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A land of murder and betrayal

By Shane Jansens van Rensburg All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


South Africa; circa 2006 the so called rainbow nation of South Africa is at best a bad joke and the white South Africans have found themselves, marginalised and the target of draconian affirmative action laws that make them almost impossible to employ. They are under constant threat of rape, torture and death by millions of black South Africans who hate them and believe they should not be in Africa! The corrupt ANC government denies that there is any kind of threat to the white people in South Africa, this despite the fact that tens of thousands of whites have been brutally murdered since they took office. South Africa has become the rape Capital of the world where a woman is raped at least every 60 seconds.

The world at large fails to see that South Africa is teetering on the verge of a massive genocide. The ANC has fostered a culture of black supremacy and entitlement that the world unknowingly has fed with financial aid to the point where the ANC has become a “fat cat” buddy system that lines its pockets with the world’s money, never even considering spending any of the financial aid on the poor people it was meant for. It has spawned a new generation of black elite that are rich beyond comprehension while the grassroots people are worse off than they have ever been before. The whites who could afford it had already left the country in their millions. What remained were those without the financial or emotional ability to leave this country. The epidemic of home invasions and farm attacks are so brutal in nature that it defies logic or explanation, and those who remain face the constant threat of this terrible practice reaching their doorsteps every day. The police do little or nothing to prevent it and in more recent years it has been discovered that they are more often than not involved in the attacks.

After the ANC took power in 1994 they started a Truth and Reconciliation Committee. This committee heard from the victims and the perpetrators of human rights violations under the previous government. It was later more of a witch hunt to find and punish all the soldiers and police men who had committed acts of violence on black people. The white people of South Africa are the first to admit that there were some violent crazies like the “Wit wolf” (white wolf) who took matters into their own hands and murdered innocent black people. They would also agree that people like him should face the full force of the law. But what happened in the end was that men who had merely followed orders were being held responsible for actions they had no control over. At the end the TRC was not about reconciliation but rather about assigning blame and financial rewards for the victims, as with most things in Africa it always boils down to who gets what for nothing.


Shane was a captain in the Special Forces and was later seconded to the “CCB” a specialised unit that operated out of a base called “Vlakplaas” (Loosely translated it means Flat farm). They were an extremely specialised unit of specially chosen men who had exceeded all expectations and challenges the military had thrown at them. They were not from one sector of the military but were from all branches of the military and police force and thrown together into a large collection of very dangerous men. These were the men the previous government had called on to do the things that they could not ask of normal men. The unit was now disbanded and only spoken of in hushed tones and called things like the “death squad” and the “killing teams”.

Shane was a big man standing 6’3 in his bare feet and weighing in at 120kgs, without any fat on his body. He had green eyes that were so vivid people had said that it felt like he looked through them right into their souls. He was of Afrikaner decent and was a fine example of the stout and rugged men who had carved out a civilization in darkest Africa, he was darkly tanned from long hours in the sun and his hair, which he kept very short was bleached a dirty blonde by the African sun. Shane had received the same warning that others of his unit had received that the police were planning to arrest them and force them to appear before the TRC while being held in prison. He had no intention of going to jail for serving his country, so with the use of contacts he had built up over the years he left the country and became a mercenary, he had been in Iraq, Afghanistan and various other countries where he had plied his trade. But like most true Afrikaners he longed for home and was never quite at peace, he always felt like he had deserted his people, so after just over six years fighting other peoples wars he headed home and as he was suspecting was arrested when he landed at Johannesburg International Airport.

They wasted no time in informing him that he had been sentenced to ten years hard labour in absentia. He never said much, as he had resigned himself to his fate, and being locked up at home was to Shane better than being free and lost in another country, besides he was tired and could do with some rest.

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