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Dark Heaven (Season 1)

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Many years ahead in the future, technology has evolved incredibly advanced; this gives the power for entire civilizations to travel across galaxies with ease. The story revolves around Simone Kratz, a recently graduated engineer who was tasked to help build several infrastructures in a recently established colony that belongs to a plutocratic nation. His life was already set, for his promise of marrying his beloved girlfriend was more than certain. His dreams is suddenly crushed as he witnesses the planet he was living in being victimized by an alien invasion and he was abducted in the process. Soon after he wakes up in what he thinks it's a laboratory, he was forced to endure the gruesome pain of assimilation along with his wife to-be, unfortunately she does not make it. Soon after assimilation, he was assembled in a line with other abducted victims, where each will eventually be assigned a guide from the Hive mind. To his surprise, a humanoid/molluscoid golden skinned woman is instructed to guide his path. his story turns from cheerful to depressing, as each day he does his best to survive within the Hive World

Action / Scifi
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Many years ahead in a time where the void steadily consumes countless nameless stars. Space has been forged as the traditional route in between several galactic nations that have sworn to serve one another. The Dark Heaven, intriguing name for something highly volatile, for many it is a symbol of hope, for others it is a material of power, the yesteryear being the period where many were questing for its acquisition. With so much power at play, Some use it to protect and others to destroy. For eons, conflicts among alien empires arose amidst the desire for expansion. Among them, the Hivermind has architected the greatest plot for dominion, several have perished and many more have suffered the consequent losses. Several years into the future, the time of oppression has ceased and nations unite for the betterment of survival. The Dark Heaven has Simone Kratz as protagonist, a recently graduated engineer that is interested in helping the development of the most recently established colony within the Plutocratic nation. His days of peace are numbered, but he doesn’t know about that yet

The setting forms in the main character’s room, who is currently sleeping. The sun begins to shine upon his room when he suddenly feels the rays stinging his eyelids, forcing him to wake up. Upon rising from his pillow, a hand stops his momentum while it gently pats his shoulder.

-Secille: Five more minutes, please.

The drowsy woman exhaustingly begs for her lover to stay longer in bed. He caresses her hand in response.

-Simone: I’m sorry. I have a very important meeting today. It will mean a lot to get the project approved

-Secille: Ugh, sure. Leave me. I can go on without you.

Secille scoots aside and teases Simone. In response, he kisses her cheek and says

-Simone: I promise I will be back on short notice, ok?

Simone wakes up from his bed and prepares his belongings before going to work

“Hi, my name is Simone Kratz. As you have heard, I am a young engineer who is very popular in this place. I am mostly known as a miracle worker, wonderfully regarded for his contribution to society; I’m glad I have people that praise me this much. On this Planet named Ohmid, there are many interesting things to find and many things to be done with it. My team has recently discovered an area within the soil that is suspected to yield a scarce yet valuable resource. What do you think happened? A contractor reached my team to find a solution on how to reach for such material. So, I hope to make a good case to see if the project is a go.”

Simone monologues as he performs subsequent tasks that make up his routine before heading to work. He finishes gathering his belongings and is ready to go to the headquarters

-Simone: See you later, love. I’ll see you by sunset.

-Secille: Good! That means you won’t miss that surprise I got you.

-Simone: Thanks, I am looking forward to it.

Simone leaves the house and goes to his car, a sedan styled vehicle with thrusters equipped to take flight across the futuristic metropolis. He takes off and he is on his way to his workplace.

He takes the highway,which is occupied by several flying vehicles from many styles ranging from expensive models to less attractive yet affordable variants. All of these vehicles travel harmonically across the cityscape as their lights reflect on the glass and glossy metal from certain buildings causing a colorful show to emit in a visibly attractive pattern. Simone takes little time to arrive at his workplace, where his boss, another human, seems to be conversing with a Plantoid, an associate. Simone arrives at the scene.

-Krem: Finally, the engineer graces us with his presence!

-Simone: Come on, boss. Is too early for petty flattery.

The Plantoid blooms in excitement, releasing miniscule yet visible spores.

-Rohma: But it is true! Thanks to your ingenuity, we will make history on today’s date!

Simone crosses his arm, attempting to horribly conceal his flattered expression.

-Simone: You guys are a lost cause. So, are we heading there now?

Krem: At this point we should. Some of the teams are already at the site preparing the preliminary measures. Speaking of people who are ahead of the most valuable engineers, heh?

-Rohma: If Simone doesn’t focus today, it will be your fault.

-Simone: Alright, you two. Before we continue roasting and praising, whose car is being driven?

-Krem: We are going on mine. We can share a few words on the way there; there is something that I am particularly interested to ask yet I feel restrained by the possibility that you might be offended.

The three begin to walk towards Krem’s Hover vehicle.

-Simone You seriously doubt that? I would’ve punched you a long time ago given all the dumb, irrelevant or, better yet, annoying question you’ve been asking for the past few months.

Everyone enters the vehicle then their drive to the destination begins. Krem is the one driving, a flowing curiosity that urged him to ask.

-Krem: How are things with you and the human, Secille?

-Simone: “The human”. Listen to yourself. Anyway, it is about time that we step up. Tonight, I will propose to her.

-Rohma: Congrats, Simone! You have my sincere blessings and wish for your relationship to prevail!

-Krem: You really are something. With all seriousness, do make her the happiest woman in Ohmid. You work so hard for yourself and her; a lovely vacation isolated from your work area is the most the two of you deserve.

-Simone: Look at you being so motivational. Just like the day you considered the raise.

-Krem: Listen up you, little shit! I am your boss!

-Simone: Oh yeah? Then act like one.

Everyone in the car laughs

Sometime later, they arrive at the project site; some humanoids along with other species seem to be talking about the arrangements to be made in the area and setting up the perimeter. Krem parks nearby, the three dismount the car and walk to regroup with the rest of them.

-Krem: behold! I brought the key to your solutions, gentlemen! Hahaha!

The attention of the workers was suddenly directed at Krem. An Avian responds.

-Kirik: About time you arrived here, Mr. Kratz. I am generating my doubts upon inspecting this plane. We are sure this is the place where we will gather the mineral, but how will you ensure the equipment will endure the stresses of the digging? In addition to that, would any terrestrial rupture cause any disturbances?

-Simone: Hmm…

Simone rubs his chin, ruminating and calmly gazing at the landscape before arriving to a solution

-Simone: I had a prior visit with the Geologist to make an analysis regarding the behavior of this terrain. It seems the terrain has a distinguished characteristic under specific and somewhat untraceable circumstances. My regards to one of my partners who actually made a discovery upon finishing a previous analysis.

Simone kneels and feels the ground.

-Simone: Thanks to the current “season”, the formation below makes it ideal for our project to be started in no time. In regards to the equipment handling the stresses, well, that would be up to us to come up with the design. There is no doubt that everyone will agree which material will be used for digging, though I suggest that once the digging is deep enough, the nanobots hardwired circuits will allow them to continue with the extraction.

Everyone nods in agreement

-Simone: Suggestions? Ideas? These are my own, but there is room for improvement if you ever find my idea is somewhat flawed.

-Kirik: The suggestion might come when engaging on the practical phase of the project; for now, everything said sounds too pretty to be prematurely debated.

-Simone: In that case, let’s start working.

The work begins when two teams split on different locations; one team handles the perimeter while the other forge the blueprint of the design. Among the two, the blueprint planning seemed the most controversial as disagreements rose frequently. Even if that was the case, everyone had fun by the end of the day.

At sunset

Progress has been made and everyone was satisfied with it. with the current pace, the minerals will soon be held in their hands. Every engineer on the team begin to say goodbye to each other.

-Simone: We’ll meet again in two days, remember!

-Krem: You know how to bring the team together, hmm?

-Simone: A tough lesson learned before graduation. Back in the day, not many were reliable for work; I’m glad to meet people that don’t have that symptom.

Rohma approaches.

-Rohma: Do you smell that? It’s fortune. My roots are already tingling.

-Simone: Sounds great to hear that.

-Krem: Come on, gents. We have to celebrate the beginning of this newfound project. Drinks are on me.

-Simone: Well… sure. Why not?

Simone, Krem and Rohma headed to the Hover Car to drive their way to the headquarters where Simone left his vehicle. Simone uses his vehicle to follow Krem to the place where he was invited. Finally at the place, Simone notices that it is a restaurant. They dismount from the vehicles and regroup.

-Simone: It is rare to see your hospitality showing up.

-Krem: We deserve this, don’t we? Especially you.

-Rohma: Do you hear that, Simone? It means that you should exploit him while he gives you the chance.

Rohma and Krem laugh as they approach the entrance of the restaurant, Simone following close but not amused by his comment.

“These guys are unbelievable.”

The three of them were subject to a brief period of being assigned a table. Some time elapsed before the waiter gave them the table. They sat together and shortly after a bottle of rum with a flavorful texture was delivered.

-Krem: How many drinks before you get knocked out?

-Simone: Don’t get any bright ideas. I’ll drink just once, twice at most. I still have to make a drive back home. Aren’t you supposed to be careful with that too?

-Krem: Why do you think I brought Rohma along?

-Rohma: I’m unable to drink rum anyways. How unfair to be the driver of this guy. Your image will be soiled.

-Krem: Hey, Take the drink or don’t. I want to celebrate with you all. I’ll make a toast.

Krem fills his cup and Simone’s with the content of the bottle. He raises his glass and begins to toast.

-Krem: For my friends and our success. I’m glad to meet the two most wonderful people in Ohmid. May their talents bring a fruitful development for the next century.

-Simone: Hehe, very optimistic. I’ll cheer for that.

Simone raises his glass and takes the first sip. From that point onwards , they begin to converse, enjoying the little time they have before departing and reunite again when a meeting is called.

Several minutes later

Simone arrives at the jewelry store, promising to himself that he will give a pretty gift to Secille. The purchase is being rather quick, ordering the ring beforehand.

-Employee: Here is your ring, sir. I hope your wife-to-be likes it.

-Simone: I hope so too. Thanks.

-Employee: Have a wonderful night.

Having done the purchase in a short time, Simone is on his way to his house, where a wonderful surprise awaits him. Once he gets home, he approaches the doorstep, a weird mystical aura emanating from the house. It is a feeling he was unable to shake off.

“I wonder. Is this the surprise she meant?”

Simone thought as he opened the door.

-Simone: Honey! I’m home!

The room was dim, partially illuminated by candles forming a path to the kitchen table. As he approaches, he sees a cupcake encircled by petals that shape like a heart. It was then when a whisper emerged from the dark.

-Secille: Happy birthday, my love.

Secille hugs Simone from the back.

-Simone: Oh. You remembered?

-Secille: Of course, I would. What woman wouldn’t?

-Simone: Women with short term interest? Hehe. I appreciate it, Secille.

Simone turns to her and passionately kisses her lips and lifts her up to place her on the table. There the kissing continues.

-Secille: I’m surprised a mere cake turned you on.

Secille locks her kisses and keeps him enthralled with her affection, Simone then snaps and remembers something important to say.

-Simone: Oh, love. I got something to give you. I hope that you like it.

-Secille: Yeah? What is it?

Simone reaches his pockets and feels the case where the ring is kept.

“Come on, Simone. You can do this. We lived together long enough, so it is safe to do this. Today I will confirm is she is my true love for life.”

Simone thought nervously and then pulled the case, displaying it to Secille. She gazes at it as she gasps surprisingly, doubting what can be held as content within it.

-Secille: Babe… it’s…it’s not what I think it is.

-Simone: It’s up to you to figure it out.

Simone opens the case and reveals a ring with a gem attached to it, which matches the colors of her eyes. She cries of joy

-Simone: Secille, do you want to marry me?

-Secille: Yes! Oh my god, yes, I do!

Secille excitedly replies.

Secille gives an energetic hug to Simone. They both enjoy the heartwarming moment.

-Simone: I told you I was proposing to you one day.

-Secille: Yes, dumbass! I know that! It just…made me very happy.

Secille leans on Simone, concealing her embarrassment to Simone.

-Simone: Secille?

Secille cunningly kisses Simone, forcing him to pin her on the table. The kissing steeps on its passionate scale until they start making love. It kept until the deed was taken to their room.

Next day

Another sunrise emerges; the shine lights upon the couple holding each other dearly. Simone wakes up embracing Secille from the back.

-Simone: Hello, love. I’ll make you breakfast, ok?

Secille smiles even though she seems to be asleep.

-Secille: Go ahead. You gave me a fine night. I will let you take the lead in the kitchen.

Simone kisses her and stands from his bed, doing a few stretches before heading to the kitchen.

Sometime later

Simone was doing waffles with berries and he felt curious about what is happening in the outside world. He turns on the television right before Secille appears in the dining room.

-Simone: Hello, dear.

-Secille: Hmm? What’s up with the sporty attire?

-Simone: I was thinking of jogging for a while while you eat your breakfast. You are also dressed as if you want to take a walk.

-Secille: Well, duh. It is your day off, right? We spend it by doing something relaxing.

-News Anchor: We interrupt this program with some breaking news… if…you…a-are…

-Secille: What is happening to the tv?

-Simone: I have no clue. Good thing we have the warranty. Is somewhat odd for it to break so early.

-News Anchor: Find…! Cov…er! Aliens…Inv…!

The lights suddenly went out. The event was followed by a sudden tremor that shook the neighborhood.

-Secille: What is happening?!

Simone walks towards the window and inspects what is happening outside. He is shocked to see what is happening.

-Simone: Good lord…

-Secille: Honey? What is it?

The global siren was rung. The alarm warns that alien forces are entering the planet and about to start an invasion. Simone witnesses how dozens of meteors like capsules are falling at high speeds and land on the ground, causing massive damage and deploying troops.

-Simone: Shit. We need to get out of here.

-Secille: I’m scared…

-Simone: Stick close to me. I’ll find us a way out.

The entrance door blows up and leaves a cloud of debris, rendering Simone to have a clear view of the person who is there.

-Simone: Hurry, Secille!

A laser that originated from the raising debris was fired at Simone’s leg, completely paralyzing it. He falls to the ground in pain.

-Secille: Simone!

-Simone: Go, Secille! I’ll be fine!

The trooper enters the room. A muscular figure wearing the mask and tentacles emerging from the back of its head stands still as Simone makes a shocking gaze at him. He is mind boggled with the current events happening

“Wait… he is not a soldier of Ohmid. What is that outfit? Are those… tentacles sliping from the helmet? What is he?”

Thoughts swarmed uncontrollably as the soldier aims the gun at the Secille who is frozen by the shocking display and shoots a paralyzing round at her and she falls unmobilized.

-Simone: Secille!

His anger fuels his mind with irrationality, filling his audition with weird cacophonies whereas in his perspective blinds by a sightless rage that forces him to attempt a reckless, yet futile maneuver against the alien figure. With his leg hurt, The action seems to be an impossibility.

-Simone: Son of bitch! You will pay!

The soldier looks at Simone and tilts its head.

Soldier: Kashen Kamenon. Ehut’roteshn no me ton… Hivadra.

Simone: Who are you?!

The soldier ignores his question and strikes him hard enough to knock him unconscious.

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