The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 34: I dont believe it


“The swings!” Lilly screamed with Katie laughing running with her.

“Don’t run Lilly! You might hurt yourself!” Tony screamed running after them.

“I defiantly think they are mates.” Ashe smiled as Carlos and I got out of the car behind her.

“Me too. They are so cute together.” I staid nodding.

“They are both extremely hyper. Perfect match.” Carlos laughed. “They are perfect for each other.” He sighed.

Ashe’s smiled dropped and she looked up to her dad. “It’s gonna be okay.”

“I know.” Carlos said giving us a sad smile. “I just really miss her.”

“She’s looking after you and Ashe.” I said walking up to him.

He gave me a huge hug. “Thank you. I really needed to hear that.”

I pulled back and gave him a warm smile. “Of course. I am truly sorry that it happened and I know hearing ‘it will get better’ doesn’t actually happen. But please know that you have a family that does love you. You have us.”

Carlos let a small tear slip out or his eye before he looked up at the sky.

He looked back at me and took a deep breathe. “I love you guys too.”

“In gonna start crying!” Ashe screamed as she pulled us into a giant group hug.

“Let’s go check on the little ones.” Carlos said.

Ashe and I nodded as we turned around to see Tony pushing Lilly and Katie on the swings.

“He is totally a stud muffin.” I said walking towards them.

“That he is. Lilly is gonna fall hard.” Ashe added.

I walked up by Tony.

“Look at you vein a gentlemen.” I laughed.

He looked at me and smiled. “I’m trying to get Lilly to like me. I think it’s working.”

“Trust me. You don’t need to try. Just be you. She already likes you.”

He looked at me shocked before a wide grin broke out on his face. “You think?”

“Dude. I know.”

“Thanks Avery.”

“No problem Tony.”

We have been her for about another 10 minutes before a shiny brand new Chevy Malibu pulled up.

Ashe and I stopped swinging and just stared at the car.

Why felt like hours, a talk man came out. He had on a really expensive suit and I think he had a Rolex watch.

“Holy shit. Someone has money.” Ashe whispered.

I nodded unable to speak.

He locked his car and walked towards us.

Carlos must have sensed him, because he got up from the bench and stood in front of us with his arms crossed.

Tony did the same to Lilly and Katie moved closer to Lilly.

As the man got closer, I gasped.

I don’t believe it…

It’s the same man I bumped into at the grocery store.

The one with the same black hair as me and the same blue eyes as me. To put in simpler terms, he looked just like me but in guy form.

“Hello.” He said once he stopes in front of Carlos. His deep voice gave me this weird feeling.

“Hello.” Carlos said back.

The man looked around Carlos and locked eyes with me.

The intensity from his stare made me gasp.

Carlos stepped over a little to the right and blocked the man’s view of me.

“Excuse me.” The man said. His voice was deep and you could detect a little angry in it.

“You’re excused.” Carlos said smiling.

Ashe and I had to cough to hold in our laugh.

“Listen. I really need to speak with this young girl.”

Carlos made a face. “Dude. You look like you’re what, 40? She’s only 18. I think you are ring a creeper.”

This time Ashe and I busted out laughing.

“Oh I love your dad.” I said smiling to Ashe.

“That’s where I get it from.” Ashe smiled proudly.

‘Jake?’ I asked through our mind link.


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