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WW2 ( World war 2)

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Liam a young American soldier is struggling to make it through and only wishes to go home. Kat a young Nazi soldier is regretting even coming into the and wants it to be over. They don't get exactly what they want until they make an unusual in counter at a german bass. ( I'm not fully done with it sooooooo----- there's some cliff hangers lol)

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Chapter 1 LIAM

The aircraft rumbled through the air, making the ride to Liam’s second mission to Germany bumpy.

Liam had been an air-born, sniper-Allied soldier. At the time of picking what section of the military, Liam had no intention of joining the department. But once they declared they’d get a $50 raise, Liam knew he wanted to join the air born.

" Attention!″ The commander demanded, forcing everyone to stand up from the uncomfortable metal seats.

″ everyone gets ready, now!″ the commander yapped, standing near the door.

The men dragged themselves into a line, and Liam joined them in the line they created. Liam stared at the guy in front of him. It was Max, Sanders. Sanders had been an entire foot taller than Liam and was built like a tank. Liam disliked Sanders with a passion since he was a school bully back in the States.

″ check the person in front of you chute!″ the commander demanded. Liam glanced up at Sanders’s parachute it was, way to lose. instead of tightening it, Liam just stood there, hesitating.

″What are you doing back there? Fix my chute, Peaches!″ Sanders blurted, glaring behind him.

Peaches was a name given to him at the training course. Once the other guys discovered that Liam had been from Georgia, they never stopped calling Liam peaches. Though, it wasn’t that easy to tell that Liam was from Georgia since Liam had pale skin with brown short wavy hair, which never stayed down no matter how much gel he put in it.

Liam slowly but surely tightens his straps firmly.

″ Are you ready, ladies? ″ the commander shouted over the pellets of the aircraft.

″Yes sir!″ the soldiers cried out. Just like that, one by one, the soldiers leaped out of the sturdy aircraft into the midday sky. And when it was Liam’s turn, he was more ready, than the first time he had done it- on D-Day. Liam bent his knees and waited for the green light.

" Oh wow, Peaches isn’t a pussy this time,″ the guy behind him remarked. Liam just rolled his eyes & as the light turned green, Liam swirled around, facing the guy behind him.

″ Oh wow, Pants didn’t shit himself this time,″ Liam mocked, recklessly pointing his finger at him as he fell back into the sky. It was a death wish to jump like that, but Liam didn’t care. He smoothly redirected himself just as his parachute opened, jolting Liam hard. Liam looked around, no explosions, no bullets ripping through the air, it was peaceful. That scared Liam the most. He slowly glided in till his feet were on the ground. Liam tumbled through the green grass, then laid back into the grass viewing the clear skies. where were the Nazis? Liam asked himself, getting up from where he was lying. Liam swiftly bundled up his chute and unfastened it from his body.

″Hey Serg, where are the Krauts?″ A man asked with a New York accent. Sergeant Mc’Quill stayed silent and stared at the empty fields.

" They retreated to the south to set up more troops and such″ the sergeant finally answered, fishing a cigar out of his olive green pants pocket.

″ Common, there should be a town up ahead, we can camp there.″ the man insisted, walking into the empty yellow fields.

A town full of Nazis. Liam told himself, as he followed the sergeant into the fields. The other men followed.

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