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Bound Book 1

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A thrilling story about how the universe can turn on you tomorrow if not today. Do they have what it takes to come out on top

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Their breaths were heavy and they were coated in blood which was not their own. Their legs felt heavy so much so that they could collapse at any moment. How many days was it now? How many days have they been been running? It was becoming harder and harder to discern reality from fiction as the days went by and survival was the only human instinct that had kept them alive thus far. The situation had become so bad that it was laughable. Who could have thought that a simple news report could lead to such despair. The child was the first to collapse. Her body was still too frail as she was a child thus this was to be expected. However they knew that their pursuer wasn't going to stop even if they left her to him. They were just going to be killed anyway, that's the way greedy people think after all. The man in the group of three then quickly carried her on his back and they rushed to find a place to hide. All they could find was those double sized square trash bins. They hid themselves there. Moments later footsteps like those from marine boots could be heard in the distance, from the direction which they had come. The footsteps grew closer and closer and fear unlike any other befell on them yet again. They had nowhere to run now, in front of them was a dead end and behind them was an enemy whom with him came impending death. The footsteps suddenly halted. Was this truly the end of the line for them? Was this truly it?. What had they been running from then. ‘I haven't even eaten today’, thought the man, ‘sucks to be me. Well if I'm gonna die anyway why not just die fighting then, maybe I might just take him down with me.’ Having strengthed his resolve and as a last desperate act to survive, had ran out with a baseball bat in his hand. A gun was shot.

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