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Strong Man

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This is my second book in the series. Year in book: 2016 Chapters: 2. A man escapes a lab fights a supervillain and becomes a superhero.

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Chapter 1

Demon, the Slayer in the Dark, the man with two katanas made from Indysteel and a pet demon dog named Dog. Dog, an indestructible demon dog with wings, sun of Cerberus, born the day the earth was born. Then there’s Walter. Not much is known about him, but he has Emperor Charles V’s Wheellock pistol and can really fight plus is immortal. One day they were told by someone who wants to be kept anonymous that all around the world there were these labs. Industry of DNA who where kidnapping people mostly kids and forcing them to go through test. These tests were giving them powers but Industry of DNA were forcing them to use them for bad. So Demon, Dog, and Walter went to rescue the first one in China who goes by the name Strong man.


Walter put the sticky bomb on the wall. Then set the time to 1 minute. When a minute passed we got up from the tree we were sitting under and BOOM. A hole appeared in the lab. We walked in and three men ran up to us with guns pointed at us “put your hands up” the one in the middle said. I took out my katanas and said “we are looking for a man who goes by the name Strong man” “you have the wrong place” he said. “Ok…it’s the hard way then” I said. I whistled, Dog ran up to the one on the left and bit his face off. I threw my sword at the middle one. The sword went through him. Walter pulled out his pistol and shot the last one. Then Dog ripped the heart out of the one he killed and ate it. As Dog was eating the heart me and Walter searched the lab as the lab’s alarm system was blaring. We came across one or two lab workers but not much else. Until we found it…the room labeled TEST SUBJECT “This must be it” Walter whispered. I opened the door slowly and when it opened there was a guard, guarding Strong Man. Dog, out of nowhere, ran up in front of me and his wings grew to the size of a shield As the guy started shooting. I looked down at Dog and said, “Dog!” Dog looked up at me with a smile on his face and his tongue sticking out. All the bullets bounced off of Dog’s wings and the guy started to reload. As he did this, Dog put his wings back. I jumped over him and cut the guy’s head off. Then Strong man broke through the testing tube and said “Noo Jerry” he looked up at me and said “you’ll pay for this”. He ran up to me with his right fist raised. Before he punched me I dodged just as Walter got in his way. Strong man punched Walter so hard his neck snapped. “WALTER!!” I said I looked at Strong man who was walking up to me. “Look, they are not your friends, they are trying to make you into a villain” “lies,” he said. He ran up to me and all I could do was look at my dead friend. I thought “I really need to convince him…and fast”. I knew that Walter had a copy of the messages the government and the Industry of DNA had on paper in his pocket. So I rolled past Strong man, stood up, then ran to Walter’s dead body. I reached in his pocket and pulled out the paper. Strong man grabbed me by the neck and pinned me up against the wall. My feet were not even on the floor. I handed the paper to him, he snatched it, opened it up and read it. As he was reading it, he let me go and I fell to the floor, got up and looked at him. He looked at me and said “what now?” I said “follow me”. I picked up my sword and told Dog to follow and me, Dog, and Strong man ran out the room. Along the way we found the hole in the wall with the three dead guards and my sword on the floor. I picked up my sword and we ran through the hole. Outside I took out my walkie talkie and said “the LZ’s clear Torpedo” then my Chinook helicopter came, it then came down low, the back opened and we hopped inside. Right now we are in Beijing now we are headed for Hong Kong.

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