The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 38: What is she up too


“Where is she?” John pacing around the room.

“Same place she was 20 seconds ago. Going over the results of the poison.” I said rubbing my forehead.

Everyone is so on edge with this. It’s weird. I’ve never seen anyone like this. Jake looks like he is about to explode, Liam and David are freaking out, Ashe is freaking out with them, Lilly and Katie have no idea what’s going on because no one wants to tell them that someone is trying to kill me and Ashe, my mom is having a heart attack and Scott is trying everything to calm her down, and John and Stacy are having panic attacks. Well mostly John.

“She said it wouldn’t take long.” John complained for the billionth time this minute.

“I’m sure everything is going to be okay honey.” Stacy cooed putting a hand on his arm.

“I hope so.”

“Everyone.” We heard a voice say.

We all turned around to see Cindy walking out of the lab.

“What did you find out?” John asked walking up to her.

Cindy gave us a sad smile. “It’s definitely strychnine.”

Jake’s face fell. “Really? So they really did try to kill Avery?”

Cindy nodded. “I’m afraid so. And I’m sorry it took so long.”

“Ya. How come it did?” John asked.

“Be nice.” Stacy scolded.

John held his hands up. “I’m not trying to be mean. I was just wondering.”

Cindy waved her hand. “It’s alright. The reason it took so long was because I found something else.”

“What?” I asked.

“You’re not going to like it Luna.” She paused and should us some papers. “The strychnine and Fox-off have the same effects as wolfsbane and silver. Except with foxes, not wolves.”

“What do you mean?” My mom asked.

“Oh that’s right. I forgot your human.” Cindy laughed while my mom smiled. “Wolfsbane and silver are a complete nightmare to werewolves. They cause us extreme pain and make us really weak. That’s why we use silver handcuffs for rogues and make our cells out of silver. It makes it so we can’t shift.”

“Oh gosh. That sounds awful.” My mom said.

“You have no idea.” Scott muttered.

I felt bad for him. I forgot he was a rogue.

“So what you’re saying, is that the same thing can happen to Avery?” Jake asked unconsciously pulling me closer to him.

Cindy nodded. “Yes, but both of these poisons are in liquid form. So I don’t think they could use them in solid form because there is no way to get them into solid form. But both of these poisons are like wolfsbane and silver. They can make it so she can’t shift and she will get very weak.”

“I have a question.” Liam spoke up with his thinking face on.


“Yesterday when Avery touched the red line in the shrimp, what was that? And why did it make her eyes change to her fox’s?”

“Ahh.” Cindy smiled. “That would be the strychnine. And the reason the Luna’s eye shifted, was because her fox was fighting off the poison on her skin. Her fox is a strong one. So that would be expected.”

“Well it has to be strong. It’s the only fox spirit in the world.” David said.

“That it is.” Cindy said nodding.

“We need to stop them. It’s getting to out of hand.” Stacy said.

“Ya. Come on. Let’s go think of a plan. Liam, David, and I are going to go around and see if we can find some signs.” Jake said as he turned towards Ashe and I. “I want you to stay in the house until we find and kill Sadie and the rest of them.”

“What?” I asked in disbelief.

“He’s right.” David said. “Ashe you too.”

“Oh hell no. Ya, that’s not going to happen.” Ashe said crossing her arms.

“Well David and I will make sure it will.” Jake challenged.

“And how are you going to do that?” I smirked.

There was no way he could keep watch over Ashe and I while the guys were on patrol. So we win.

“Easy. Telling all the guards.” Jake smirked back, but this time in victory.

“You did not just go there.” I said pointing at him.

“Oh yes I did.” He smiled. “All the guys need to go out and find some clues. Momma C and mother, please make sure they don’t leave the house. Cindy, please go and do some more research on these poisons they are using against Avery.”

“Yes Alpha.” Cindy said before she bowed and walked back in the lab shutting the door.

“Let’s go son.” John said before all the guys left.

“Can you believe him?!” Ashe yelled once they shut the door.

“I don’t need a damn babysitter. No offense mom.” I said quickly.

“Non taken dear.” My mom smiled.

“Well, your mother, Lilly, Katie, Tony, and I are going to go do some shopping.” Stacy said slowly.

Ashe and I stood there confused. Aren’t they suppose to watching us?

“I thought…” I said trailing off.

“Well I need to get some things at the store. So I guess we will have to trust you guys for a couple of hours.” Stacy winked.

Ashe and I looked at each other for a moment before we finally got it.

“Ohhh.” Ashe and I said smiling.

“Now, don’t you girls dare leave this house.” Stacy said trying to be stern.

“Yes ma’am.” Ashe saluted her.

“Good.” She said before they all walked out the door.

Ashe and I ran over to the window and waited until they got in the car and left.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love that woman?” I said as their car left the driveway.

Ashe laughed. “Same.”

“Let’s go break out.” I smiled.

“We look amazing.” Ashe said.

I nodded in agreement as I looked over us.

We were dressed in camo, head to toe. Along with black bandannas, black face paint, and black camo boots.

“Let’s do this.” I said grabbing my water gun.

We both walked down the stairs to the second floor and looked out the window.

The men were true to their words. They had guards at every window and door. There were three men at the doors, and two men at the windows.

“Got the water balloons?” I asked as we silently opened the windows.

“You bet.” Ashe whispered.

“Drop on three.” I said grabbing one. “1.”

“2.” Ashe smiled grabbing hers.

“3.” We both said.

We dropped our water balloons and watched as mine hit the guy on the left, and Ashe’s hit the guy on the right.

“Hey!” The guy on the left yelled.

“What the?” The guy on the right said as he looked up.

Ashe and I both jumped back and started laughing.

“Girls!” They yelled.

That made Ashe and I laugh even louder.

“Yes?” I asked walking back to the window.

I looked down and about three other guys joined them to see what was going on.

“What was that for?” He asked laughing.

“We were bored. We want to leave.” Ashe said.

“Well ya can’t.” He said.

“Says who?” I asked leaning on the window seal.

“The alpha.” He said crossing his arms.

I looked over at Ashe, and I nodded.

We grabbed our water guns and squirted the guys.

They all growled and jumped back.

“What the hell. That water is freezing.” One of them yelled.

“You can’t keep us in here forever!” I yelled shaking my fist laughing.

“Says who?” He asked firing my same words back at me with a smile.

“No one is watching us.” Ashe said.

I think I know where she is going with us.

“Ya. We are.” He said pointing to everyone as they nodded.

“Really?” Ashe asked.

“Because you guys are just guarding the window. No one is actually in here watching us to make sure we are behaving.” I said putting my hands on my hips.

I think a light bulb went on in the guys head.

“Oh shit.” He growled.

“What are you two doing up there?” One asked us suspiciously.

I looked over at Ashe and winked at her. “Nothing.”

“Let’s go up there and check it out.”

“Ashe hide it!” I yelled quickly.

“Let’s go!” He yelled and all of them ran over to where I assume the front door is.

“Come on.” I said throwing as the backbag with the extra clothes in them.

We hopped on the windowsill and jumped.

Right as were about to hit the ground, we both shifted and dashed off to the forest.

‘That was fun.’ I linked Ashe.

‘Ya.’ She smiled jumping up and down.

She quickly stopped jumping and sniffed around the air.

‘What?’ I asked sniffing along with her.

‘Do you smell that?’ She asked.

I nodded. ‘Ya actually. I do.’

‘Look.’ She said pointing with her head.

We hid behind a bush and saw doctor Cindy walking into the forest.

‘What is she up too?’ I asked looking at Ashe.

‘I don’t know. Let’s follow her.’ Ashe said.

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