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The ones who survived

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Victoria's life was content. She lived a comfortable life. She had a friend and a rich cousin which was all she needed. But when her father messes with the laws of nature and things not of this world her life begins to change. She is away from her family and now has to survive along with people she doesn't know, a scientist she doesn't trust and a person she barely remembers from her past. Find exactly what Victoria is willing to do to get back to her family and to survive.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1: How the Chandler family came to be.

The sound of an alarm is what woke her up. Victoria forced herself awake, so she could turn off her alarm. She winced at the brightness of the sun shining through her window. She rubbed her eyes and got out of bed. She went to her big mirror to take a look at herself. She was short and skinny. She had black tangled hair, ocean-blue eyes, and rose-pink lips. She walked away from the mirror and grabbed a lotion bottle. She sat on the bed and rubbed some lotion on her pale skin.

" Another beautiful morning," she told herself sarcastically.

After she took a shower, she went over to her drawer to pull out dark blue jeans, her black concert shirt, and a red hoodie. She got dressed then looked over and saw a dark blue dress hanging on the doorknob. She sighed and snatched the dress off the doorknob and put it back in her closet. Then she went looking for her shoes.

" Victoria breakfast" her mother called to her.

Victoria made a quick decision to go with black socks and tennis shoes. She was halfway out the door and had one tennis shoe halfway on. By the time she hopped to the stairway, it was completely on. She walked down the stairs quickly and went into the dining room. Her father was already there. He was more so on his phone, he barely touched anything on his plate.

" Good morning dad," Victoria said sitting down next to him

" Good morning," he said without looking away from his phone.

Victoria slowly stretched herself over to his side of the table so she could peek at his phone. He noticed quickly and moved his phone out of her view. He looked up at her and she chuckled at him. He couldn't help but chuckle too. Victoria sat back down in her seat.

" I'm sorry princess," he said, rubbing her head.

" Well, how's your top-secret project going?" Victoria asked.

Her father smiled warmly, pleased that his daughter had asked. He told her " it's going great actually. So much that I think we might announce what it is pretty soon"

Victoria's eyes widened in shock upon hearing that news. Normally her father would mostly change the subject when it comes to his project or he would say " it's going well". But now he's opening up to her about it. She smiled at her dad. She had always been proud of the work that he was doing. Her father was James Daniel Chandler. He was an accomplished scientist. One of his greatest works was when he was in his late 20s, way before Victoria was born. He found a way to kill pesticides off of crops without damaging crops. He spent most of his life studying biology.

One day when he was on vacation he took a trip to Iowa. He settled down in Springdale at a hotel and he was on his way to the park that's in Summerville, a town not far from the one he stayed in to study the plants and animals for fun. But then he saw a young woman in a coffee shop. She had dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. She was sitting in a booth reading a book. He thought to himself how sophisticated she looked. He decided to go inside. He wasn't at all nervous. He was known to be very charming when it came to the ladies. So he went up to her.

" Excuse me miss, I don't mean to bother you but is there anything you recommend here? I don't come here often. " He asked her.

She looked up and smiled seeing a handsome young man looking down at her. She told him " I like the vanilla latte".

He smiled and asked if he could sit with her. She said yes. So he sat across from her. They exchanged names with each other. They talked, laughed, and joked for hours. James couldn't believe how much in common he had with Sophia. Her mind was just as beautiful as her face. Sophia was just as happy to be in the company of a smart and handsome man.

" So tell me what's that book you're reading?" He asked, pointing to the book in her hand.

" It's called ' Queen Victoria' " She answered, handing the book to James.

James took a moment to look at the book. He turned it over to read the summary. Sophia took a sip of her latte not taking her eyes off James. While he was reading she admired him. He had black hair, and dark blue eyes and it was clear he worked out. He also had a chiseled jawline. He looked up at her and she smiled wondering about his opinion

" It's a wonderful book," James said, handing it back to her.

"I didn't know you read it so fast. I didn't even see you open the book" Sophia joked, putting the small book back in her purse.

He chuckled softly and corrected himself " what I meant to say was it seems like a wonderful book".

From that point on you could probably guess what happened next. They went on dates, got married, and had their baby girl. Life for the Chandler family was perfect.

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