The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 21: Sneaky litle bastard


“Liam!” I screamed.

This morning I woke up to find Jake gone probably because of some alpha business and David went with him.

So, me being hungry, I jogged downstairs to make pancakes, but Liam here keeps eating all of the ones I put on the plate. So I have to keep starting all over again.

“I can’t help it! They are so good!” He moaned as a shoved some more into his mouth.

“Ew.” Why do men think it’s a good idea to talk with their mouths full of food? Like honestly! It’s not very appealing.

“Wa?” He asked as pancake pieces fell out of his mouth.

“Chew with your mouth closed and don’t talk.”

“Men can be so gross.” Ashe cringed.

His shrugged and started chewing.

“Avery!” I heard 2 small voices scream.

I looked up from the stove and saw Katie and Lilly running into the kitchen.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Will you play dress up with us?” Lilly asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Sorry girls. I’m fixing breakfast.” I said.

“But Liam can go with you. I have to help Avery remake all the pancakes that Liam ate.” Ashe accused.

“No no no. I am not playing dress up.” Liam shook his head and put his hands up.

“Yes you will.” Katie said crossing her arms.

“No I won’t.” Liam said sticking his tongue out.

“I’ll tell Jake on you.” Lilly threatened.

Liam’s face paled. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh I would.”

Liam growled. “Fine.” He stood and walked behind the girls. “Avery you sister is satan’s personal mini me!”

“I know!” I called too him as he walked up the stairs.

“How does she come up with these things?” Ashe asked.

I shrugged. “Honestly, I have no idea. I think she watched me do it. That’s how she knows how to so the silent treatment.”

“Ahh. Makes sense. You are satan, and your sister is your mini me just like Liam said.” Ashe smirked.

I gasped at her. “Hurtful!”

“These are the greatest pancakes ever!” Liam yelled shoving more in his face.

“Ew!” We all screamed. And by we I mean Ashe, Lilly, Katie, and I.

“Whatever.” Liam said putting more on his plate.

I swear. Guys are bottomless pits. I mean, how much food can they put in their stomachs? Might as well call their stomachs pouches. It does hold everything.

“So. How come you didn’t take your makeup, nail polish, and your feathered scarves off?”

He shrugged. “I heard you yell breakfast, so I really didn’t care.”

“Okay then.” I said going back to my food. “By the way. That blue, is so not your color.” I said referring to his eyeshadow.

“Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful.” He snapped at me.

I looked at him wide eyed. It’s official, we lost him.

The door opened and in walked a tired looking Jake and David.

“What on earth are you wearing?” David asked horrified.

“Lilly and Katie took him to the dark side.” I said

Jake shook his head laughing. “I have an evil sister.”

“Avery does too.” Liam added.

“True dat.” David laughed taking a seat.

“True dat?” Jake asked.

“It what the cool people say.”

“Believe me.” I told him laying a hand on his shoulder. “You’re not cool.”

“You’re just jealous.” David scoffed.

“Of what?”

“My amazingly awesome sexy body.”

“Keep dreaming.” Ashe muttered to herself while I snickered.

“What was that?” David asked raising an eyebrow.

Ashe looked nervous. “Oh. Nothing sweetie.”

“What did you-“

“Oh David. You look really good today. Your shirt really compliments your eyes.” Ashe said batting her eyelashes.

David blushed a little and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

I rolled my eyes. They are such children.

“Liam. That blue is not your color.” Jake complained.

“Like I said before. Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!” He screamed and ran upstairs.

I watched as he ran. “I worry about that boy.”

“We all do.” David answered confused.

“What’s on the agenda today?” I asked.

“Lilly and I are gonna go over to Sarah’s house.” Katie answered.

“Okay. Just take some guards with you.” Jake said sternly.

“Yes Jake.” Katie rolled her eyes and left with Lilly to go get ready.

Jake nodded in approval.

“I’m gonna take Ashe to the mall.” David said smiling as he grabbed her hand.

“You and shopping. That ought to be a funny show.” I teased.

“That ought to be a funny show.” David mocked in a high pitched girly voice.

“Let’s go. You are such a child.” Ashe scowled dragging him outside.

“Good luck Ashe!” I yelled.

“Want to go for a run?” Jake asked after he stopped laughing.

I nodded enthusiastically.

I ran upstairs and put on jeans and a sweatshirt and ran back down to see Jake putting on his boots.

“Let’s go!” I shouted and threw the door open.

“Easy there killer.” Jake chuckled as he caught up to me.

“Let’s go. You are taking forever! Red wants to be let out.” I said going behind him and pushing. Well, attempting too.

But no. Jake decided to stop walking and just stand there.

“Jake!” I yelled and tried to push him.

I put my back on his back and tried to push. Key word, tried.

I pushed harder but he still wouldn’t budge.

And this is the part where he thought it would be really funny to move and I fell on my butt.

“Ah!” I screamed.

“I think you fell Avery.” Jake said trying really hard not to laugh.

“I hate you.”

“You love me.” He smirked.

“You wish.”

“I don’t have to wish because I know it’s true.”

I crossed my arms still sitting on the ground. “Says who?”

“Says you.”

“I never said I loved you.”

“You didn’t have too. I can see it in your eyes. And I heard you admit it last night in your sleep.”

Oh shit. I didn’t…..did I?

“Pft. Whatever I was probably talking about Niall Horan or Dylan O’Brien. Or Channing Tatum. He is one sexy man.” I smiled thinking about them.

Jake cut off my daydream with a growl. I looked up too see black eyes.

Ah shit..

“So. Ready for that run?” I asked slowly standing up.

Jake growled again and stepped towards me.

Me and my big mouth…

‘Way to go.’ Red said shaking her head.

‘I was only kidding!’ I said desperately.

“So. I’m gonna start that run now.” I rushed and turned around and shifted.

Right as I shifted, I sprinted off into the woods. But I heard ripped clothes, and then 4 paws running behind me.

Ah crap. He shifted.

‘Idiot.’ Red mumbled.

I growled at her and cut her off before she could say anymore.

I kept running until I came across mine and Lilly’s spot.

I stopped for a moment, only to be tackled.

I let out a yelp in surprise and craned my head to the right to see a giant sandy blonde wolf on top of me.

He growled softly as he put his face in my neck.

I let out a small growl and tried to wiggle free.

But he was a lot bigger than I was, soooo I didn’t go anywhere.

He let out a wolf laugh and nibbled on my ear.

I let out a moan but it sounded like a whimper because I was in my fox form.

His wolf let to of my ear and I breathed a sigh of relief until I felt his tongue trail up my lower back to the back of my neck.

I shivered in pleasure and Jake got off of me and started rolling on the ground laughing I assume.

That little bastard. Tease me and then just leave me hanging.

Fine. Two can play at this game.

I got up and walked over to him still laughing on the ground.

I rubbed my side against him, and I felt him stiffen.

I nibbled on his ear and he let out a low grunt.

He tried to put his paw on me and bring me closer, but I dunked and went to his other side.

I rubbed up against him again and licked his cheek.

He growled lowly and tried to get to me.

I ducked again and lightly bit his neck.

That did it.

He let out a loud growl and tackled me again.

When we landed, he lowered himself on my and started running his tongue up and down my neck.

He moved to the side of my neck and started licking.

He reached this one spot and I felt sparks ignite. He must have noticed too, because he started biting it.

I felt him shift back and he flipped me around.

I looked up and saw his pitch black eyes filled with desire and love, I think.

But how could he love me yet?

“Shift.” He ordered in his deep voice. He was so serious it kinda scared me.

I shifted back and squeaked covering me eyes. “You. Are. Naked!”

He took my hands off my eyes and put them above my head.

He attacked my lips with his and I kissed back. Sparks flew and I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip asking for entrance.

I denied smiling as I heard him growl.

He held both my wrists in his one hand and his other went straight to my side.

He wouldn’t…

I gasped in shock as I felt him tickle my side and his tongue dove right in my mouth.

Sneaky little bastard….

I pulled away so I could breathe and he quickly pulled my sweatshirt off and trailed kisses down the side of my neck and reached that one spot.

I moaned and tilted my neck to give him more room.

“May I Avery?” He asked out of breathe. I nodded. “I need to hear the words love.”

“Yes. Jake. Please.” I groaned wanting to feel the pleasurable sparks again.

I felt him smile against my skin, and the next thing I know, I felt his teeth sick into my neck.

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