The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 28: Please forgive me


I took a deep breathe as I sat down on the log.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you punched him! And three times!” Ashe yelled laughing.

I let out a small chuckle. “I can’t either.”

“But he deserved it after kissing the devil.” Ashe said.

I heard a small clap and I looked up. And just in time to see Sadie and two other men walk out into the clearing by her.

“Bravo.” She smirked still clapping while the men smirked.

“Speak of the devil and she will appear.” Ashe said with a smirk of her own.

I laughed as Sadie’s smug smile turned into an ugly scowl.

“Whatever.” Sadie huffed. The men laughed. “Shut up!” She growled.

“Sorry.” They mumbled but were still trying to contain their laughter.

“Anyway. I’m guessing you punched Jake in the jaw. And three times. I’m impressed. Someone as weak as you, actually had the guts to punch someone.” She sneered.

I stood up and growled. “Come over here and I’ll punch a second person.” I threatened.

She started shaking. Faking of course. “Oh no! I’m so scared!”

Ashe growled and I watched as Sadie flinched, but tried to cover it up.

“You should really shut up if you were smart. But then again, you’re not bright at all.” Ashe shrugged.

“I like her.” The man on the left said pointing to Ashe.

Ashe smiled and flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Thank you. I get that a lot.”

“We should hang out some time.” He said smiling.

Ashe shook her head. “Sorry. I have a mate.”

The man growled and turned to the other guy. “Man. All the funny and hot ones have mates.”

Ashe blushed. “I’m sure you’ll find your mate.”

The guys smiled. And it was weird. Because it was actually a genuine nice, warm smile.

“You think?” He asked.

Ashe nodded. “Of course. And to be honest. You seem very nice. Minus the rogue part. But other than that, you seem pretty cool. I mean you did laugh at Sadie being called the devil. And you aren’t that bad looking.”

The guy blushed.

I looked at him shocked. A freaking rogue is blushing!

‘How come he doesn’t seem like a normal rogue?’ I asked Red.

‘I’m trying to figure that out myself. I can kinda feel his wolf. He seems….calm. A rogue isn’t suppose to be calm. But….he is.’ She said feeling unsure.

‘Should we keep a tab on him?’ I asked looking at him laughing.

‘Ya. We should.’

“By the way. My name is Scott.” He smiled. And there is that nice smile again!

“I’m-” Ashe started but got cut off.

“No one cares! Oh my gosh. We are suppose to kill them!” Sadie screamed at Scott while the other guy nodded.

Scott put his head down. I actually felt sorry for the guy.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

“Gosh. I hired a bunch of idiots!” Sadie screamed.

“Calm down devil. Don’t want anything to catch on fire now. Do we?” I asked smirking.

She started shaking.

The guy on her right put a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down. She’s more powerful than we are. She is the only fox spirit, remember?”

Sadie glared at me and took a deep breathe. “Okay. I’m calm.”

“Like that’s ever going to happen.” Ashe mumbled.

Scott busted out laughing. “Sorry. That was kinda funny.”

Sadie growled and he quickly looked down and smirked.

Sadie growled. “Someone is coming. We have to go now.”

“Ya. Just go tell all the rogues that I’m a fox spirit. I know it was you.” I spat.

“Oh honey. You’re right. It was me. Say hello to Jake for me.” She winked and shifted.

The other guy shifted and ran after Sadie.

Scott looked at me sadly. “I’m sorry.” He said before he shifted and ran.

A few minutes after, we spotted John’s wolf along with Jake, David, Liam, and some warriors.

“If you guys are looking for Sadie.” I paused standing up from the log. “She went that way about 5 minutes ago.”

John growled and he and a bunch of warriors dashed that way.

Now it was just Ashe, Jake, David, Liam, and myself.

Can you say awkward…?

“So..” Ashe trailed off as the guys came out from the trees in human form.

And with no shirts, might I add.

I couldn’t stop looking at Jake.

With no shirt, sweating a little, hair messy….gosh. I really need to stop. He freaking cheated on you Avery!

Ashe must have felt my discomfort and anger rising because she cleared her throat and grabbed my hand.

“We would really love to stay and chat with you assholes-” She stopped talking and looked at Jake. “And one lying, cheating asshole. But we have better things too do.”

We started walking, but Jake stepped in our way.

We huffed and tuned around, but only to run into David.

We looked to our left, and we saw Liam standing there with his arms crossed.

Come to think of it. All of them had their legs spread and arms crossed.

I growled to myself. Of course they would make this hard.

“Move.” I said turning to Jake.

“No.” He refused sternly.

I took a deep breathe to try and calm down. But it wasn’t working with him right in front of me and I could feel his breathe on my face.

“Please move.” I said my voice in a whisper.

He looked broken, but he shook his head. “I’m sorry. But we need to talk.”

I shook my head with tears spilling out. “No. No. You are a complete asshole!” I screamed and slammed my fits on his chest. “You had plenty of time to talk! You never took your damn chance!”

He just stood there and let me punch his chest. “I’m sorry.”

I shook my head again. “You can’t even say that Jake! You can’t!” I continued punching his chest. “You had plenty of chances to talk. And you never took them. You left me alone thinking of what happened! You are a complete and utter ass-“

He grabbed my hands with his, and pulled me into him and smashed his lips on mine.

What felt like hours, I had to pull back to catch my breathe.

“Why.” I said taking a deep breathe. “Why did you d-do that?”

“Because I love you.” He said looking me straight in the eye.

I choked on the air. “W-wait what?”

He gave me a nice small smile. “Because I love you. I always have. I was really scared to tell you. And I was going to tell you that in my office. And also give you this.”

He pulled away from me and pulled something out of this basketball shorts pocket and handed it too me.

It was a long rectangular fuzzy box that was dark blue.

I opened it up and when I did, I almost broke down crying.

It was a gold bracelet, with a gold heart charm on it with an emerald in the middle of the heart.

“It’s-it’s beautiful.” I said smiling like crazy.

“Turn the heart over.” He said.

I turned it over and started crying.

It had in really pretty cursive letters ‘I love you Avery.’

“Jake. I-I…” I didn’t know what too say.

He chuckled and took the box from me and took out the bracelet. He grabbed my wrist and put it on. With him still holding my wrist, he moved his hand so we were holding hands and kissed he top of my hand.

“I love you Avery. That’s why I called you too my office. I had the bracelet in my desk drawer and I was going to give it too you and tell you how much I love you. But..that kinda got ruined.” He said scratching the back of his neck.

Remembering what he did too me, I snatched my wrist out of his hand and took a step back.

“Ya. You really did ruin it huh?” I sneered.

“Avery. Please. You have got to believe me. I never kissed Sadie. She kissed me. When I was waiting for you in my office, she came in. I went to tell her to leave but she climbed on my lap and started kissing me. I tried to get her off, but she dug her claws in my back. It was really painful by the way. But still. You have to believe me Avery. I would never kiss another girl. Especially Sadie. I mean seriously. Where has her mouth been?” He asked as he shivered in disgust.

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.” David laughed.

“None of us do.” Liam said making a grossed out face.

“Got that right.” Ashe said nodding. “Wait. I’m still mad at you guys.” Ashe said as she turned away from David and Liam and crossed her arms.

“Babe. Please.” David begged.

Ashe ignored him and walked over too me.

“I don’t know if they are telling the truth.” Ashe said eyeing Jake.

I nodded. But a part of me wanted to believe him so badly. Stupid mate bond.

“There is only one way you will know that I’m telling the truth.” Jake said as David and Liam walked over to him. He took a deep breathe. “I can’t believe we are about to do this. But if this is the only way to get our mates to believe us David. Then so be it.”

I opened my eyes wide. I can not believe they are doing this. No guy, I repeat NO guy would ever do this. Even if he is asking for an apology.

In front of my very eyes, are the boys on their knees with their hands folded and giving us the puppy dog eyes.

“Please Avery. You have to believe me. I would never kiss another girl.” Jake begged. Literally.

“Please believe me too Ashe.” David took a deep breathe and smiled. “I love you too much for you to be mad at me.”

Ashe teared up and nodded. “I love you too.” She cried before throwing herself into David’s arms.

David stood up and twirled her around.

I looked back at Jake still on his knees.

“I believe you.” I said.

He smiled wide and jumped up and tackled me in a hug.

“Thank you thank you thank you!”

“You’re welcome. But I swear. If you wait this long to tell me something bad again, you will not be so easily forgiven.” I threatened pointing a finger at him.

“This was easily forgiven? I took three punches, the cold shoulder, not being able to sleep in the same bed with my mate, and humiliation in front of my entire pack.” He said shocked.

I nodded. “Yes. This was my version of easily forgiving. If it happens one more time, you will have hell to pay.”

“How much worse can it get for him? He’s already dating you.” Liam smirked.

I gasped at him as I watched him smirking at me.

“You little jerk!” I screamed.

I went to charge at him, but Jake held me back.

“Avery. Don’t do anything stupid.” Jake scowled.

I huffed. “I wasn’t. I was just going to kill him. No big deal.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad. One less stupid person.” David said shrugging.

“Hey!” Liam yelled.

“He’s right.” Jake agreed.

“Excuse me?!”

“I mean.” Jake said looking around. “Uh. That’s my Third. That would be very bad if he died.” He paused and looked at Liam. “How was that?”

“Better.” Liam smiled giving him a thumbs up.

“Good.” Jake laughed. “Now let’s head back to the pack house. I’m taking a nap, I’m so tired. And my jaw still hurts.”

“Suck it up big boy.” I said patting his cheek.

He growled and I laughed.

It’s kinda nice having Jake back. I won’t admit it too anyone, but I really did miss him.

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