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Unparalleled Class-less

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My parents died when I was a youngster. Every day was the same; regular food, regular mood, but there is this sensation that will never go away. That's how it feels to not have a family to eat with... I've been living alone for about 7 years... And one day, everything changes. When our first period ended, a large dim magical circle appeared on the floor, and light emerged from it a few seconds later! I opened my eyes to discover that I was no longer in the classroom... It was something I was already familiar with. Yes, it is exactly as you suspected. I, no, we, was transported to the Alternate World, as represented by common novels/mangas available on any website. But I was slain there... of having a 'Useless' class... The so-called 'Class-less' class. * -|WARNING|- The Original and the Only Author of this novel is me, Jomar Magbanua. And I also goes by the name 'Akaashiro' as my pseudonym name. Don't ever try to plagiarize, copy, or post my novel in other platforms even with my name or not. I wrote this novel with my own sweat, melanin, and brain (I even sometimes forgot to sleep).I'm here since I wanted to gain fame and get recognized. Thanksiess! -|Disclaimer|- The credit belongs to: Twitter: @JayAsn00

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Ch. 1 [Greenland Massacre Arc] - The Beginning (1)

[𝗡𝗮𝗿𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿: 𝗦𝘂𝘇𝘂𝗺𝗶𝘆𝗮 𝗛𝗼𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘂]



Hair that is hue in black, slightly covers the gentle black eyes that matches with a calm expression.

A single mole near the rightside of my lower lip, that's similar to my father's.

Height of roughly 187cm tall, weighs 66.9kg, is 18 years old, and a third-year high school student.

That's me, Suzumiya Hotaru.

And as usual, I am reading a novel with a fantasy genre on my phone while heading to school.


Friday noon, October 28, 2018 (I was 11 years old at that time).

My family, including me, just got back from a trip.

In the back seat of the car that was driven by my father, I was eating some chips beside my older sister named 'Shouko'.

She was prideful sometimes, but kind of adorable if I tried to tease her about her cheeks.

She is my lovely sister who's always looking out for me.

Big sis was reading something on her phone. I took a glance, and it was a manga. She then noticed me glancing at it, and asked.

"Are you interested in mangas, lil bro?"

Looking at her, I then replied with a smile, "Hm... Let me see.".

She leaned towards me, letting me read the content on her phone.

The thing that she was reading was a fantasy manga where the guy-, I mean the protagonist was struck by a truck and was reincarnated in a fantasy world.

I mean, is that true?

I know that it's only fiction but, oh well, it entertains me, anyway.

The two of us were intently reading it, and there's a time that we were also laughing.

But those happy moments did not last long.

Straight ahead was a sight where many cars were running at full speed in different directions.

Noticing that the traffic lights were orange, I then rested my back onto my seat.

"Huh...? Why is the brake not working—?! H-Hey!!", Dad stuttered while stroking his foot on the brake several times.

Not being able to stop the car, the three of them, excluding me, panicked inside the car.

Mom then stammered, "D-Dear, w-what's going on?", while placing her left arm unto dad's right lap.

The traffic lights turned red, and our car should have stopped, but it didn't.

The brake was broken.

Mom was folding her hand, trembling. And my older sister was embracing me tightly into her bosom.

The only sentence that came into my mind was,

'Are we going to die?'

I then closed my eyes and covered my ears with both of my hands.

'It should be alright, right?', the sentence that came repeatedly to my mind.

After the moment I closed my eyes, I didn't know what happened next.

I felt like, reaaaally comfortable. However, I can't seem to move my body.

Slowly opening my eyes, a different ceiling then enters my vision.

My vision was still vague, but I know that the color of the ceiling was white.

I thought that I'd got reincarnated into a fantasy world because the ceiling was different, but it wasn't like that.

I can't move my body, but I can somehow steer my head.

I looked around and... it looked like I was in a hospital.


The door opened and it caused me to steer my head towards that direction. A person then came inside, and it was my father's brother, Uncle Raito.

He's a guy with a height of 190cm tall, auburn hair, black eyes, has a bulk body, and has a horizontal scar on his left eyebrow.

He then looked at me with teary eyes as he slowly approached me. He then grabbed my right hand and kneeled beside the bed I was laying at. Crying, he then spoke, "I'm glad you're safe... I'm glad..."

I was somehow able to move my lip and so, I tried to ask, "Where's father, Uncle? What about mother? And big sis?"

He looked at me with a sorrowful expression. Lowering his head, he then mumbles, "They've all already died..."

The sentence reverberated again and again in my ear. Even though the volume of his voice was low, I was still able to hear it.

Without anything to utter, even a simple word or a syllable, a single tear then came out from my eyes and so, it continuously flowed out.

I didn't even wail or sob, I was just... staring at the ceiling with an empty expression on my face.

A few weeks have passed, it seems that I have no serious injuries, only bruises and scratches.

'I guess... I'm lucky huh.', I thought to myself while holding my chest with my right hand.

And so, I was discharged from the hospital and was able to come back.

While we were in the car, Uncle Raito asked me,

"Are you going to stay in our house?"

I paused for a moment before I lowered my head, I then reluctantly replied,

"I'm... I'm going to stay at our house..."

Uncle Raito raised his right arm towards me and patted my head while saying, "Alright, just come to our house if you need something, okay?".

After a long ride, we arrived at our house, near it was uncle's house.

I fixed my gaze at our house while holding the bar of our gate. With an empty expression, I unlocked the gate, approached the door, and entered the house, as I spoke.

"...I'm home."

Reaching my right arm into the light switch, I then switched on the lights and took off my shoes.

"Sob... So, there's no one who'll cook breakfast for me, huh?", I said while thinking about my mother.

"Or who'll teach me about self-defenses, huh.", I said while thinking about my father.

"And who'll always tease me.", I said while thinking about my older sister.

"I guess... that's life.", I mumbled.

With that being said, I've been living on my own for over 7 years.

Thanks to my mother's teaching about all kinds of household chores, I was somehow able to take care of myself.

And about money... Well, I have various part-time jobs, and Uncle Raito is the one who occasionally provides me with food.



A guy with blonde hair, black pupils with blonde irises, a height of over 170cm tall, good-looking, approachable and famous in our school. A classmate of mine who sat beside me, or rather, a quite close friend of mine, that's Sawada Jiyoo.

His hobbies are, well... Basketball, and computer games.

"Mornin', dude.", he said, as he approached his seat beside me.

"...Yeah, morning.", I replied without looking at him.

And then, someone approached me again.

A petite woman with long auburn hair, black pupils with auburn irises, a height with over 156cm tall, good-looking, fashionable, and adored by most of the female students in our school, that's Uncle Raito's daughter, Suzumiya Sayuri, my cousin.

Her hobbies are, hm... she hangs out at my house, enters my room, grabs some mangas on my shelves, and just lazes around. But sometimes, she gets cuddly (sometimes), I don't quite get her but, she often sticks with me, like a koala.

"Good morning, Hokkun.", said Sayuri, as she sat in front of Jiyoo.

I then looked at her and replied, "...Yeah, good morning."

Jiyoo then steered his head towards Sayuri, and steered his head towards me, yapping about why I didn't look at him when he greets me.

"What-is-this?! You looked at Sayu-chan and greeted her but, what about me? You didn't even look at my handsome face!", he said.

Sighing, I then fixed my gaze at Jiyoo, and spoke.

"Stuffed it, Jiyoo. Here, I know that you haven't finished your homework yet.", I said while handing out my notebook towards him.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks dude, you sure know me well, don't you?", he said while grinning.

"Yeah, yeah, pretty boy. Just hurry up and copy that.", I replied.

And me, well, I'm just the Class President in our classroom. I'm rather the quiet type of person, but an approachable one.

My grades are high. About sports... I'm quite good too, and I can do anything if I try. However, I'm in the 'GO HOME QUICKLY' club.

And my hobbies are... probably quite a lot, but I often do read novels and mangas.


It was when the 1st period ended, in Class 1-C.

I, Jiyoo, and my other classmates were staying inside the classroom. Others had gone outside, probably to buy some drinks or else.

While I'm reading a book, I then found a huge faint circular lining on the floor.

It was somewhat familiar to me.

'... Is that?', I mused.

I stopped reading and fixed my gaze on that faint circular line.

Then suddenly, the line then glowed, and many strange characters were written on it.

Seconds later, the whole classroom lit up, that it can even blind me if I just open my eyes a little.

There were many yells that my classmates made but, oh well, I can't blame them.


While my eyes are still closed, I then hear some voices of a man and a woman saying.

"SUCCESS! SUCCESS!", there are other voices who joined in saying this word, too. They were uttering the same word all over again.

Slowly opening my eyes, I then paused for a moment when I realized that I am no longer inside the classroom.

I looked around and thought.

'... Am I in some kind of a palace or something?'

My other classmates were here too, we're about 21, including me. And most of them are panicking.

"W-Where are we?", said a certain male classmate of mine.

"Why has my cell phone become a brick?!", yelled a certain female classmate of mine.

An old man wearing a white clean robe with a staff in his right hand, stands in front of me.

And a woman with glossy blonde hair, porcelain-like skin wearing a white dress beside the old man.

Those reddish carpets, molded pillars, and curtains embroidered with a golden fringe adorned.

Royal knights clad in armors, holding a spear each.

And a throne where an arrogant looking man sat with rings full on every finger and a crown on his head.

'... Is this something that I used to read in some kind of novel or manga?', I thought.

Even though my expression is calm, I'm currently quite excited inside.

Who's not going to be excited when those fantasy stories become real, huh?

"Well done, Noint.", the man from the throne spoke while clapping his hands.

'Noint...? Who's that?', I mused.

And I noticed that it was the old man holding a staff in front of me.

He then bowed and spoke, "Hu hu, I am unworthy of such words, Your Majesty."

Then suddenly, the man from the throne raised his voice as he spoke,

"Ahem! Greetings! Heroes of Lesteinburg!"

"You have all arrived at last.", he said.

The man from the throne stood up, as he approached the curtains on our right side.

Opening the curtains, *Shaaaaa*, he then began to speak.

"I am the 7th King of the Lesteinburg Kingdom, Jonas Lesteinburg II. A prophet that served us almost her entire life in this kingdom, died a few days ago saying that soon, a 'Demon Invasion' will occur and humankind, other races, and other beings will be annihilated. Of course, we don't know when that will happen. So, in order to prepare for the incoming 'Demon Invasion', we decided to perform the 'Hero Summoning', I also regret having you all called here so suddenly. This world is a different world from yours, you see. In this world, magic exists, beasts exist, dragons exist and also demons exist-."

As King Jonas was still talking, suddenly, a delinquent in our class, 'Watanabe Touma' interrupted him.

"Hold on, hold on!! What the hell are you talking about?! I don't get it. Heroes?! Different world?! Magic?! Beasts?! Dragons?! Demons?! Don't you know that this is kidnapping?"

Suddenly, a woman let out a furious shout, and it seemed that it was Victoria.

"You dare be rude to His Majesty?!"

Suddenly, I saw King Jonas raising his hands as he mumbles something. And the two syllables that I was somehow able to hear were,

"—Fire Arrow."

A shapeless flame then floats and appears above in the right hand of King Jonas. It then forms a shape of an arrow that is coated with scorching flames. He then fires it at the floor where Watanabe was standing, and a small 'Boom!' sound was created when the flaming arrow landed on the floor.

Watanabe jolted and clenched his fists from the small explosion, and King Jonas then spoke.

"This is 'Magic', I apologize for aiming at you. It is indeed difficult to explain it to people who do not believe, especially all of you, summoned heroes. Showing you is the fastest way, am I right? Now I will ask all of you, will you all lend us your strength?"

Then, I overheard my classmates muttering.

"...Send us home."

The man came back to his throne as he spoke. "I regret to inform you but, it is impossible to send back those who got transported here, your only choice is to start a new life here, of course, the kingdom will support you with clothing, food, shelter, etc..."

According to what Watanabe said, it seems that we've been forced to get transported to another world without prior notice.

Not too far from me, a classmate of mine spoke out.

"There's nothing we can do about it; we can't go back to our world."




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