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Galaxies Away

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Alone in space a man must find his way back

Action / Romance
Stephen Puls
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Chapter 1

Captain Pultz surveyed the damage from the electrical storm his ship went through. He has been in the Intergalactic Space force for almost ten years now. Standing on the deck of the ship he was scanning the room. Looking down he sees the empty co-pilot seat and gives a big sigh. Captain Walter Pultz has been lost in space for 6 months earth time. He pilots a big space freighter used to re supply where ever it is needed.

"Captain, this is Star Command come in please.." the communication system crackles to life. " Captain Pultz please respond i need a situation report."

Walter looked over at his only companion he had left.He loved that dog. He found Otto on nebula nine laying outside a nebulian sleeze bar. Otto was Walters only company at the moment. He walked over to his friend and gave him a quick rub on the head. "Good boy Otto." He said.

As he approached his captain chair he lifted the headset on the table and put it over his head. He took a sip of his lousy coffee. " this is the captain speaking." He said softly into the microphone. "I'm doing a systems check right now." He started clicking keys on the main computer. "It seems the navigation systems are down. Not that it matters because I'm in an unrecognized galaxy with no way out. God Damn it!!" Walter said in frustration.

"Roger that Captain. This is Major Taylor speaking can you read me ok Walter?" He looked out into the vastness of space before him. He was just staring blankly. "Yes i suppose I am ok Patti how are you?"

The Captain and Major had been close friends since the academy. Class of '89. 2189 was one hell of year for them both. The formed a bond right away and have been good friends ever since.

" I'd be doing better if i could find a way to get my friend home." She said quietly into the microphone. "Do you have any response at all with navs? Have you check everything?"

"Well I've checked just about everything. My next step is to check the mother board. But as of right now I am pretty sure I am screwed." Walter said as he looked helplessly at the screen before him. It seemed awfully strange to him that only the Navigation and steering had been affected. Everything else was working fine. Walter was exhausted.

"Captain I can hear in your voice that you are losing hope. Remember what I have always told you. You must keep going even when hope is hard to see. You must keep going." Patti said with deep concern in her voice. Although they were many galaxies away she could still sense his apprehension.

"I hear you Patti I really do. Its just difficult sometimes. I really miss her you know? I still cant believe shes gone." Walter confessed to his friend. "There's times i can feel her watching me. Guiding me.......loving me." His eyes began to well up. " I gotta go Major Taylor. I must test all the circuits now. I'll contact you at 1700 hours with update. Over and out "

He didn't wait for her reply he just signed off. "You knowOtto...I could use a couple beers right now." He smiled and winked at Otto. Otto looked up and wagged his tail happily at his friend.

Walter finished sipping his coffee. He wiped the tears in his eyes with his napkin. Gave a quick glance to the co-pilot chair and showed a weak smile. Then he picked up his tools and "kept on going" trying to fix this god forsaken broken ass freighter so he can get back to earth. His home.......

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