The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 9: Was that a werewolf


“Lilly. Let’s go.” I demanded walking over to the window and opening it.

“But Avery. Every time we get out, they always find us.” She said following me.

“Well not this time. They are all downstairs and they won’t even know we are gone.”

“Okay.” She said. She hopped on my back and I stuck my head out the window and looked around.

“So it looks like there is no one here.” I said lowering myself. I held onto the frame and dropped down. “Hold on tight.”

Lilly let out a little squeal and started laughing when I hit the ground. “That was fun. Let’s do it again!”

I laughed at her. “Maybe later when we get to our house.”

“Ya. I don’t think so.” I heard a deep and furious voice behind me.

I cringed not daring to turn around. “Oh. Hey Jake.” Lilly said nervously.

“Hi Lilly.” He said sweetly. Ya, he’s gonna be sweet to her then he’s gonna be an asshole to me.

“Hey Jake.” I said turning around.

“Hey Avery.” He said in a calm voice.

What. The. Hell.

I waited a few moments for the explosion, but it never came. I looked up at him with questioning eyes.

“Please come back inside.” Jake said before he, David, and Liam turned around and walked to the house. I looked to my left and saw the forest just calling my name to make a mad dash for it. “Don’t even try it. You won’t get very far.” Jake told me over his shoulder.

I sighed and reluctantly followed them to the house. “How did they know?” Lilly whispered.

“I have no idea. I’m starting to think they are mutants or something.” I whispered back.

“We aren’t mutants.” David laughed.

How did he hear that. “How did you hear that?”

David almost tripped when I asked him that question, but tried to play it off like it never happened. “You said it out loud.”

No I didn’t….but whatever.

We made it too the house and Jake told me to sit on the couch while he went to the kitchen.

He came back into the living room with a bottle of water for everyone.

“So, can you please tell me why you tried to runaway this time?” He asked calmly.

Why is he being so calm? “Uhh, I want to get out of here?” I said unsure of what to say.


“I got kidnapped by you guys and I want to go home to my mom.”

“What about your dad?” Liam asked.

I gave him a hard glare. “Don’t know and don’t care.”

He flinched at my tone and David gave me a funny look. “How come?”

“That bast-I mean jerk, left before Lilly was born. I don’t want too see him or talk about him. So can we please drop the topic?” I asked taking a sip of my water. I had to stop myself from cussing because Lilly is here.

I never really understood why she was always so touchy about people cussing, but she has always hated it.

“Okay. So can you please tell us about yourself?” Jake asked.

I sighed but nodded. “Umm I’m 18, I live with Lilly and my mom, my full name is Avery Lynn Williams. That’s pretty much it. Oh and I have a tattoo.”

“You do?” Liam asked smiling. I nodded. “Of what?”

“It’s the Alzheimer’s sign and in cursive, it says Grandma and the date she was born and died.”

“Were you close to her?”

I cracked a small smile and Lilly gave me a hug. “Ya. We were best friends. She was always there for me. She was the type of person you could say anything too, and it didn’t matter if you knew her or not. She just had that effect. Like you just want to pour your heart and soul to her. She died on January 8th at the beginning of this year.”

Jake looked pained but didn’t say anything. But about a minute later he spoke up. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. She’s in a better place now.” I said with tears running down my face. (Dude, I’m like crying while writing this….. I miss my grandma now…. :/ )

“Hey uh Avery?” Jake said.

I looked up at him. “Ya?”

Jake looked over at David and Liam, and they nodded with a smile.

He too a deep breath and turned back towards me. “How’s your mom doing?”

“H-how did you know?” I asked shocked.

“Um well, we were trying to find you, and we spotted you walking out of the hospital and heard you talking about your mom. So when you left, we went in there to see your mom.”

“You did what?!” I screamed at him.

He nodded his head, but wouldn’t look at me. “When we found your moms room, we told her we were friends with you and she told us everything. Like why she was in there, about the money problem, and how you were working two jobs and already looking for a 3rd one.” He admitted. I stood there frozen. I can’t believe they did that.

“You mean to tell me, that you lied and tricked my mom so she would tell you stuff?”

“Ya.” They said ashamed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe.

“You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Now I have a reason to hate you guys even more than I already do. I can’t believe you guys lied to her. Do you have any idea what state she is in?! She’s getting worse everyday.”

“That’s another thing we want to talk to you about. We know she got her surgery.”

“How do you know that?” I asked scared. They are kidnappers, probably stalkers too.

“Well, I have a confession to make.” He said playing with his thumb.

“What did you do? I swear, if you did anything to my mom, I will make you wish you were never born.” I threatened through clenched teeth.

He shook his head. “I…I uh, kinda paid for the uh surgery.” He said quietly.

My eyes went wide. Did I hear him right…?

“Wait what?”

“I paid for the surgery.” He looked up meeting my eyes.

“When?” I asked my voice fading.

“Right after you and Lilly left with that couple.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I couldn’t bring myself to speak. Part of me wanted to be mad at him, but the other part was thankful. My brain is telling me that he is probably only doing it because he’s trying to get me to believe he is a good guy and that I will stay here without escaping anymore. But my heart is telling me that he is actually a pretty good guy. I don’t know what to believe. But I guess actions speak louder than words.

I walked up to him and stood there in front of him for a little bit. Fear passed through his eyes and he shut his eyes quickly and leaned away from me a bit probably thinking that I will punch him soon.

I can’t believe I’m doing this….

I sat down on the couch next to him and gave him a hug. I buried my head in his shoulder and held onto him tightly.

I felt his body tense and heard gasps probably from David and Liam.

It took a moment before his body relaxed and he shifted so he could wrap his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. “Thankyou Jake. So much.”

“Of course Avery.”

We stayed like that for quite some time and he put his face in my neck and sniffed. Okay then….?

I pulled back, but he wouldn’t let go. “Jake.” I said sternly.

His head snapped up and he smiled sheepishly at me as he removed his arms. “Sorry.” His cheeks started to turn a light shade of red. I laughed out loud at that. “What?”

“You’re blushing.” I told him.

“No way!” Liam said leaning forward, while David did too.

“You are!” David yelled pointing it out. At this, Jake’s cheeks turned a darker shade of red. “Oh my gosh. He’s blushing hardcore!”

“This is awesome.” Liam said taking a picture with his phone.

“You’re deleting that.” Jake glared at Liam.

“Ya ya.” He waved him off and typed something on his phone.

We heard two dings a second later and both David and Jake pulled out there phones. David busted out laughing wile Jake glared daggers at Liam.

I grabbed Jake’s phone and saw a picture of him blushing. “Print that out and give me a copy.” I told Liam.

“Of course.” He said in a duh tone.

By now, Jake’s face was beat red. “Okay I’m blushing. That’s enough. Happy now?”

“Ya.” Liam, David, and I said. Lilly was laughing so hard she was holding her stomach.

“I’m glad you think this is funny.” Jake teased Lilly. But that caused her to laugh even harder. “You guys are cruel.”

“No that would be you.” I said leaning back.

“What? How?”

“Well for starters, you kidnapped an 18 and 6 year old. Held them both hostages, tackled me to the ground, blackmailed me using Lilly, and Liam threatened Lilly.”

“Liam.” Jake warned.

“Don’t worry, I learned my lesson.”

“Good.” I said laughing at him. He stuck his tongue out and chuckled.

“So, sorry about kidnapping you two.”

I shrugged because I wasn’t even close to forgiving him.

“Avery, can we go for a walk?” Lilly asked.

I turned to look at Jake. He looked hesitant, but nodded. “I trust you. And you need to be back here in 20 minutes.” He said seriously.

I nodded eagerly. “Thankyou!” I yelled and ran up the stairs to get shoes.

I walked back down the stairs and Lilly and I made our way outside.

“Woah woah woah. Where are you two going?” Blake asked while Scott and Cory stood next to him.

“On a walk.” Lilly smiled.

Blake smiled and kneeled down in front of her. “I’m sorry sweetie, but you can’t do that.”

Lilly frowned. “But Jake said we could.”

“He did?” He asked.

“Yes he did.” Jake said sticking his head out from the doorway. “But they have to be back in 20 minutes or else they are under house arrest.”

“Asshole.” I mumbled.

“Heard that.” Scott winked. I shrugged and walked past them into the forest.

“Avery. Look at that.” Lilly pointed and ran ahead of me.

“Lilly. Don’t run away from me!” I shouted as I ran after her. Oh wow, I sound like Jake….

When I caught up to her, I was met face-to-face with a beautiful sight. They were flowers, trees, and bright green grass everywhere. It was a small meadow, but it has a nice flowing stream. “Wow.” I breathed out and I walked over by the river.

“It’s so pretty here.” Lilly said. “If we are gonna be stuck here, can this place be our own little hangout?”

“Totally.” I smiled.

We sat down and talked but we were brought out of our conversation by the rustling in the bush. We hopped up and Lilly stood behind me as I got in a fighting stance.

A buck and a doe walked out of the bush and looked at us weird. “Cool.” Lilly said.

We both sat down and continued to watch them. The buck slowly approached us and the doe followed.

Why are they coming towards us? I thought they were suppose to be scared of us?

‘It’s the fox spirit within you. There’s only one, and it brings forth a calming aurora to any other animal. So don’t be surprise if random animals just come walking up to you. They sorta feel protection and a relaxing feel from you.’ Red explained.

‘That’s actually kinda cool.’ I told her.

‘It’s quiet fun too.’

“Avery. Will he hurt us?” Lilly asked.

“No. It’s the fox spirit in me. It gives them a sense of protection and relaxation. Well that’s what Red told me. So if random animals come up to us, don’t freak out.”

“Cool. Oooh, I wonder of they are hungry.” Lilly said as she reached in her pocket.

“Why do you have crackers?” I asked as she handed me one.

“I got hungry.”

I held the cracker out to the buck and he happily are it while the doe ate from Lilly. She giggled when her mouth touch her hand. I have to admit, it did tickle.

But it was cut short when the deer’s ears twitched and they shot off into the other direction.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Well well well. What do we have here?” I heard a deep voice that a entire chills down my spine.

I snapped my head up and saw two giant men walking towards us. They screamed danger and every nerve in my body was telling me to run.

“Look at this little cutie Cody.” The guy on the right said.

Lilly whimpered and stood behind me. “Aww is the little girl scared Alex?” Cody asked teasing.

“Back off.” I warned.

“Big sissy to the rescue.”

“Let’s have some fun.” Alex said rubbing his hands together.

I felt my eyes switch colors and a threatening growl escaped from me. “Leave!” Red’s voice came through.

The guys froze and they looked scared. “Did you see her eyes?” Cody said shaking.

“Did you hear her growl and voice?” Alex said looking at Cody.

“Holy shit. What are you?” Cody asked.

“None of your damn business.” I replied.

“Fine. We will just find out ourselves.” He said before his body started shifting.

I froze when I saw two giant brown wolves standing in front of me.

Oh. My. Gosh. I must be dreaming. That’s it.

‘Those are werewolves Avery.’ Red warned.

‘What do I do?’ I asked scared.

‘Fight back!’ She yelled like it was he lost obvious thing in the world.

‘How do I kill them?!’

“Avery. They are coming.” I focused back and saw them stalking toward us.

‘Aim for their necks.’ Red suggested.

‘How do you know this?’

‘I don’t. But all I know is that they are called werewolves.’

I focused back on them again and shifted into my fox. They stopped walking and just stared at me.

They turned to each other and looked like to be having a silent conversation.

I used that as a distraction and jumped forward, biting the wolf on the right in the throat and tearing a huge chunk of skin out of it.

It whimpered an started coughing violently. It fell to the ground and started to shake. It then turned back into Alex, and his lifeless body just later there.

I’m guessing Cody growled at me and charged. I met him half way and bit his back leg when I ducked.

He yelped and fell to the ground. I bit his side but he shook my off and I fell back.

He swiped at my muzzle and I growled jumping back up and attacking him again.

I went to swipe at me again and I ducked underneath his paw and shot up to catch his throat.

I bit down hard and heard a snap. His body fell and slowly he turned back to his human form.

I shifted and fell down on the ground hearing Lilly run over to me. I can’t believe I just killed those two men.

‘Those are what you call rogues I think. They are bad werewolves.’ Red explained.

“Are you okay?” Lilly asked.

I nodded with a small smile. “Ya. Let’s get back before the guys get worried. And don’t tell them about this. They might think we are crazy.”

She nodded and wiped the top of my nose. “You have blood dripping down.” She giggled.

“Thanks.” I picked her up and we started a walking.

‘How are you?’ I asked Red.

‘I’m fine. I’ll heal by myself.’


I jumped when I heard a growl coming from my right. Now I know I probably shouldn’t follow it, but I did anyway.

Wen I got there, I saw a giant gray, black, a sandy blonde wolf fighting two brown and three gray and black wolves.

I felt like I needed to help the gray, black, and blonde wolf. I felt like this pull towards them.

I ran towards a tree and put Lilly in it. “Stay here and scream if any wolves come up too you.” She nodded and I jumped down shifting into my fox and heading towards the fight.

I spotted the gray and black colored wolf pin the gray wolf down. He was about to bite his neck but I shot forward and tackled him. He smelled just like the other two wolves that attacked me at the clearing. They smelled like rotten trash. It must be a rogue then.

I bit into its neck and it finally stopped flailing around, and shifted into its human form.

The gray got up and looked at me weirdly before nodding it’s head in thanks. I nodded back and watched the sandy blonde wolf take on the two brown ones.

“Go help that one.’ Red said urgently.


‘I don’t really know. But it’s calling for me.’

‘You’re weird.’ I told her before running over to its side.

The blonde wolf growled, but stopped once it saw me. I nodded my head and tuned my attention back to the brown wolves.

One lunged at me, but I ducked in time for it to fly over my head. I turned around and tackled it causing us to roll around in the dirt.

It landed on top of me and was trying to bite my neck. I kept moving my head side to side hoping it would miss. But he bit my shoulder and I whimpered in pain.

The next thing I know, is that I see a flash of blonde and the wolf is gone. I look up and see the blonde wolf bite the wolf’s neck and he died instantly.

I notice that the other wolves are dead and slowly get up.

What happens next shocks me to no end.

I watched the three wolves shift. The blonde one into Jake, the black one I to David, and the gray wolf into Liam.

And they are all naked…..

I turn my head and hear some shuffling.

“Thankyou.” I hear Jake saw. I turn to look at him and thankfully he has on shorts…..but no shirt. And holy shit does he look fine!

‘Yum.’ Red said. I could literally hear all of her perverted thoughts.

I blocked her out and nodded at him.

“She must be the fox that the guys were taking about!” David exclaimed.

“I think your right.” Jake said walking up to me.

I stood still as all three of them came up to me and sat down. Jake reached out and petted my head. I purred and my eyes fluttered close.

“Who knew she could fight like that.” David laughed.

“Well when you are that strong and fast, I’m pretty sure it comes in handy.” Jake chuckled.

I looked at Liam and she is staring at me intently. “Liam you okay?”

“Ya I’m fine David. I’m just looking at her eyes.”

“Ya. Her eyes are pretty.”

“Oh my gosh!” Jake said jumping up. “Avery!”

“Calm down Jake. I’m sure she’s fine.” David said.

“No! She and Lilly are out on a walk. What if the rogues got them?!” So they are called rogues.

“Your mate is fine.” I tilted my head and David smiled at me. “A mate is like a werewolf’s other half. Like a soul mate. And Avery is Jake’s mate. That’s why the idiot kidnapped her. A werewolf can’t love without their mates. A mate is the lost important thing to a werewolf.”

“What if we can’t find her!”

Wait, I’m Jake’s mate?! That’s why he kidnapped me?

“We will find our Luna.”

I looked at Liam wanting him to explain. “Jake here is alpha. Which is the leader of the pack. And since Avery is his mate, that makes her the Luna. And the pack can’t run without their Luna. So everyone will be feeling out of we can’t find Avery.” My eyes widened. So I was hurting his pack when I ran away?

I whimpered at the thought. For some reason, it hurt to know that I hurt him.

Lila must have noticed my change in mood because he gave me a funny look. I looked away, scared he light find out the truth.

“We need to search for her. I can’t lose her guys. I can’t.”

“Let’s head back to the pack house and call a meeting. We can get the best trackers we have and search for her.”

I need to get back to the house. So, I’m a mate to a werewolf. And for some odd reason, it’s not freaking out.

’Probably because you can shift too.” Red said.

‘Possibly.’ I told her.

I nodded at the guys one last time and ran off to get to Lilly.


That fox. Something is not right about her.

I watched as he ran off and I turned to Jake. “I left something over there. I’ll gonna go get it, then come back to the pack house to help look for Avery.” I told him.

“Okay. But please hurry up.”

I offered him a smile. “Of course. She is my Luna after all.”

They left and I ran following the mysterious fox. Her eyes, they looked so much like Avery’s when I grabbed Lilly and rant night at the park.

It can’t be her right? I mean there’s no way a person can shift into a fox. Only werewolves can shift.

But I also noticed how it took a longer time for Jake to realize Avery and Lilly were on a walk. It’s like his wolf was calm. And the way the fox purred when Jake petted her. But it can’t be Avery.

I finally found the fox. She was looking a round before she jumped into the tree. I heard some ruffling and saw her carrying something. When I looked closer, I saw it was Lilly!

Oh no. Is the fox going to take her?! Avery would be so pissed.

I was about to go jump in there and get Lilly, but the fox put her down and I watched as she shifted…..into Avery.

Oh. My. Gosh. The fox is Avery…


I ran back to the house with Lilly in my back. We came back to the house and I sighed in relief that we didn’t get list. I’m actually surprise we didn’t, that forest is huge!

I opened the door and there were people everywhere!

“Now! We have had a large number of rogues enter our territory.” Jake started off explaining.

“Now Luna Avery and her little sister were on a walk and we found some rogues. But thankfully there are gone with the help of a fox. But Avery and Lilly might be missing.”

“So your Luna-” Jake started but I cut him off.

“Is right here.” I said with a smile.

Everyone’s head including Jake’s snapped towards me.

“Avery.” Jake whispered in relief with smile.

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