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Dark Heaven: The Cosmos Of Eternity (Season 2)

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This is the second season of the already perilous journey of the Dark Heaven series . Simone has become even more adapted within the Hivemind than before, using his wits and knowledge to get through obstacles and challenges that would pose a threat to him. In this book, the adventures take place in desert planet, exploring a nation that has no government. In addition to that adventure, The vengeful awakening of the Psionic Theocracy will take place to judge those who have done injustice and finally the Hivemind will face the rebellious faction of the Deviants

Action / Scifi
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The Dusk of Peace

Two days after Simone’s return to Hivadra

-Pilot Drone: [Day five of observation post construction. Any anomalies to be concerned about? Confirm.]

-Engineer Drone: [Progression is continuous and no problems to report. The Queen shall see its completion soon enough. Estimated Time of construction: One month.]

The spaceship surrounds an infrastructure that seems to be under construction just above the moon Yulbus for the purpose of collecting data about the species and wildlife that reside there and, if there is any possibility, convert it into yet another addition for the Hive’s colony.

-Pilot Drone: [Understood. That is sooner than anticipated. Notifying the Queen at once.]

Within the brain of the Drone looms a lightning spark that travels at outstanding speeds. The electrical signal traverses across many other channels that almost interfere on its way to the destination. As it keeps traveling, more of these sparks are concentrated around a massive cell where the core of thought yields; the Queen , Shai’lak, is that core. She receives the message on her end, where she is currently seated on her throne, bored, perhaps dangerously driven to perform yet another childish prank.

-Shai’lak: [Yes, Drone number… I don’t know? Do you have news?]

-Pilot Drone: [Yes, my Queen. As you ordered, the Yulbus moon is claimed and a construction of an infrastructure is set to finish in a short time.]

-Shai’lak: [Yeah, yeah, you units are too perfect to fail. Keep me informed if you please.]

-Pilot Drone: [As you wish, my Queen.]

The connection severs and Shai’lak sighs

-Shai’lak: I need something more entertaining.

Shai’lak rests her jaw on her knuckle and closes her eyes, enjoying the moments of a sudden mental stimulation.

-Shai’lak: I guess I will never grow bored of the same actors feeding my need for drama, isn’t that right, Simone? What other mystery will you unfold in this chapter? The long wait keeps me wondering.

Shai’lak wanders in the void of the Hive’s Neural Network and ventures across the billion minds until she finds that which she desires. She links herself with a mind, one which belongs to her favorite playmate, Simone. Due to a sudden surprise, Simone’s eyes open, visibly clearing the image on sight and grasping his senses as he is identifying his surroundings. This beginning is very familiar to one which he had before; a beginning filled with love and hope, unfortunately he may never experience that any longer. Though other people set themselves to be part of that feeling that Simone once felt even if they haven’t realized it. Simone begins to think as he lazily gazes at the ceiling.

“Another day and I haven’t died. It seems the Hive wants something special from me.”

When he decides to stand from his bed, he realizes that his body feels unusually heavy.

“Huh? Why do I feel so heavy? My bionic arm has no loose wiring, so why is that?”

Simone looks to his left and sees that Yanik is resting on his side, placing a hand on his chest. When he turns his view to his right, he spots Jul’dis resting in the same fashion, and finally Avelle rests on his crotch while snoring and drooling. Simone freezes and grows nervous before the exquisite sight-to-see as everyone around them has no clothing to cover them up.

“Yikes! They are at it again! I thought I would have my own room! This mansion has a shit load of them, for crying out loud!”

Yanik opens her eyes and slowly rises, stretching as much as the space allows her and exposing her naked gold skin that shines dimly within the fairly illuminated room.

-Yanik: Simone

-Simone: Y-Yanik? You...you are naked…

-Yanik: Yes, and you have a useless skill to pinpoint the obvious.

Yanik traces her finger around his chest, her tentacles resisting the temptation to “inspect” his skin.

-Yanik: Is your arm feeling alright?

-Simone: Um...yeah? It’s been feeling alright. No anomalies, no twitching. I can keep it under control, for now.

-Yanik: Your arm reminds me of your efforts back in the war. I’m still inclined to believe that you could’ve retained your non-mechanical limb.

-Simone: It’s too late for regrets. Besides, keep in your head that I wanted you back safely. It will make me sad if one day I would stop seeing you.

Yanik tilts her head, figuring why Simone sounds needlessly gloomy.

-Yanik: Your lack of energy makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps your pessimistic behavior may be fixed with a dose of affection.

-Simone: Affection?

-Yanik: Yes, a concept taught well. I hope to find an appropriate way to display it to you.

Yanik closes in on Simone, leaning to kiss his lips.

“Oh boy. She’s been weirdly concerned and affectionate these days. It’s not like that has ever hurt me or anything.”

Simone nervously closes his eyes and waits for the kiss. Time passes and Simone realizes that Yanik shouldn’t take long. What was detaining her?

“Hmm? She can’t take that long.”

Simone opens his eyes and yet another event reveals before his eyes, an odd one to be precise. Yanik’s kiss is directed at Jul’dis interfering lips; the contact is sustained briefly and Yanik backs away, keeping her restraint to bring any harm, but naturally, she is upset.

-Yanik: You buffoon. You interfered in the act of providing affection to my husband.

-Jul’dis: Perhaps it is you who should be wary of the wrongdoings, for it is your blocking actions that prevented my affectionate approach as well.

-Yanik: Desist and leave Simone to me. He prefers those who have unsoiled purity, not a beast that whores itself just to breed a child.

-Jul’dis: Quite the contrary, Simone prefers mature and more experienced figures like me, some qualities that a youngling like you naturally lacks.

-Simone: Um… ladies?

Simone calls their attention by raising his trembling hands.

Yanik, Jul’dis: Yes, dear?

-Simone: You two are hungry, right?

Yanik inspects her midsection, feeling a spot that looks “hollow”. Jul’dis has the same feeling.

-Yanik: I require nutrition.

-Jul’dis: Hunger was the cause of my repulsive attitude.

-Simone: That settles it!

Avelle begins to rise in a way that resembles an undead. She exposes her naked top half at Simone and stretches.

-Simone: Hello, Avelle. Did you sleep well?

-Avelle: Hell no! I couldn’t get rid of the bump that was bothering me all night!

-Simone: First of all, you continue to pick me up and bring me to your “communal room” while I’m in my sleep. Secondly, you have an odd choice for picking a sleeping spot.

-Avelle: Huh?

Avelle sees below her, where she left a facial imprint upon the sheet and close Simone’s crotch. A terrifying impression given her surroundings.

-Avelle: Ah! Lecher!

Avelle jumps out of the bed and covers herself with her wings.

-Avelle: I will kill you!

-Simone: Great. Now you are behaving like a child.

Ohlia wakes up from the noisy event. She accommodates herself from rest and steps in a stable stance.

-Ohlia: Hum? What is all that noise?

-Avelle: Oh? Nothing important, darling. It’s your friend, Simone, always being a pervert.

Ohlia tilts her head in confusion. Suddenly Kae’lev kicks down the door and yells.

-Kae’lev: Mommy! I’m hungry!

-Jul’dis: Spoiled brat. Could you not be so loud?

Jul’dis stands from the bed, walks to her son and embraces him, failing to reciprocate a joyful hug.

-Jul’dis: You are too old for lactation. I hope there is enough to eat for the whole population.

-Ohlia: Are you hungry? You can leave that to me!

-Simone: I don’t think that’s safe for you given your physique.

-Ohlia: Oh! The coordinator has that covered! He delivered a sample of that water from Yulbus. I forgot to mention it, and since you got out of work so late…

Simone places a hand on his face.

-Simone: Let’s just get the damn breakfast…

Several minutes later, the kitchen area.

The scenery revolves in the place assigned for culinary activities. Yanik and Jul’dis are handling the tools in the kitchen as they attempt to improvise which breakfast is appropriate for everyone to eat. They looked stressed, no solutions sought, but more problems developing.

-Yanik: With this amount of supplies, we can properly feed only a few.

-Jul’dis: A conundrum indeed.

Avelle, Simone and Kae’lev are sitting at the dining table and converse while the cooking undergoes a desperate period of solving a conflict.

-Kae’lev: So I discovered new ways to make the credit flow indefinitely in the Stellar Capital board game.

-Simone: Is that so? What’s the secret?

-Kae’lev: That would be telling.

-Avelle: Ha! That’s right! Figure out your own META! Hahaha!

Simone groans as he gazes at Avelle’s and Kae’lev’s visible joy with laughter, a sight which he finds comfortable to see.

“Not my son, but I like how a child can enjoy himself with someone that is not so robotic.”

Ohlia approaches Simone and pokes him with one of her supporting vines. Simone looks back and notices that she is bringing along a mobile capsule with a visible fluid contained in it, water.

-Simone: Is that what the coordinator gave to you?

-Ohlia: Yes. He left it here yesterday. He is seeking a solution to this temporal aid he is providing at the moment.

-Simone: Oh, great. We will wait here until you are done absorbing the contents.

Simone turns around and stays still.

-Ohlia: Um…

Ohlia doesn’t look so happy, perhaps a reaction caused by Simone’s unintentional refusal to an unspecified request. Simone turns around again.

-Simone: Hmm? Do you need something?

-Avelle: You dufus! Go help her with that! You think she can do it by herself?!

-Simone: Well...yeah?

-Avelle: You are unbelievable!

-Ohlia: Well, it’s fine… I could just…

Simone grabs the container and walks towards the bathroom.

-Ohlia: Huh? Simone?

-Simone: Come. I’m very hungry and I’m not arguing with a bird brain.

-Avelle: Pffff.

Simone and Ohlia went to the bathroom.

-Avelle: So, Kae’lev. About that exploit in The Stellar Capital...

Meanwhile in the bathroom

The spacious area of the bathroom provides the comfort of a relaxing bathing period for multiple groups. Ohlia sits on what it seems to be an empty pond-like space where one can shower, and Simone is standing besides her.

-Simone: Are you ready, Ohlia?

-Ohlia: Yeah. Just pour it and I’ll do the rest.

Simone interacts with the capsule as it provides the necessary tools to extract the contents out of it. A small flexible hose reveals from one side of the container, and with all features activated, the device is ready to use at Simone’s command.

-Simone: I will start pouring.

Simone clicks the screen to activate the pumping process as sprinkles of water escape from the end of the hose. Drops of water fall upon Ohlia’s fair skin as the surface and few of her leaves naturally absorb the fluids.

-Simone: How are you feeling?

-Ohlia: I feel… refreshed...wet...relaxed. I wish I could feel like this forever.

-Simone: That sounds great! I hope you are done with it soon!

Simone sounded flustered as he witnessed Ohlia’s sudden shifting in her physique, starting from inflating chest to expansion of every body part. A sight which causes Simone to grow embarrassed, consequently covering his face with his hand and looking away.

“This is way too much! Why is Ohlia not aware of what she is doing? I mean she can do this by herself, can’t she?!”

-Ohlia: Simone?

Ohlia’s metamorphosis is completed and she stands up. She calls Simone’s attention while he is still pouring water in his distracted stance.

“This woman is so oblivious! Geez, she is gonna be the death of me!”

-Ohlia: Simone?

Ohlia continues to call his name in the middle of his internal monologue. She was forced to poke his shoulder and Simone turned around to see her.

-Simone: What is it?!

Simone’s nose bleeds; the first thing to see was Ohlia’s skin turning shiny and flamboyantly dampened with a watery layer.

-Ohlia: You can stop pouring.

-Simone: Eh? Oh shit, you are right!

Simone keeps the hoes away from Ohlia and retracts it back to the device. Ohlia’s skin now drips water as “sweat”, a consequence caused by excessive absorption.

-Simone: I’m sorry! I got distracted!

-Ohlia: It’s ok. I feel well. It’s good to be back to my old self, don’t you agree?

-Simone: We are in danger considering the situation we are in right now! Hurry, let’s go to the kitchen!

Meanwhile at the kitchen

Ohlia becomes the newest addition of the kitchen’s cooking members as Yanik’s and Jul’dis’ requests keep her busy with summoning fruits. Summoning fruits seems not to be affecting Ohlia in the slightest given that she smiles while she complies with the request of help.

-Avelle: What the hell did you do to Ohlia?

Avelle keeps a menacing glare at Simone, noticing that Ohlia is sweating.

-Simone: I did what had to be done. I got a little carried away, that is.

Avelle: Oh yeah? How convenient to run into a little accident in the bathroom with Ohlia while she is so vulnerable.

Jul’dis keeps a calculating glare at Ohlia’s voluptuous new figure, not feeling jealous, but regarding a rivaling roommate as a credible threat.

-Jul’dis: What anomaly am I witnessing?

-Ohlia: Oh? I’m no anomaly, it’s me!

-Yanik: I concur. She merely assumes this form to simplify her approach to Simone and exploit his degeneracy. Simone’s lust for aliens knows no bounds.

-Jul’dis: Is that so? The competition is fierce then. I shall optimize to become Simone’s ideal partner.

-Simone: You and your casual talk of undermining my value as a person…

-Yanik: There is nothing I can change about that.

Jul’dis feels her head, an urgency to pace up ignites in her inner self.

-Yanik: What is it that you feel?

-Jul’dis: The mining site requires my services sooner than anticipated.

-Yanik: Understood. Now that the military operation has temporarily ceased, we may continue our menial labor until further notice. Ohlia, your hands are required to attend the culinary objectives while we address other assessments, if you may.

-Ohlia: I have no problem with that! Please, let me handle the rest!

Yanik and Jul’dis went to the bathroom to shower.

-Kae’lev: Hey, dad, Can I go to work with you?

-Simone: Huh? Are you even allowed? Well, I’m not sure. You got to ask your mother for that.

-Avelle: There goes the torturing cycle of back and forth answers.

-Simone: It’s not intentional! I mean, I would not be physically capable to attend my work while keeping an eye on Kae’lev!

-Avelle: Gosh, you are so pathetic.

-Ohlia: I have an idea. How about he comes with me to the laboratory? So he can see me do magical tricks with apples!

-Kae’lev: Actually, that sounds cool!

Some minutes pass before Ohlia begins to place the dishes with a varied selection of sliced fruits which can be picked from a bowl. Kae’lev was the first one to dig in, followed by Avelle’s savage habit of fetching her meals.

-Simone: Thanks for the food. Remember to say that, Avelle.

-Avelle: Yeah, yeah, whatevs. Too busy filling my mouth.

Avelle was speaking with her mouth full. Suddenly, Yanik and Jul’dis appear, briefly revealing themselves in their naked self before the hexagonal item placed on their chest begins to materialize fibers to form their suit.

-Simone: Can you put some clothes on before walking in the living room?!

-Yanik: Mind your business.

Simone cringes.

-Kae’lev: Mommy!

-Jul’dis: Child?

Kae’lev stands up and runs towards Jul’dis, hoping joyfully as if he is eager to share something.

-Jul’dis: Could you explain the reason for your euphoric behavior?

-Kae’lev: Mommy, I wanna go with mommy Ohlia! She said she will show me something cool in the labs!

-Simone: Mommy? who?

-Jul’dis: Is this statement true?

-Ohlia: Yes! I run experiments with biologists next to the building where Simone works. I promise I will make his time worthy of enjoyment.

-Jul’dis: I don’t see the reason why I should object. Then you shall depart with them as soon as they give the order.

-Kae’lev: Yay!

-Jul’dis: I must hasten my pace. We shall reunite at dusk.

Jul’dis places the device on her chest and dark fibers shape from top to bottom with hexagonal figures that materializes upon her skin, finally concealing every portion of her green skin. She walks forth and leaves.

-Avelle: What an exhibition. What do you think, pervert? You got hard on that?

-Simone: Geez, It is a routine. What the hell are you talking about?

-Yanik: Our lack of apparel has no further effect on your lust? A remarkable improvement

-Simone: You think?

-Yanik: I do. You certainly don’t.

Yanik approaches Simone and stays still.

-Simone: What’s wrong?

-Yanik: I have a feeling that our Queen will call soon enough. Be wary of her immediate intervention.

Yanik proceeds and exits the house.

-Avelle: Uuuuuuu get roasted.

Simone simply ignores her, focusing on the words that Yanik spoke.

-Avelle: Hey, hey, chump. Hivadra to Simone?

-Simone: Geez, take a break!

-Avelle: It’s difficult when I see your dumb face tilting in confusion. Are you alright?

-Simone: It’s fine, ok? Nothing to worry about. Just finish your breakfast. We all got to do something today.

“‘Be wary of her immediate intervention’. That spells trouble.”

-Kae’lev: So dad, you go together with momma Ohlia on your way to work?

Ohlia blushes while being addressed as a parent along with Simone being a paternal figure.

-Simone: Umm, yeah. She works in the labs next to my building. Finish your breakfast and take your stuff, if you ’re bringing anything.

Kae’lev hastens to his room, seeking for stuff that he may want to take with him. Simone sees him walk away, a joyful feeling wells as he would be the first childish figure to keep him company, at least for a short while. Another chapter of Simone brings new possibilities as he continues to explore many paths in the Hive world, a notion that Simone wonders which to take when the time comes.

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