The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 12: Unwanted guests and secrets are out


“Are you enjoying the barbecue?” Jake asked me.

I smiled at him. “Ya. Everyone is so nice.” I decided to leave the little Sadie incident out. I didn’t want him to freak out over that. But I don’t know if he would.

“That’s good.” He smiled as he pecked my lips.

“Hey Avery?” I heard Stacy call.

I turned around to see her walking towards us.


“Can you help me bring out the trays for the desserts?”

“Of course.” I said. I turned to look at Jake. “I’ll be right back.”

He nodded and gave me one last peck before I went to the kitchen with Stacy.

“So how are you too?” She asked wiggling her eyebrows.

I giggled at her behavior. “We are good. He’s really sweet. And he won’t let me leave his side.”

“Ya. He’s like that. Trust me.” She smiled.

We were walking back and forth making small talk as we brought the trays outside then went back inside to get the rest.

“So..” She trailed off smiling.

“You okay?” I laughed.

“Ya.” She smiled brightly at me. “When am I getting grandchildren?”

I started coughing violently. “Excuse me?”

“You know. Grandchildren? I’m not getting any younger here.”

“Stacy!” I laughed.

“What?” She laughing innocently. “I want grandchild before I die.”

“Mom!” Jake yelled. I turned to look at him and his face is bright red while his dad is laughing at him.

“What?” She asked clueless.

“Stacy. Leave their sex life alone.” John teased.

That caused Jake’s and my face to be bright red. “Guys!” Jake and I yelled at the same time.

John doubled over in laughter. “You guys are unbelievable.” Jake groaned.

John was about to open his mouth, but Liam burst through the door covered in sweat.

“Are you okay?” I asked walking up to him.

“Rogues.” He whispered.

The next thing I know is that Jake put me behind him and John did the same with Stacy.

“Where?” Jake’s voice boomed.

“Outside. Literally. We were by the bonfire and all of the sudden we heard growls. And they just popped out of the woods. There’s at least 50.”

“Where is everyone? Are they safe?” I asked nervous.

“All the women and children are at the safe house. We have guards with them inside and outside guarding it. The rest of them are blocking the pack house.”

‘Red! We have to help them. If I’m gonna be Luna. I need to fight.’ I told her.

‘I’m right here with you.’ She said determined.


‘Of course Avery. I love you.’

I smiled mentally. ‘I love you too Red.’

I jumped out from behind Jake and dashed for the door.

I ripped it open and came face-to-face with muscular backs.

They must have sensed me, because a couple stepped closer to me and put me in the middle of a little circle.

“Avery!” Jake yelled as he went in front of me.

“Look what we have here guys. Alpha Jake must have a little mate.” The rogue in the middle said.

“Leave her alone.” Jake growled.

“Ah why? That wouldn’t be any fun, now would it?”

“Why are you here?”

“We heard you found a mate and we just had to see for ourselves.”

“You saw her. Now you can leave before I kill you.”

“Why? We want to meet her.” The rogue smirked.


“We weren’t talking to you.” The rogue said in a duh tone.

“I don’t care.” Jake said.

“Aww. Is she too weak to speak for herself? Well I would suspect that since she’s a girl.” He laughed while the other rogues joined in.

I growled and so did Jake. I’m glad he did because everyone just let it go thinking it was only him.

I pushed past everyone and made it to the front of the line. “Listen here you little mutt.” I yelled. They stopped laughing and just stared at me in shock. “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t kick your furry little wolf ass. And I’m not scared to do so. So I suggest that you shut that damn muzzle of yours before I do it for you!”

Everyone went quiet and stared at me.

“Holy shit.” I heard someone say behind me.

“Remind me not to get on the Luna’s bad side.” I heard another.

“Well. Someone has some anger issues.” The rogue to the left of me said.

“Oh shut it asshole!” I yelled.

“Calm down little Luna.” The rogue smirked.

“And why should I?” I questioned.

“Well, you can either cooperate with us and come with me. Or, you can say good bye to these two little girls.” He said stepping aside.

Once he stepped aside, two rogues came forward and had Katie and Lilly in their arms.

“Katie!” Jake growled as he stepped beside me.

“Lilly!” I growled out.

“Avery.” Lilly whimpered. The rogue growled at her and held her arm tighter. “Ahh!” She cried out in pain.

“Let her go!”

“Come with us and I will. I’ll let both of them go.” The rogue gave us a dark laugh.

‘Doesn’t that sound familiar.’ I told Red remembering the day Jake forced me to go with him.

“Put her down.” I threatened. “Or I will rip your throat out.”

“Oh what could a pathetic little human girl do?” He teased.

I gave him an evil smirk. “You really want to know what I can do?”

“Oh please. Entertain me.” He mocked.

“As you wish.” I smiled and took a step forward.

I let my eyes change color and I felt my teeth grow longer. “Uh. What’s happening?” The rogue holding Lilly asked.

“I don’t know.” The rogue said taking a step back.

I turned to the pack and they all gasped when they saw me.

“Avery?” Jake asked unsure.

Liam stepped forward. “You remember the fox you saw when she helped us with those rogues? When she fought with us?” Jake nodded not taking his eyes off of me. “That was Avery.”

“What?” Jake asked in disbelief.

“The same fox that Scott and those guys came across.”

I turned back to the rogues and they all had fear in their eyes. “I’m giving you one last chance to put them down.” I commanded using my fox Luna voice. But being the stupid rogues they are, they shook their heads and refused. “Fine.” I said with a sly smile.

I ran towards them and shifted into the air. I landed in front of them and gave them a huge growl. It held so much power that they all flinched and the pack members kneeled down.

I growled one more time and launched myself towards the rogue that mocked me.

I landed on him and rip his throat out when he stood there frozen in fear.

I looked at all the other rogues and they too were frozen in fear.

The rogues that were holding onto Avery and Katie slowly let them go.

Once their feet hit the ground, they ran towards the house.

I turned to Jake and nodded.

“Attack!” Jake yelled. Everyone shifted and ran towards the rogues.

The rogues shifted as well and some leaped at me but luckily I dodged them.

I shot back up and bit the stomach of a rogue that jumped over me.

He yelped and fell on the ground with me biting his neck.

I was about to turn around, but something tackled me and I couldn’t.

I kept trying to flail around, but wasn’t successful. When I looked up, I saw a rogue growling at me.

‘No! He’s ruining my perfectly gorgeous fur!’ Red whined.

‘You’re worried about how you look, when we are about to get killed?!’ I yelled still trying to get out from underneath him.

‘Well yes. I still have to look hot for Jake’s wolf you know.’

I went to go bite at the wolf, but unfortunately, he dodged it at the last second. ‘I’m sure he will think you will still look hot no matter what you look like. But I’m pretty sure he will be more focused on the fact that we are about to DIE!’

She sighed. ‘You’re right. Let’s kill this bastard.’

‘Bout time you agreed with me.’ I rolled my eyes at her.

I put my feet underneath him and pushed up. When I did that, he let out a yelp of surprise and flew backwards before a gray wolf jumped up and grabbed him.

I instantly recognized the wolf as Liam and nodded my head as a thank you before trying to find Jake.

I found him fighting against two rogues. One was about to sneak up on him, but I jumped on Jake’s back and lunged at the rogue.

After I killed him, I noticed no other rogues were left.

The pack members shifted back and put shorts on. I shifted back and ran to see Lilly and Katie being guarded.

I pushed through the guards and ran over too both of them and pulled them into a hug.

“Are you two alright?” I asked looking them both over for any injuries.

“We’re fine Avery.” Katie smiled. “Jake!” I let her go and she ran towards Jake.

“They grabbed us.” Lilly cried. “It happened so fast.” She fell into my arms and I wrapped them around her tighter.

“Shh. It’s okay Lilly. They’re gone.”

“Thank you. I love you so much Avery.”

“I love you too Lilly.”

I stood up and she clung to my neck.

When I turned around, I noticed all the pack members staring at me.

Jake stepped forward, and I took a step back.

“Avery. What’s wrong?” Jake asked concerned.

“Nothing.” I said taking another step backward.

I noticed his eyes fog over and I saw some guys behind him uncross their arms and spread their legs apart. He probably told them to get ready if I ran.

“Baby. Please.” Jake pleaded and I stopped walking backwards.

I looked down. “Why aren’t you mad at me?”

“Why would I be?” He laughed softly.

“I didn’t tell you I was a fox spirit.”

“Avery. I don’t care that you didn’t tell me. You probably had an acceptable reason.”

I looked up at him to see he was smiling at me. “Really?”

“Ya. I’m not gonna be mad about that.”

I nodded. “I’m gonna go for a walk to clear my head.” I told him. I didn’t wait for him to answer and I carried Lilly with me and walked into the woods.


How could she think that I would be mad at her? I just don’t understand.

She was a fighting machine out there. I am so proud of her. I could never be mad at her for something like that.

I looked back at our pack members and noticed they were all watching the spot where Avery and Lilly disappeared.

“Is she going to be okay alpha?” One of my warriors asked.

I nodded. “I hope so.”

“Maybe she just needs some time to think.” My dad said walking up to us.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well look what just happened. They had her sister and your sister, she killed I don’t know how many rogues, and her giant secret just got out to not just you, but to her entire pack.”

“I guess.” I said looking at the woods.

“Wait a minute. Avery isn’t human.” David said turning toward Liam. “Liam was right this entire time.”

I looked at Liam shocked remembering that he told us about her eyes and her growling. “Would this be a bad time to say ‘I told you so’?” He asked looking smug.

David and I sighed. “No.” We mumbled.

“I told you so! I told you so!” Liam screamed jumping up and down.

“Feel better?” David asked not very happy.

Liam smirked. “Oh ya.” I sighed and shook my head laughing. Liam stopped laughing too and started walking towards the forest. “I’m gonna go check on her. Since I’m her bodyguard and all.”

“Okay. Take some more guards with you. I don’t know if they are any more rogues out there or not.” He nodded and called more people to go with him. “The rest of us need to double up on patrol and find out how they got in. I don’t know how they managed to get that many rogues into my territory, but we need to find out.” I told everyone.

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