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The Elephants Will Remember

By Simon Paul All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure


"At the heart of the book, though, is Africa, which straddles no borders but spreads itself endless across savannah and jungle. And then there are the animals: the magnificent herds of matriarch-led elephants, the roar of lion and the puny adventures of humans as they strive to bend the wild to their own wills. Here is Aubrey Pennington, the heir to a stately home and a title he doesn’t want; here is the enigmatic butler (and so much more) Highpot; a former philosophy professor at King’s College, Dingle, who is just a bit more than a retired academic who is more than he appears to be, and, of course, the babes who pop up everywhere. You’ll need a strong seatbelt to follow the intertwined plots and a geographic sense of where the novel plays out its stories, for they range far and wide and, of course, wild." - Jenny Crwys-Williams, Sunday Times Book Reviewer This book is dedicated to the Elephants who migrate between the feeding grounds of the Chobe and Hwange region of Zimbabwe, through corridors they have known for a millennia. During the dry season from April until June, they travel west to the backwaters of the Chobe, and return as the first summer rains fall in October.

Untitled chapter

In memory of Valerie Anne Ridgeway,

Mother, mentor, and cherished protector, lovingly remembered through her selfless desire to see her sons Tim, Jem & Mark

raised to become gentlemen.

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