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Bound Book 1

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Chapter 1: Meeting

The girl in ragged clothes and a tirey state sat there both in confusion and disarray. Why had she followed him? It is true that she was in a dire situation and needed help, but one cannot be compelled to follow another just because of one act of kindness. It wasn't the first time anyone had been so kind as to give her food. This was so odd, in more ways than one. What was going to happen now? The guy in question then approaches the girl with a plate full of hot soup and other delicacies and placed it in front of her. He then proceeded to sit on the chair opposite hers whilst simultaneously signaling to her to eat the food. The child was hesitant but with the food looking so appetizing and smelling so divine she just could not resist. Poison be damned assuming it had any, better to die with a full belly than an empty one. The man chuckled and smiled. The child pretended not to notice.

"My name is Koito.", said the man "What's yours?" he proceeded to ask.

She feigned ignorance and desperately avoided making eye contact whilst making short phased glances around the house she had been brought to. Koito took notice of her actions and came to a wild conclusion.

‘I know I'm handsome, but isn't this a bit much.’ He thought to himself. ‘Can't she at least just look at me straight.’ He sighed. ‘I guess it can't be helped when the radiance of my beauty can even be recognized by kids her age, how troublesome.’ (This line could let him end up in prison)

As full of himself as he was, these were not just empty words. He was ever bit a handsome man as you'd find on the entire planet. He was so handsome in fact that you could almost call him beautiful. He had thin brows, black eyes and black trimmed hair. Topped off with a little bit of charisma, he radiated like the sun. On the other hand, the girl had her entire face covered with disorderly hair to the chin such that you could only get a glimpse of what looked like deep blue eyes, other than that, she was pretty short indicating an age of maybe around eleven years of age and she wore oversized clothing. They sat there in silence for a few moments.

"So, little girl do you have any family members?" Koito broke the ice in the room. "Parents or a sibling maybe", he continued. ‘Maybe she can't talk’, he thought to himself, ‘does she understand sign language then? I have never thought I'd need it so I never learned it. Who would have thought this might happen? Well, what to do now, I may not be a good person but I'm not as terrible as to just dump her back to the streets with no guarantee that she'll survive as she has till now. There's also the risk of child traffickers. This has turned into quite a problem.’

Just then, a door creaked open and both individuals turned to see what was up, and from a room to their side came a woman in her pajamas. She had terrible bed hair and her eyes looked to be heavy with sleep. Sleep deprived maybe. She looked around the room a bit and made her way to the refrigerator.

"Hey, you're up" exclaimed Koito, "You could have slept a little more you know."

"Whatever ", said the woman ignorantly.

"That attitude of yours!", sighed Koito " Anyway look" he then pointed out " I found this girl on my way out of the store, she looked hungry so I brought her home to give her some food".

Whilst jugging down a milk-filled bottle, she glanced over to where Koito was, from the shock she burped out all the milk in her mouth and began to cough.

"What the, who the heck is that? More than that what's she doing in here" she remarked.

" Oh, I don't know her name yet" exalted Koito, " Ah and before I forget, that woman who just choked off her milk is my girlfriend Aella make sure not to forget it now." He said looking at the little girl.

" I wasn't asking for her name, and please don't go around telling strangers my name you dimwit" exclaimed Aella.

"But why not? It's a beautiful name "

Aella blushed a little bit and then said, " Well, that doesn't mean you should go around telling people my name you know. Whatever, enough about my name I asked what she was doing here as in didn't you think it would be a little weird to take home a girl you've never met before and a child at that" she pointed out.

" I guess, I did receive some critics as I was walking with her, but they didn't do anything so it's all good right," he said.

Slamming her forehead with her hand, Aella

" Now listen here!...", She was cut short, by an embrace from Koito.

" Oh come on, don't worry too much, we'll just feed her and take her to the police tomorrow morning since it's late now and all the problems will be resolved then right " Koito said as he caressed her hair. It came unexpectedly that it caught her off guard. He'd never done this in front of anyone and though it was just a kid, someone else was in the room thus it made her embarrassed. " But, for that, I need you to wash her body for me, she reeks" and suddenly all that emotion went down the drain.

" Why don't you do it yourself then" Aella fumed.

" I can't, I am a guy and she's a girl. I would have done it if I were a girl too. Doing that would also be wrong on so many different levels. Besides, you don't have anything to do today anyway. Come on, do it for little ol me."

"No!! Forget it I'm not obligated to do such a thing, even for you. I'm going back to my room!" And hard-headed she was. Aella, after blatantly refusing to do so then stomped her way in the direction of her room. She was like a child throwing a tantrum.

" Fugh" sighed Koito " I didn't want to do this, but you live me no choice", he said. " You ought to remember whose house you're living in!" He shouted.

Aella halted in her tracks and turned her head towards Koito. Her eyes were burning with fury.

" Please, take care of her ", exclaimed Koito.

"Tch, damned rich kid", Aella sneered.

After some deep thought, Aella then sighed and signaled to the little girl with her head to come over. She had finished her food, and surprisingly enough she understand Aella and went over. Upon taking her bathing towel which was supposedly in her room, she went to the bathroom with the little girl.

" Thanks" Koito smiled.

Koito stretched his back which had become sore from his afternoon jog to which he had met the little girl. He had been desperately holding himself back from stretching this entire time, like for instance holding yourself back from scratching an itch.

" With perfect features should come perfect physique, Aella should have joined me and not just lock herself up in that room whilst indulging herself with social media."

After the stretch he let himself be enveloped by the comfort of the living room sofa. He reached deep into the divisions of the sofa and out came in his hand the tv remote. He, with it, switched on the television and maneuvered through the channels until he reached his favorite; the classic music channel and he then placed the remote on the table and let the music lead him to his dreams.

About an hour later, the music was cut off by a breaking news report mostly about murderers, criminals and other deranged psychopaths on the loose. Koito woke up to the abrupt end of his music. He looked over at the tv and he was pretty ticked off. To his surprise though, on the sofa next to his was his girlfriend and the little girl was sitting on the floor. She had her hair tied into twin tails behind her and was honestly very cute. She had glamorous blue eyes and rich brown skin that looked like chocolate and the clothes she had on then were pretty cute too. Wow, that was the only thing Koito could think of. What a transformation. He looked at his pouting girlfriend's face and kissed her on the cheek and chuckled.

" Don't ever ask me for such unreasonable requests again. What if she had a disease and I caught on to it" she exclaimed

" Then, I guess I have it now too since I kissed you and all." Koito grinned and Aella looked away from him. Koito then put one hand on his cheek and continued to stare at her. She then suddenly stormed down at him with a flurry of blows with the cushion and he responded the same it thus became a cushion fight, and laughter spread throughout the room. Everything however can to an immediate stop upon seeing an image appearing on the tv.

It was the little girl, and the broadcast went as follows:

Two days ago, there was a report that this little girl 'Karikoga Williams' was kidnapped by a middle-aged man about six foot five with black hair and black eyes. This man is said to be armed and extremely dangerous. If you happen to hear anything or see her please send word to the police immediately. The family of the little girl '...' has promised that anyone who does so will be given ten million dollars in cash if the child is saved. Moving on...

Both Koito and Aella were shocked to hear to hear the news. This little girl was a victim to a kidnapping. For real. Aella, gave Koito a death stare to which he responded by a violent shaking of his head. Suddenly, there was a power outage and the emergency lights kicked in. Aella then suddenly stood up with a phone in hand.

" What are you doing?" procured Koito, " I'm calling the police" replied Aella. " You don't wanna be a criminal for something you didn't do right, then just shut up and let me handle it". Well, Koito couldn't say no to that so he just sat there quietly. So this girl's name was Karikoga Williams he thought.

After a couple of dials, Aella looked at Koito with a blank expression on her face. The line didn't go through. All services were down, completely. There was not network either.

" Why don't we just take her where we found her." she said

" ..., I really want to do that too but it's really late and all. What if something bad happens to her. Something much worse than a kidnapping won't we be partly responsible for that. I won't be able to sleep at night. Beautiful people should also do things that correlate with their beauty, so I'm very sorry but I can't do that..." replied Koito.

" But..." Aella was cut short with the sound of the doorbell ringing and it was at this moment that their little world was completely flipped upside down and all hell broke loose.

Who was it?

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