The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 3: A walk that changed everything


“Jake!” David screamed running into my office. I jumped at the sudden surprise and looked up to David sweating and panting out of breathe.

“David what happened to you? Was it a rogue?” I asked jumping out of my seat and growling. I don’t like it when a rogue messes with any of my pack members.

“No. There’s a girl.” He said.

“A girl? Did she scare you?” I teased. He glared at and shook his head.

“No. She….I don’t know how to put it.”

“Well what happened?”

“I met her at the library and she smelled like normal human. But Liam and I just saw her again and her smell is stronger.”

“Like really strong.” Liam agreed. Liam is my Third in command while David is my beta.

“Okay? Well shall we go check it?”

“Sure. She and her little sister are heading to the park.”

“Okay. Let’s go then.”

I wonder what the big deal is about this girl?

‘I’m excited.’ Kaydon my wolf said.

‘Why?’ I asked him.

‘I dunno know. I just am I guess.’

‘You are so weird.’

‘Ya. It’s because I’m stuck with you.’

‘Asshole.’ I muttered to him while he laughed.

We made it to the park and me, David, and Liam are walking on the sidewalk looking around for this mystery girl. The park is empty probably because it’s close to 5 at night.

“Where is she?” Liam asked.

“How should I know?” David shot back.

Oh wow. My beta and my Third can’t even find 2 girls.

I was snapped out of my thinking when I smelt the most intoxicating smell ever. It smelled like….like strawberries and mint.

I stopped walking ignoring the curious looks from David and Liam and tried to focus on the smell.

“What time do you work?” A small voice asked.

“I think at 7.” An angelic voice answered. I shivered at her voice and the guys looked at me like I was crazy. My knees felt like they were about to give out just by her voice.

“Yo Jake. You okay there dude?” David asked.

“Do you guys smell that? And did her you hear that beautiful voice?” I asked while a wide smile will looking around.

“Okay. So Jake officially lost it.”

I stopped looking when I spotted a gorgeous girl. She has long raven black hair, she was short and petite, she had nice curves, but you could see muscle. She was absolutely stunning.

She stopped walking and turned around and we met eyes. I saw bright ocean blue eyes staring back at me.

‘MATE!’ Kaydon yelled at me.

“Oh that’s her!” David whispered/yelled.

“That’s my mate.” I smiled still not taking my eyes off of her. I saw her move her little sister behind her in a protective way.

“Sweet. We have a Luna!” David highfived Liam.

“Let’s go get her.” I said as I made my way over to her.


“What time do you work?” Lilly asked.

“I think 7.” I told her.

Lilly nodded. “Let’s go to the swings!” She screamed as she ran towards them.

I laughed at her childish behavior. “Okay okay. Calm down.” I said running after her.

I felt someone’s eyes on me and I grabbed Lilly’s hand as I turned around. I met bright electric blue eyes and I gasped as I looked over and saw David and that Liam guy.

I saw them talking and that guy with the sandy blonde hair and electric blue eyes keeps staring at me but he is still talking to them.

“Isn’t that David and Liam?” Lilly asked.

“Ya it is.” I said. I grabbed her hand and pulled her behind me as I took a protective stance.

‘Red. I might need your help.’ I said to her.

‘It’s those guys again.’ She whispered. ‘But something about the blonde haired boy is confusing to me.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I don’t really know. I feel a weird connection to him.’

‘How-’ I was cut off when I felt Lilly tug my hand.

I looked down at her and she looked scared. I let out a low growl and pulled he closer to me. “They are walking this way.” She whispered.

I looked up and saw she was right. All three of them were walking over to us and I took a step back with Lilly right behind me.

“Hi Avery.” David said with a huge smile.

“Hi?” I said unsure. Lilly pushed herself into the back of my legs more and I felt her shaking. My jaw clenched and I think the guys noticed.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I rushed out.

He raised his eyebrow at me. “Hi Lilly.” Lilly didn’t answer him but let out a small whimper and I held onto her hand. The guys frowned. “Are you okay?”

“She’s fine.” I snapped. I don’t like it when Lilly is scared, and whatever makes her scared, I don’t like. So if these guys made her scared, I don’t like them.

“I heard you work at the library in town.” Blondie asked. I gave him a stiff nod. “Okay? Uh my name is Jake.”

“Cool.” I said. He frowned at me and his eyes slightly glazed over. Well all three of theirs did that.

That’s not weird at all….

“Come on.” I whispered to Lilly. I felt her nod and we both turned around a started to do a quick walk.

“Hey! Don’t move!” I think Jake yelled.

“Run Lilly!” We both set off into a dead sprint. But since I have a faster pace thanks to my fox, I picked Lilly up and ran for my truck. Why did I have to park so far away? I groaned and doubled my pace.

“Why is she running from us?” I heard Jake whispered.

Thankyou fox hearing.

“How should I know. But we have to get her before she makes it to her truck.” David answered.


I could see my truck, but something hit my back causing me to fall. “Ahh!” I yelled and I felt my body being turned around in the air.

I looked down and saw Jake. I gasped and jumped up with Lilly still in my arms. But when I took a step, I ran into something.

“David.” Lilly whispered.

I set Lilly down and pushed her behind me while I glared at David. Liam went beside him and so did Jake. I then noticed that they were all blocking my way to the truck.

“Move.” I gritted out.

Jake moved to the middle of then and crossed him arms. “No.”

“I. Said. Move.” I said an octave higher.

“And. I. Said. No.” He shot back at me.

“Fine.” I smiled and punched him in the gut.

“F@ck!” He cried out as he hunched over in pain.

“Language mister!” Lilly yelled before she slapped him across the face. Like seriously. She literally slapped him. I gasped and smiled at her.

“You are my little sister. I’m so proud of you.” I highfived her.

She did a little bow but she gasped. I don’t have time to ask because I had arms went around my waist and picked me up. “Put Avery down!” Lilly shouted.

“No.” Jake pushed out through a clenched teeth. I looked at him and he had a tiny little hand print on his face. Oh this is gold.

“Put her down now!” Lilly demanded.

“No.” Jake said again.

She went to go run at him, but David picked her up before she got a chance. She screamed at the top of her lungs and tears were streaming down her face.

“Lilly.” I whispered. No one makes my little sister cry. “You. Son. Of. A. Bitch!” I yelled at David.

I slammed the back of my head into Jake’s forehead. He let go instantly and I ran up to David. I kicked him in his side and he dropped Lilly. I gently pushed her away and grabbed his head and hit it against my knee.

He fell down next to Jake and now they were both holding their heads. “How is she so strong?” Jake whispered while I smirked. I had to use my fox hearing just to hear it.

“I don’t know. But she shouldn’t be that strong compared to us.” David whispered back. My smirk dropped and I replaced it with a glare.

I turned towards Liam and his eyes were wide open along with his mouth. “How did you? But..” He stuttered.

“Can we leave now before you end up like them.” I pointed to Jake and David now slowly standing up.

“No.” He said getting into a fighting stance.

“Fine. Be that way.” I said before getting into my own fighting stance.

‘Let’s have a little fun.’ I told Red.

‘Switch eyes?’ She asked smiling.


‘Let’s kick his sorry ass for manhandling us and Lilly.’ Over the past days of having Red go inside of me, she has been protective of Lilly just like I have. It’s pretty cool and I like it.

‘I knew there was a reason I liked you.’

‘Aw. I like you too.’

I focused back on Liam and shifted my eyes to the glowing amber color.

He gasped and froze in surprise. “How did you do that?” He asked.

I shrugged. I kicked him in his manhood and he groaned falling on the ground.

“Avery!” Lilly screamed. I turned around quickly to see David run towards her.

I let out a low growl and ran towards him. I used my shoulder and checked him and fell on top of him.

“Don’t touch her.” I whispered fiercely as I stood up.

“Behind you!” I heard Lilly. I ducked down just in time to see Jake fly over my head and land on David.

“Stupid boys.” I tsked laughing.

“Don’t touch me!” I turned around to see Liam reach Lilly.

“What part of don’t touch her, do you stupid assholes not understand?!” I screamed.

I ran up to him and tackled him on the ground, resulting in me straddling his lap. I let out a low protective growl. Liam’s eyes went wide again and I punched him in the face.

“Don’t. F@cking. Touch. Her.” I said between every punch.

“Get off of him.” David yelled as he tackled me to the ground.

I struggled against his hold, but he pinned my arms behind me. Liam stood up off the ground and I smirked.

“Love the makeup.” I told him towards his bruises.

He glared at me. If looks could kill, I would probably be dead. “I don’t like you.”

“The feelings mutual.”

“Hey!” Jake screamed. “If you come with us. You can have Lilly back.” My eyes shot to him and saw he was holding Lilly in his arms and a hand over her mouth. She was crying like crazy.

“You put her down!” I screamed.

“Come with us and I will.” Jake said with a glare.


“No!” Lilly flinched at his voice.

“Please.” I whispered pleading. Tears were running down my face and I wasn’t doing anything to stop them.

Jake looked at me and quickly shut his eyes as if it pained him to see me cry. “Come with us. And I promise I will.” His own voice was a whisper.


“I promise.” He opened his eyes and they held sadness and….regret?

I nodded. “Okay.” My voice weak and defeated.

“Okay.” He repeated. He let Lilly go and David let me go. Once Lilly’s feet hit the ground she ran towards my awaiting arms.

I wrapped my arms tight around her and dropped to my knees. “Lilly.” I soothed as I rubbed her back.

“What are they gonna do to us?” She asked obviously scared.

“I don’t know. Just stay by my side until we can escape.”

She nodded. “Ready to go?” Jake asked looking at us.

I held onto Lilly tighter. “Ya.” I snapped.

Jake tensed before nodding. “Okay. This way.”

“Wait.” I told him remembering my mom’s truck.


“My truck. Can one of you guys drive it to wherever we’re going?”

“Why? It’s so old and rundown.” Liam complained.

I stiffened and a loud growl was threatening to come out. I started shaking wanting to shift and tear his throat out. “Please just take it.” Lilly asked kindly noticing me shaking.

Liam looked up at my shaking form and fear went through his eyes before he masked it and gave us a small nod.

I grabbed the keys from my pocket and threw them at him. He grunted as they connected with his forehead.

“Whoops?” I said smiling at him. I picked up Lilly and walked towards Jake. “I’m ready.” I gritted out holding onto Lilly for dear life.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“Don’t even say that.”


“No. You blackmailed me using Lilly. My little sister. You can’t even say sorry.” I shouted at him.

“Okay.” He whispered looking down ashamed. “This way.”

Ya. He should be freaking ashamed.

I followed him and gawked at his huge truck. It was a nice black F350. “Woah.”

“Pretty huh?” Jake asked smiling at me. I flipped him off and got in the back seat. I heard him sigh as he and David got in the front seat.

I didn’t bother with my seat belt as I laid horizontal across the seats with Lilly cuddled into my chest.

I felt my eyes start to flutter close and the last thing I saw was Jake looking in the rear view mirror and he had a warm smile on his face.

I jolted awake feeling something was wrong. I panicked when I couldn’t find Lilly, but I felt movement by my right side. I snapped my eyes towards the movement and saw Lilly sleeping. I let out a breathe I didn’t realize I was holding.

I looked around the room and noticed they were blue walls with black carpet. I was about to screamed when I slammed my hand over my mouth and let out a small scream instead.

The three guys, the fighting, Jake threatening Lilly, riding in Jake’s truck.

Shit. It’s all real.

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