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A Collection Of Short Tales

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2 - I accidentally started an intergalactic war

Could today get any stranger? There I was, walking home from school, passing the same shops as I always do, greeting the same people, seeing the same pigeons. However, with no warning, my favorite bakery was gone. That is what stopped me in my tracks.

It was at the end of the street, just at the turn to leave town. Instead of the bakery stood a pawn shop. Curiosity took reign of my mind, and I stepped inside.

Honestly, I thought it was not going to be anything fancy, but oh boy was I wrong. Old, golden framed mirrors leaned against the crisp white walls, thick, blue velvety curtains loosely drawn over the windows, leather armchairs dominated the corners of the rooms and in the center, beautiful, rich red wooden shelves were lazily decorated with ancient books, crystals, lamps, and toys.

Of all the trinkets in the shop that caught my eye, a deep blue sapphire was of the most prominent things. I looked around for a landlord or lady, walking around this dimly lit room.

''Can I help you with anything?'' a thin voice asked from behind me. I jumped, trying to calm myself down.

''Yes, actually. How much is that sapphire?'' The old lady smiled as if hiding a funny secret. It really unnerved me.

''Only £10 my dear, would you like me to bag it for you?'' I nodded and went with her to the front, handing her the sapphire.

I paid and left the shop, with the brown paper bag snuggly in my backpack.

Of course, it would not be normal if I had walked out into the ‘normal world’. Oh no. When I walked out, I was on a sort of spaceship. Wonderful, am I right? A tall woman walked towards me, a dark glint in her eye.

''Hello child,'' she said, her voice sickly sweet. Her high cheekbones looked like they could cut through flesh and her grey eyes held power. ’’It seems you are carrying something of importance to me.’’

I rolled my eyes. What could I possibly have of hers? Just when things could not have gotten weirder, a man walks up to me from the corner of the room.

’’No, do not give her the stone!’’ I was about to ask what stone when I realized that I was carrying the sapphire. Confusing, isn’t it? Christ, all I wanted was a nice stone.

From my left came another voice, this time sounding the most normal out of the three of them.

''Don’t, give it to me. Neither of my children deserves this stone!''

The son, the daughter and the mother started shouting. As they each shouted, they all commanded their armies, and the sounds of ’peew peew’ came from outside.

I slowly backed away, trying to find my way out of this spaceship. As I was about to leave the room, the daughter shrieked.


Moral of the story? Do not buy cheap crystals from creepy old ladies in a shop that was never there in the first place.

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