The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 18: They found her


It’s been a couple days since I found Ashe and she is doing a lot better.

Her cuts and bruises are going away and she has put on more weight so she isn’t so skinny. But she’s still smaller than I am. She’s probably an inch shorter.

I’ve even taken her out for a walk the other day. We almost got caught by the patrol, but made it too the house before they could follow us.

I told Jake this morning that I was going for a run and he told me to be careful like always. I hate lying to him though. I feel like I’m betraying him.

I made it to Allan’s and Mary’s house and opened the door.

“Avery!” Ashe yelled.

“Ah!” I yelped as she wrapped her arms around me.

I laughed and hugged her back. Oh ya, she’s getting more of her strength back too.

“I missed you.” She said putting her face in my neck.

“I just saw you last night.” I giggled.

She pulled back and looked at me with those big brown eyes. She moved a piece of her dark chocolate brown hair behind her ear.

“I know. But I always feel that someone will find me.” Fear laced her voice.

“Don’t worry. You have me, Mary, and Allan. No one will touch you. If they do….well let’s just say they will have an angry Luna to deal with.”

“Thank you Avery.” Her voice was small.

“Come on. Let’s go for a walk.”

“Sweet. I’ll go get a coat and boots.”

We made sure the coast was clear before we ran laughing into the woods.

“Hey. I wanna show you something.” I said facing her.

“Okay.” She smiled.

It took about 15 minutes from where we were at to get to Lilly’s and mine spot.

“Close your eyes.”

She smiled before placing a hand over her eyes and putting her other hand on my shoulder.

I led her to the middle and stopped walking.

“Open.” I told her.

She took her hand away and put a huge grin on her face.

She twisted all the way around and ran over to the river.

“This is amazing!” She yelled.

“Ya. Lilly found it when we were walking. And ever since then, it’s been our own little getaway I guess you could call it.”

“Lilly?” She asked confused.

“My little sister.” I explained walking over to her. “She’s 6.”

“I would love to meet her one day.” She gave me a small smile.

“Of course. She’s really sweet.”

“Oh. If it isn’t the little shifter.” I heard a deep voice behind me.

How did they know?

I growled and turned around.

In front of us, stood three huge men.

“Shifter?” Ashe asked beside me.

“I’ll explain later.” I growled and pulled her behind me.

“Ashe?” The guy in the middle said.

Ashe pressed herself into my back.

“Shit.” I heard her say.

“Leave.” I ordered.

“Aww. She thinks she can make us leave.”

I felt Red push forward and my teeth elongated. “LEAVE!” Red growled out.

Ashe squeaked in fear and the men froze.

“Holy shit. When they said she was powerful. I didn’t think that powerful.” The guy said.

“Well she is a fox spirit. The only one in the world.”

“How did you know?!” Red’s voice was still there.

The guy on the left smirked. “We have a source, you could say.”

I growled. “I will not tell you again. Leave.”

“Oh no. I’m so scared guys. Maybe we should listen to the little Luna.” The guy on the right said. He was fake shivering and I was getting pissed.

‘May I?’ Red asked.

‘You may.’ I granted.

I smirked and felt the familiar heat consuming my body.

“Ready Ashe?” I asked.

She nodded. “Ready.”

“When we are down kicking their asses. You’re telling me how they know you.” I said.

She sighed but nodded anyway.

“Let’s kick some rogue ass.” I said.

I ran towards them and jumped so I shifted in the air.

I landed on the one that mocked me first and he fell to the ground with an ‘oof’.

But one of the guys picked me up and tried to toss me, but I quickly maneuvered my head so I bit his shoulder.

“Gosh you’re fat!” He yelled as he tried to pry my jaws off of him.

I gasped. How. Rude.

I growled and bit harder causing him to cry in pain.

Ya. That’s what you get for calling me fat! You jerk!

I heard another growl and jumped back to see Ashe shifting into a giant dark brown wolf.

She was gorgeous.

She ran at the one wolf while I ran at the one I bit earlier.

I turned around and saw he had shifted.

Ew. He smells gross. And his face is very disturbing. That’s gotta be a face even a mother can’t love. Poor fella.

He charged me and I crouched down before launching myself at him.

He ducked his head and I landed on his back with him still running.

How does that happen?!

I held on and looked up. I’m queen of the world!

He came to a halt and I shot forward.

I let out a squeak when I was rolling on the ground.

That jerk! He made my fur all dirty!

I hopped back up and jumped out of the way when he went to swipe at me.

I quickly jumped around him and grabbed his neck with my jaws.

I held on for dear life as he kept thrashing around before he finally went limp.

I saw a wolf on top of Ashe and I went to go help her.

I slammed into the wolf and we went rolling across the dirt again.

‘Someone else is here.’ Red said.

I quickly stood in front of Ashe’s wolf and saw some more wolves and people flowing out into the clearing.

“Luna!” I heard Blake yell.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I shifted back and we now had the last two rogues trapped.

They growled knowing they were trapped and I smiled.

“Take them to the holding cells. Or wherever you put prisoners.” I laughed. “I want to question them.”

Blake and some of the men looked confused but nodded.

They captured the two rogues and took them away.

All of the sudden, I saw Liam’s wolf growl.

Ashe took off in a direction and some of the warrior wolves followed.

“Ashe!” I yelled.

I went to go run of, but I was stopped by one of the wolves.

“Sorry Luna.” A guy said walking up to me. “Liam will get the rogue. Don’t worry.” He smiled.

I shook my head and pushed past everyone.

I shifted and ran as fast as I could.

They can’t hurt her! I promised to keep her safe.

I heard a growl and a whimper.

I ran through the trees as fast as I could.

I finally caught up to them and saw a wolf slam her into a tree. The impact from the hit caused her to shift back and she just laid there. She still isn’t strong enough to take on Liam and the other warrior wolves.

The same warrior wolf launched himself into the air and was about to land on her.

Before he did, I jumped up and tackled him away from her.

I pinned him down so his back was on the ground and I stood on his arms.

I growled in his face and his wolf whimpered and turned his head, showing his neck in a sign of submission.

I got off of him and stood over Ashe’s naked body.

She slowly got up and I lowered my self so she was touching my stomach.

One of the wolves took a step but I let out a low protective growl.

All of the sudden a sandy blonde wolf jumped out of the trees.

He saw me and ran towards me, but froze in place when I let out a feral growl.

Everyone shifted back and put on shorts, but I staid in my fox form.

Liam took a step but stopped once again when I growled.

I felt that Red was in control at the moment and she didn’t want anyone to come close to Ashe when she was badly injured.

“Red. It’s okay.” Jake cooed holding his hands up. “We won’t hurt her.”

I saw a warrior step forward, but I growled causing him to jump back and show his neck.

“Red.” Jake said taking a hesitant step forward. “It’s okay. We won’t hurt her. Come on. Let Avery have control back.”

I felt Red slowly go back and I pushed myself forward so I was in control.

I was looking between everyone making sure no one came closer.

“Avery.” Jake said. “Who is that?”

I shifted back and stood in front of Ashe.

I turned around and took my jacket off and put it around her.

I also took my pants off so I was just in my shirt and spandex.

She slowly stood up and winced when she put pressure on her right foot. I helped her get the clothes on and she put an arm around my shoulder to hold herself up.

I turned us around and watched as everyone stared at me.

“I need the pack doctor.” I said breaking the silence.

The guys snapped out of it and two of them ran off to get the doctor.

Jake cleared his throat and I turned to look at him. “Who’s that?”

“Ashe.” I told him for her.

“She’s a rogue.” Jake frowned.

I glared at him. “I don’t care.”

He looked taken back by my tone and glared at me. “Don’t talk to me like that.”

I scoffed. “Whatever. Let’s just go get her check out.” I glared at the wolf that slammed her against the tree and he instantly lowered his gaze to the ground.

That’s what I thought.

I’m sitting in the waiting room and my legs won’t stop shaking.

Jake, Liam, David, and some of the pack members came along with.

And I don’t know why, but David looked very confused. I decided too let it go and continued to stare at the floor.

“I’m really sorry Luna.” The guy whose name is Ryan apologized. He was the one that tackled her.

I sighed and turned to look at him. “It’s okay. You didn’t know.”

“Can I just say. When you pinned him down, you were so freaking scary.” Liam said looking at me.

I gave him a small smiled. “Sorry.”

“Luna?” The doctor said coming into where we are at.

I shot up from my seat and ran over to him.

“Is she okay? Is anything broken? Is she dead? Does she have a concussion? Is she still breathing? Is she-“

The doc placed his hand on my shoulder. “She’s okay.” He laughed.

Jake growled and pulled me away from the doctor.

“Mine.” He growled and pulled me into his side.

I playfully slapped his chest. “Oh stop it.”

He pecked my lips and I turned back towards the doctor.

“How is she?”

He looked at his clipboard. “She’s well. She has a fractured right ankle, some broken ribs, and some minor cuts and bruises.” He finished.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

He nodded. “Indeed. Would you like to see her?”

I nodded. “Please.” I smiled.

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