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The first objective

The first thing Death Crow planned was to test the limits of his power so I began to try various destinations:

“Orlando, a success”

“Manhattan, Made it”

“Santa Fe, succeeded”

But an idea snapped into his mind, they were all places he had already seen or visited, so he tried to think of a place he had only heard of but never seen

“Winnipeg, Winnipeg....... nothing...”

His idea was correct he could only visit places already seen or visited.

I then try to move objects without him, so he touched the butterfly knife and thought of the mailbox, the knife disappeared immediately ran to the mailbox

“I fucking did it”

Secondly, he went to a weapons store from which, thanks to his power, he easily stole a Taurus RT 627 Caliber 375 and several bullets.

He stopped to think, his plan was to hit many targets but he wanted to guess that it was always the same person so he decided to leave a symbol, each target or structure he hit he would leave a crow feather in plain sight.

He programmed the first target, the government structure where he had been imprisoned, moved by anger decided to go there immediately, loaded the gun he begun to sharp the knife and put on his mask, his bulletproof jacket and then teleported himself.

“we’ll see if the son of a bitch that build this place think even for a good defence” he said with anger.

Then Death Crow began to approach the structure noticing that people had returned, he notice from the many cars, having been in the Mexican army he could already shoot but also fight hand to hand pretty well and he do not fear to kill a man.

The two guards at the entrance urged him to stop or that they would shoot him but……………………………… ……………………………………………………...” dead one” in a few seconds he had teleported himself behind one of the two guards cutting his throat and stabbing him three times in the back, the second guard fired but the bullet did not even reach the end of the barrel when the guard did the same end of the other with the same cut to the throat and three to the back; he stole a badge and opened the front door.

The scientists and guards the first time he arrived ignored him but this time they looked at him strange, restless and fear.

Death Crow pulled out his gun and fired a shot in the forehead of a guard, a scientist yelled then in the structure broke out the total panic, while Death Crow put music in the earphones a guard triggered the alarm; He teleported from one person to another killing them all in the same way, what was being created was a strip of death and destruction,

“die die die” was all he could say.

After about 1 hour to kill anyone he stopped believing he had completed part of the mission, in fact it remained to find out who had captured his family so he went upstairs.

As he walked you hear a cry straight from a closet so he took off the knife and opened the doors

“but you”

“Please let me live,” said the scientist weeping

“you are Dr. Lee”

“y- ye- y- yes” replied stammering Dr. Lee

“Who are you?” he asked, wavering and tears in his eyes


Dr Lee stopped to understand his imminent end, rallied all the calm possible telling him that he didn’t know anything until three days before the breach and when he found out he told him to stop immediately but they didn’t listen, last thing he apologized for his family.

“Don’t apologize, but I have questions.”


“the breach was that man beyond recognition in the traits that freed me”

“yes,” Lee answered more and more frightened

“you know that design you as a guinea pig”

“yes” replied sadly Lee

“Do you have family?”


“Then go see her and don’t you dare say a word about what happened today or else I’ll kill you and your family, clear?”

“yes” so Lee ran to the exit and never came back

“well let’s resume work” he restarted the music and headed back to the top.

He came to the plan of the executives who first of all killed, they tried to corrupt him but it did not work, finished the hassles he began to look at the file of the executive finding who had addressed their capture but also other.

“There will be at least 30,” he said,

discovered that there was not a single person but at least 30 who had addressed their city for guinea pigs and all suggested the same thing: “to arrest say that they were investigated for tax evasion if Americans and for illegal border crossing if foreign”.

Death Crow was disgusted, his anger grew, he made a copy of all those who had designated Las Cruces as a place of capture, before leaving, however, he went to security to delete the video cameras, after this he disappeared....

After a few weeks Dr Lee was questioned, and as he had promised to protect his family, he gave only superficial information and never said what entered using as an excuse that he had hidden in a closet; since the surveillance videos were lost and they had no charges against him, they let him go.

Back home Death Crow proceeded to analyze all the names he had obtained including those of many sergeants and or senators, then he pass to designate every job or housing position, here began the blossoming of the flowers of revenge that Death Crow soon hoped to collect.

Planning his moves carefully, the next target would be General Owen; renowned for his victories in Iraq has been repeatedly indicted for treason and war crimes although he never discount any real punishment,

“No one will remember you,” he said, ready to face his next prey.

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