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Beastars: a life after

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we are introduced to legoshi after he is a devouring offender. when we see him, he is an entirely different legoshi than what we once knew. how will he act when he sees haru, the girl of his dreams?

Action / Thriller
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A new morning

It was one year after the incident. I, Legoshi, have been on the run ever since my fight with Riz. Being a devourer offender is not the life I wanted, I would much rather be living a calm life down at the theater club working for the production crew. Away from the action, the life I wanted.

Gohin has sworn to help me. When I escaped from school, I ran as fast as I could to Gohin. When I told him what happened, he was shocked, "Someone who swore to get strong without eating meat, only to eat meat when he was in a bad situation, pathetic". after Gohin said those words I knew that I had no other choice but to leave, with all hope lost I heard Gohin say in the distance "Leave, but don't worry, I will help clear your name,".

So now here I am, writing this in the new place I call home, a strip joint. I eat, sleep, and work here. This is my new home until I can clear my name. and I already know the first person I need to find in order to do this. Riz.

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