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who pulls the trigger with their eyes close? Perhaps someone as crazy as me. that was the begging of my trouble. What happens when Cara's mission goes wrong? Killing the wrong man and leaving the wrong man alive. Now she's on the run from him. You can run, but you can't hide.....

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

If I don't leave this place as soon as possible I might end up killing someone and I won't be held responsible for my actions.

Who do they take me for? some stupid damsel in distress? it even annoys the hell out of me to think of myself as one. My father happens to be the Don of the Russian mafia and keeps me away from anything that concerns the mafia, they never let me in on anything. When ever I ask a question am told to stay out of it and my dad in his famous words " the mafia is no place for a woman" and i wonder if all the other women I see parading the mansion had their balls cut off.

This brings me back to my present predicament, I was arguing with my dad to let me go with them on their new assignment, but what do I get? he again throws his famous words on me.

I sigh in frustration because well since am being nice and he isn't taking me seriously so it either my way or the highway. I smile to myself as my beautiful evil plan begin forming in my head. I can't wait to start, let see who the real boss is.

I go back to my room looking defeated, well that was what I want them to believe. A helpless looking damsel. I laugh evilly to myself. If only they knew what was coming their way.

I entered my room and made sure the door was securely locked behind me. immediately the door was locked I ran to my laptop on my bedside table and jumped on my bed. A girl gotta make herself comfortable, especially when watching a life movie.

They think am stupid, poor Don's daughter.They wish. They never tell me anything so I have my ways, a girl gotta do what she has to do. So that why am sitting on my bed watching my dad and his men make their secret plans. Yeah I i know I said they never let me on anything, that doesn't mean I don't know everything. Like I i said I have my ways.

I listened in on their plan silently. Oh and if you are wondering how I am able to watch them, let just say that beautiful picture of me my dad has in his office has the answer. You can figure the rest yourself. They look so serious. I bet you anyone who disturb them at the moment would definitely get a bullet to the head. Not like I won't like the extra drama.

They go over their plan and I watch them not missing a single word, everything sounds easy to achieve like taking a walk in the park. But who am I kidding there is no such word as easy in the mafia.

By the end of their meeting, I already had wicked ideas coming together in my head waiting to be unleashed. I can't wait for the action. Damsel in distress about to be their distress.

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