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Dark Dimension /The Mirror/

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My name is Alice, I’m 17 year’s old. I'm studying at Williams College. I changed schools many times because of the people around me. And yes, as you guessed, this is a surname, something strange happens in that school, from the schools that classical rich families have built in their name, And when I realized that, everything changed. It all started with just a stupid nightmare...

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

3 Months Ago (In School)

“Hi Alice, bon appetit!” I noticed that everyone was looking at me and laughing when Lori poured one of their food bowls over my head... I was angry and couldn’t stand it, my eyes filled with tears. ”Hey look at that, I think little Alice is going to cry! Cry Baby!” After these words of Maya, I hit her hard and said, “I will make you all pay for this, you and your stupid friends will be punished”. I turned to Lori and said, ” hey Lori, it’s great that you kept it from your mom knowing that your dad cheated on your mom with another woman, your mom will be so upset if she finds out!” and I left the cafeteria crying. No, I wasn’t upset with Lori, on the contrary, I was crying with anger.


Yea... you know, bullying. This is disgusting for me. Physical or mental bullying. Those three girls were expelled that day, and I told her mother everything. She apologized on behalf of her daughter and left her with her father, Then my new school adventure began. And tomorrow is my first day.

-9:30 a.m.-

The morning, I woke up with the classic family fight. Again.. My parents were already in the process of getting divorced, but I guess they don’t realize it. Then I put a notebook, a pen, and a novel in my bag, Books and music are among the things I will not give up on from my life, Which has not improved for 6 years. I put on my clothes and went downstairs. But when I looked, my mom or dad wasn’t home. A few minutes ago I heard a door sound. They probably forgot their beloved daughter again. I looked at the note on the table. “Sorry honey, your dad and I are taking so long at work so we have to leave early. Your breakfast is ready, don’t be too late. We love you”. From the outside it looks like we have a great family life. But I have been a child growing up in a fight for 6 years. I was going to practice after school. At least that feels good. After coming to school, I strolled around the school garden’s for a bit. I then walked into the school and found the library while searching for the classroom. The designs of the books were beautiful, plus they didn’t look like old books. One of the books caught my attention quite a bit. The cover design had two girls and a broken mirror. one of the girls was like a warrior elf and the other was like a sorcerer with mysterious powers. I felt something strange in the book. I could have picked it up and read it, but the lesson bell rang. So I left the book and kept looking for the class.

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