The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 37: We need to act


“Guys! Everyone come here!” I shouted as Ashe and I came running through the front door.

“There you girls are!” My mom came rushing over to me to give me a hug.

“Where the hell have you been?!” Jake came over clearly very upset.

I held up a finger so Ashe and I could catch our breaths. Wow, running is such a workout. I don’t get how track people or cross country people can do this. Holy cow!

“Well.” I said breathing hard from the running and fear. “Ashe and I went to go eat, then our food looked funny, then these three guys were chasing us, then we got in a car chase. Well they were chasing us and-“

“You were in a car chase?” Jake asked cutting me off.

I nodded. “Ya. It was really fun. Well minus the almost getting caught part and almost getting poisoned.”

“What do you mean your food was poisoned?” John asked walking up to us with Stacy.

I nudged Ashe and she nodded while taking the food out of her purse.

“When we were eating, Avery found that her shrimp has bright red lines going in them, and shrimp don’t have that. I also found out that my steak is beat red in the middle and I know I ordered well done. So it couldn’t have been cooked rare because it took a long time for them to bring our meals out.” Ashe said handing John our food.

Right as John touched the middle of the steak, he gasped and dropped it.

“What?” Stacy asked worried.

“That’s wolfsbane.” John said horrified.

“How did you pick it up?” David asked checking Ashe’s hand for any signs of burns.

“I used my fork.” She said.

“Wait. What’s wolfsbane?” I asked confused.

“It’s a poison. It can kill and harm a werewolf just like silver can.” Jake said pulling me to his chest. “I’m glad you are okay.”

I smiled and dug my face into the crook of his neck.

“Wait. So if wolfsbane was in my steak, what is Avery’s shrimp?” Ashe asked while being crushed in a hug by David.

John grabbed the shrimp and looked at it.

“Don’t touch it!” Stacy screamed when John touched some of the red.

John smiled and gave Stacy a kiss on the forehead.

“It’s not going to hurt me. I don’t think this is wolfsbane.” John said inspecting it.

“Then what is it dad?” Jake asked hugging me tighter.

“I’m not quite sure son. We will have to have our doc look at it.” He paused looking at Jake. “All I know is that it doesn’t hurt us when we touch it.”

“What about me?” I asked.

John went to go open his mouth, but he was cut off with a deep growl.

“We aren’t trying it.” Jake growled.

“But-” I started.

“He’s right Avery.” John said shaking his head. “None of us know what it is. We can’t take any chances. Especially with the Luna.”

“I don’t care. Give me it.” I said breaking free of Jake’s hold and snatching it out of John’s hand.

“Avery. Don’t.” Jake said.

“Too late.” I said as I opened the shrimp up and put my finger on the bright red line.

Once my finger made contact, a siring pain when up my arm.

I let out a growl and I could feel my eyes shift.

I dropped the shrimp and looked at my finger, only to find my skin was boiling.

I quickly ran to the kitchen and dunked my hand under the facet and turned on the cold water.

“Avery!” My mom yelled running into the kitchen.

I wrapped my finger in a wet napkin and turned to see everyone standing there.

My mom gasped ran over to me.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Your eyes. They are still glowing that amber color.” She said.

“She’s right.” Scott said walking next to me.

I felt a little light headed as I swayed back and forth.

“She’s needs to sit down.” Jake said scared.

After a few minutes, I felt a little better.

“Okay. I’m good.” I said standing up.

“Your eyes are back to normal.” My mom said.

“’What is that?” Liam asked.

“Strychnine.” We heard a voice.

We turned around to see the pack doctor.

“What?” John and Stacy asked.

The doctor came over to me and looked me over to see if anything else was wrong.

“Strychnine.” She said. “It’s a type of poison used to kill foxes.”

My mom gasped and Jake growled.

I don’t think he wanted to hear that…

“How?” Jake asked trying to control himself.

“It blocks the enzymes from producing energy. And without energy, they can’t do anything. There is also Fox-off.”

“Fox-off?” I asked.

“Fox-off is a type of pre-poison. It has a small amount of sodium fluroacetate in it. That too attacks the enzymes and that can cause death.”

“This is getting out of hand.” John said.

“Ya think?” My mom yelled at him.

“Honey. Calm down.” Scott said trying to sooth her.

“Calm down? You want me to calm down?!” She yelled standing up.

“Uh oh.” Lilly said hiding behind Tony.

Katie must have gotten the hint because she hide behind Lilly.

“I’m not going to calm down. There is no f@cking way I’m going to calm down. Some crazy psycho little bitch is trying to kill my daughter and Ashe. Calming down is not an option here! So I suggest let’s think of a plan so I can blow her little fake barbie head off her body!” My mom yelled storming out of the kitchen.

There was a long pause before anyone spoke.

So I decided to break the silence.

“I thought I told you to never tell a women to calm down.” I said to Scott.

“I forgot.” He said with a sheepish smile on his face.

“Way to go.” Lilly said.

“Sorry.” Scott apologized.

“Well what are you waiting for?” Lilly said putting her hands on her hips.


“Go buy her chocolate. Calming a Women Down 101 dude. When women are upset, you buy them chocolate.”

Scott groaned and grabbed Carlos to go with him.

“Is it just me, or do those guys seem like they could be brothers?” I asked looking at them walking out the door.

“No.” Ashe said sitting down. “I could see it.”

“Okay good. Glad to know I’m not going crazy.” I said laughing.

The doctor laughed and stuck her hand out to me.

“My name is Doctor Cindy. I’m the pack doctor here.” She said.

I shook my hand with hers. “Nice to meet you. I’m Avery..uh the Luna here.” I said.

She laughed. Once she was done, she turned to Jake. “I’m going to go run these pieces of food in the lab. I should have the results by tomorrow morning alpha.”

Jake nodded and put me on his lap. “Thank you.”

She bowed in respect and left.

“Well I’m going to go see how your mom is doing Avery.” Stacy said.

I nodded.

This has been one crazy day…

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