some information about me:

[Name: Jean Reslit#2987 Age: 26 years old Race: Human

Class: None Sponsor: None Level: 1 Exp: 0

Health: 100%

Strength: 2 Dexterity: 3 Intelligence: 4 Chance: 1

Redirium: 0

Skills: None

Talents: none]

This confirm my identity, my name Jean, Jean Reslit. I just don’t understand what the tag means but I’ll find it soon enough. There is various information about me that makes me wonder, is there some other species than humans here? I’m quite young, if my sentence is big at least I have a chance to go outside one day.

The second piece of information worry me a bits. There is statistics about me but they seems pretty low, am i weak or is it average? The piece of information that end it all is the “Talents: none”. Am I just this worthless?

On the bottom of the screen there is empty slots, they come with a title saying “Inventory”. If it is what it seems to be it will be pretty useful. I need to do some testing first if I want to be sure of it. I grab a fruit that was in the cup on the desk and I try to put it on the screen but nothing happen. I try multiple time with different ways, even throwing the fruit but it just fly right through the screen and crash on the wall. Great, now I have to do cleaning after I finish understanding how the inventory work.

My highest stat is Intelligence with 4 and i can’t understand how this thing works. I sit on the bed exhausted while my hands are crossed. The apple that was in my hand disappear instantly and appear in the first slot of the inventory.

Yes that confirm what i was fearing, I am plain stupid. The screen is just a holographic screen, the equipment is this kind of watch. There is four slots of inventory and now one of them is taken by the apple. It’s good to put things in it, now i have to try to take it back to be really useful.

After some testing that took way too much time that i want to admit, I just have to press on the object to make it appear in my hand. I try to place something like the desk but i assume it doesn’t work since it’s attached to the whole, same thing for the rest of the furniture in the room.

The interesting thing about this inventory is that i have a description of the thing i have in it if i hold my finger on the screen. For example:

[Name: Ordinary apple Rank: common

Description: A fruit that grow only on earth. It is one of the basis of the diet of human beings. When consumed by them, they restore a little percentage of their health.]

Where did i end up for the description to talk about human beings like foreign creatures?

I try to do it on the uniform and here is what it display:

[Name: Grey uniform Rank: Common

Description: It is the uniform worn by human fighters in the arena. It is both comfortable and resistant, beware that it doesn’t block blades and arrows.]

Wait a second, I’m not a prisoner, I’m a fighter! That doesn’t sound good at all, I have no experience in fighting. Plus the more I look at my stats the more I feel like I’ll die the second I step in the battle.

The good point of this is that I can grab information of where I am and what I have to do with the description of object I hold. The bad point is that I might not live enough time to read more descriptions.

I finish searching the chest and the last thing in it is a little bag with objects that resemble coins. The difference with those on Earth is that they are in an oval shape, from a material I don’t know with unknown writings around the edge.

I place it directly in my inventory.

[Redirium 0 --> 5]

That’s the monetary system of where I am, I guess? So many questions and no one to answer them.

I have an idea, i might not understand the note in the notebook, but I definitely will get information about it if i place it in my inventory. I rush to the deck and immediately do it.

[Name: Notebook from “???” Rank: Common (?)

Description: A notebook that will automatically write what happened to the fighter when it is in the arena. It can hold precious tips and advice while in the heat of the battle.]

The more i read the word arena the more a knot tight up in my stomach, I really don’t want to fight. Doing it in a video game, you don’t feel pain and if you die you just re spawn. I don’t think the same fate will await me if i take an arrow to the knee.

I made a plan if i need to go in the arena to fight for my life, I’ll take two apples to restore health if i have to lose any and the notebook. If it hold precious advice throughout the battle it sure will be handy if I have time to read it. There is only one slot left in my inventory, i left one in case i can grab something useful like a new piece of equipment I can’t hold or anything.

Now that i did everything I could I wait on my bed. The time goes by slowly and boredom come again. I forgot about the stain on the whole so I rub it to make it go, making it even worse by spreading it in a big circle.

After some time i hear footstep coming in the direction of my room. I rush to the door and yell again.

--- Hey, Is someone there? I need to talk to someone!

The footstep stops right in front of the door. Some long seconds pass while there is no sound again. I hear the sounds of keys opening the little window on the top part of the door. The thing that came out made me fall on the ground again.

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