The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 15: I’m leaving without you


I sighed and slumped down to the ground running a hand through my hair.

’Way to go asshole.” My wolf yelled at me.

‘How was I suppose to know! And besides, you were growling too idiot.’ I shot back at him.

‘Well, what was I suppose to do? I heard them saying she was trying to escape and I got upset.’

‘Well I did too.’

‘You should have let her finish.’

‘What the hell! You’re the one that growled first.’

‘Ya but you should have stopped and listened.’

“Good job Jake.” I snapped my head up at the voice and saw David walking towards me with his arms crossed and shaking his head.

I growled at him but he just stood there. “I know I messed up, okay?” I groaned falling back on the grass.

“You should have let her finish you know.” He said sitting down next to me.

“Ya I know.”

“So what are you gonna do?” He asked.

“What can I do?” I asked looking up at him.

He have me a duh look. “Go after get you idiot.” He laughed.

I gave him a grateful smile and jumped on my feet before shifting and running towards the house.

One I got there, I bursted through the door but frowned when I noticed I couldn’t smell get delicious scent.

I ream back outside and saw Blake and Levi.

“Where’s Avery?” I asked a little scared.

They looked hesitant before looking at each other.

“Uh..” Blake said unsure of what to say.

“Blake.” I warned.

“She, Lilly, and Liam all left to go see her mom.” He replied quietly.

I froze. A growled ripped it’s way though my chest. “SHE WHAT?!”

They flinched and nodded. “They left about 10 minutes ago. They took her truck.”

“Sorry alpha, she commanded us not top tell and just act like nothing happened. But we didn’t know if we should have mind linked you or not. Our wolves were torn between two decisions.” Levi apologized.

I sighed. “It’s fine, but just tell me next time she leaves.”

They nodded and walked off.

She is so going to get it when I get her back home.

I growled one more time before storming off to my truck and heading back to the hospital.

Avery, you are in some deep shit when I get there.

‘We can always punish her.’ My wolf suggested.

I growled in approval. ‘I would love that very much.’

‘Just think of all the ways we could.’ He growled smiling.

‘Gah. I can’t think of that right now when I’m driving.’ I whined tightening my grip on the wheel.

‘Fine. You can’t, but I can.’ He shut off and I smirked shaking my head.

Kaydon is such a horny wolf.


“Mom?” I called as I walked into her room.

“Avery.” She smiled. “Oh hey Lilly and Cameron.”

Liam scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Uh ya, about that Cathy. I need to tell you something.”

She looked confused. “Of course.”

I turned around and shut the door before we all sat down. “Uh, my name isn’t really Cameron.”

She gave a light chuckle. “Then what is it?”


Her face fell before it turned to complete rage. “You mean the same Liam who kidnaped both of my baby girls?!”

“Yes ma’am.” Liam ducked his head.

I watched my mom as she carefully leaned over and grabbed a glass of water and threw it at Liam.

Liam gasped and jumped up. “What was that?”

“Water.” My mother replied coldly. “That’s what you get for kidnapping my daughters. And it could be a lot worse, but because of the surgery, I can’t really move. So that was the best I could do.”

He hung his head. “I deserve a lot worse.”

“Oh yes you do. A lot worse.”

“I’m really sorry about kidnapping Avery and Lilly. And I would never hurt our Luna or the sister of our Luna.”


“I’m guessing you know about Avery being a fox spirit?” He asked.

“How did you know that?”

“Well you see mom.” I laughed nervously. “There are some things I need to tell you.”

Her eyes darted to me. “Avery?”

I was about to open my mouth, but the door banged open then slammed shit again. “Avery!” A beyond furious voice yelled.

Shit shit shit. Please don’t be Jake.

I slowly turned around and saw Jake’s beat red face with his arms crossed and his shaking form.

“Crap.” I muttered.

“What’s going on?” My mom asked.

“I’m Jake.” Jake stated walking stiffly over to us.

“And you helped kidnap my daughters.” Jake stopped and froze before giving he a slow nod. “You’re lucky I just had surgery or else you would be dead.” She threatened.

“As I was saying.” I said clearing my throat and glaring at Jake. “I need to explain some things mom.”

“Go ahead dear.” She said smiling at me before turning her face to stone and giving a hard glare to the guys.

“Liam and Jake. Well they’re werewolves.”

“What?!” My mom yelled.

I shook my head. “We will answer questions when I’m done with the story.” She gave me a single nod and continued to watch me. “Well the reason that they kidnapped me, was because I am Jake’s mate. And I’m the Luna while he is the alpha. They are like the leaders of the pack. There are a lot more of werewolves and Jake has over 2,000 in his-“

“Our.” Jake interrupted me.

I sighed before glaring at him. “Our pack. And he kidnapped me at the park because I was his mate. And he kidnapped Lilly too because she was with me and I wouldn’t go without her. So I have been staying with them for that time. And Jake was the one who paid for your surgery.”

My mom was speechless. She didn’t talk for about 5 minutes until she finally broke it.

“So you two are werewolves?” She asked Jake and Liam. They nodded. “And you are my daughter’s mate?” Jake nodded. “Explain this whole mate thing to me.”

Jake smiled. “I would love too. A mate is pretty much a soul mate. They love each other and no matter what, they will always have each other’s back. They can always trust them, and they should. They want to treat their mates with the up most respect and always protect each other no matter what. But a mate is the lost important thing to a werewolf and without their mate, it’s like you don’t have a reason to live anymore.”

“Wow. They’re that important to you guys?” My mom asked.

Jake nodded. “And also being mates, they forgive each other when then other did something wrong.”

Jake looked over at me and I then realized that everything he said, he was referring to when we were in the clearing and he accused me of escaping.

“And mates will always forgive each other.” I said smiling.

His face lot up and he sat next to me and pulled me into him. “Thank you.” He said against my neck.

I pulled baked and grabbed his hand. “You’re welcome Jake.”

“So you two are really mates?” My mom asked again.

I nodded. “Yes.”

A smile broke on her face. “My baby is finally growing up.” She gushed.

“Mom!” I whined.

“Honey lets face it. You don’t talk to guys and I was starting to worry you would be forever alone.”

“Gee thanks for the support mom.” I said rolling my eyes.

“No problem.” She turned to Jake. “And if you ever hurt my daughters, I will castrate you with a rusty spoon and skin you alive and put your wolf skin on my floor or make it into a blanket. Your choice. Do you understand?”

Jake stiffened beside me and gave her a fast nod. “Y-yes. Of c-course Cathy.” He stuttered terrified.

She smiled clapping. “Good. Do you understand too Liam?” Liam nodded frantically and she gave him a smile. “So when’s the wedding?”

“Mom!” I yelled at her.

“Well. It could be soon if you wanted.” Jake teased. “Would that be okay babe?”

A blush rose up my neck to my cheeks. “Jake!”

“What?” He asked innocently.

“No wedding. I’m only 18. And besides, you haven’t even asked me out yet.” I said smugly.

I watched his face fall, before he scowled at me and pulled me closer to him.

“Burn.” Liam laughed.

“Oh shut it.” Jake snapped.

Liam continued laughing but finally died down. But I have to admit. It was really funny.

We stayed at the hospital and answered all of my moms questions.

I just wonder how she will take it when Jake says I have to live with him..?

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