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Luiz Flores a normal person who live in the mexican border with his wife and daughter find himself in a lab where he begin a road with vengeance to vendicate his family. p.s. i'm an italian boy so i'm not soo good with english, apologize

Action / Scifi
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Year 2022 Washington D.C. 12:00 p.m.

“the revenge”

“Revenge is a dish that should be served cold they say”

“but what revenge you can serve if you do not punish who is really behind everything”

“however i can’t find anyone to get revenge on”

So he jumped from The Old Post Office Building to find in the afterlife on whom to take revenge.

At any moment, however, he disappeared and then reappeared on the one world trade center at New York.

“but i’m not surrending i will find out”

But to find out what it did, let’s put the turntable tip back on the beginning of the vinyl.

Year 2010 Las Cruces hours:4:25 p.m.

“Police open up”

“good evening officer”

“hello Mr Flores we are here for an arrest”



“The warrant is for Luiz Flores, Aline Flores and Melany Flores”

“my whole family, for what a crime?”

“illegal border crossing”

“there must be a mistake Aline and I passed legally and Melany was born here, how can we be possible be illegal immigrants”

“sir do not resist and follow us”

The cops begin to arrest everyone.

Entered the car Luiz however felt a pain in the neck turning, he turn towards his family seeing them sleeping, they had been sedated, I did not go long until he also fell asleep.

he woke up an indefinite time later but it seemed much given the passage from day and night, he saw that his wife and daughter were still sleeping; realizing the kidnapping situation because he had been a soldier in Mexico he decided to pretend to be asleep so as not to arouse suspicion.

It’s passed about half an hour when he sees a complex with the government symbol, he thought “fuck we’re lead to a government facility they want to kill us”.

When everyone woke up, they brought them in, it was a giant lab full of guards and scientists; all three were frightened but the father tried to calm them, they were divided convinced they were seeing each other again not knowing it would never happen. Luiz was sedated again and awakened in a capsule with a yellowish liquid.

2 scientists arrived who did not notice Luiz and started talking

“molecular breakdown ah?”
“don’t you think it’s immoral and a bit wrong?”

“this and more to understand how to get this technology”

Meanwhile Luiz was asking himself questions “why?” “what is molecular decomposition?” “my family”

“I know but these people have done nothing wrong”

“yes but they are healthy especially the father and perfectly meet the standards required for the experiment”

“Fine, but tell Smith we’ll have to stop sooner or later”

“all right Lee see you later”

The first scientist walked away and the other took out her phone to make a call


“designate Lee as a guinea pig”……….

He closed the call and Luiz began to fear for his safety but said between himself that panic was useless and begin to wait.

Three days passed when an alarm went off, Luiz woke up immediately and saw a figure, that was impossible to identify, approaching the capsule, Luiz who feared for his life began to wiggle but the figure did nothing but open the capsule and leave.

Luiz finally free began to cough and it was as if smoke was in his lungs, after a while the alarms stopped, The first thing he did was look for a weapon and, leaning on a counter, he found a butterfly knife so he put on a t-shirt he found and went around the complex.

The cough continued but it seemed a ghost place but he then found a cell were Aline and Melany in a capsule were dead, so he realize what had happened they had been kidnapped all the family but they only needed was him because in retrospect Melany was 4 years old and Aline had a Heart disease it was impossible that them could fit in the parameters for the experiment.





He wept

“That of whoever was in charge of this and all those who worked behind it”

He took the bodies outside where the rain fell and all he thought about was the death of whoever did this.

After 10 minutes of walking he fell from fatigue and started crying he close his eyes and the only thing he dreamed of was coming home.

he thought about it so much that when he opened her eyes he saw it but:

“what............. it’s all...... too..... I’m really..... at home”

Thinking it was all a dream he looked for his wife and daughter not finding them.

He cried again not understanding how everything was possible

“I carried myself here”

“but how is it possible,” he said between hiccups

The only thing he had left was the knife I found in the lab; he was planning to commit suicide with it when he remembered the scientist’s words:

“molecular breakdown, only that could be”

So he tried to think hard about Washington D.C. and a few seconds later he found himself there;

“then it’s all true”

“It’s not madness or despair its real” he noticed, however, that the knife was also with him so he understood that he could carry things he touched.

He saw that the passers-by were frightened by him so he turned to a reflective surface and saw that he was missing almost half the skin on his face

He Laugh………

He swore for the second time that he would kill anyone who even helped do this; the seeds of madness and vengeance were planted.

A few days later:

at home Luiz forged a mask to cover his face, he stole: a black shirt, a pair of jeans and a bulletproof jacket.

Luiz died and DEATH CROW was born.

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