The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 40: Jealous Lilly


“Hey sleepy head.” Ashe laughed as I came waltzing down the stairs.

I groaned as I looked at the clock. “It’s 9 in the morning. Who the hell gets up this early?”

“A lot of people.” Scott laughed as he stood up.

Carlos came over and gave Ashe a kiss on her forhead. “See ya later baby girl. Scott, John, and I have to do our shift on patrol.”

“Okay. Love you dad.” Ashe said waving.

“Love you too.” Carlos smiled.

“Bye beautiful.” Scott said giving my mom a kiss.

“Bye handsome.” She giggled.

“Ew. Barf City.” I said making gagging noises.

My mom glared at me and I just made kissy faces at her.

“My daughter is so childish.” She laughed shaking her head.

“What’s with all the noise?” Tony asked rubbing his eyes as he walked down the stairs.

“Nothing. The guys just left to go to patrol.” Ashe said taking a bite of her waffles.

“When can I do patrol?” Tony asked.

Aww, how cute.

“When you get older Tony.” Stacy said.

“But Mrs.-” Tony started.

“I told you to call me Stacy. Does no one listen to me around here?”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Haha. Very cute.” Stacy playfully glared at me.

I laughed and took a bite of Ashe’s waffles.

“But I want to go on patrol now, Stacy.” Tony said looking determined.

“You will, but first you have to shift.” Stacy said sitting down at the island.

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know. But my dad said that your dad shifted when he was sixteen. The alphas, betas, and thirds always shift earlier because they are higher up.” Ashe said looking at Tony.

“So I get to shift when I turned 16?” He asked excited.

Ashe laughed and shook her head. “I don’t know for sure yet, Tony. I said your dad. But that doesn’t mean you will.”

“Aw man.” Tony whined.

“But look on the bright side.” I said grabbing some frozen waffles. “When you shift, you’ll be able to find your mate.”

Tony’s face perked up when he heard that. “Really?”

I nodded. “Ya. Are you excited?”

“Oh ya. I can’t wait to find the girl of my dreams. The one I get to call mine, and I won’t have to worry about anyone stealing her away from me.” He said with a very big smile.

I looked over and saw Ashe smirk. “Do you think it will be Lilly?”

We all laughed when Tony’s face became bright red. “Umm, I-I don’t know.”

“Do you want your mate to be Lilly?”

“Yes.” Tony answered in a very small voice.

“Aww.” I said pinching his cheeks.

“Shut up.” He laughed. “I really do like Lilly. And this way, if she is my mate.” He said and looked down at his hands. “I won’t have to worry about Liam.”

“Tony.” I said walking over to him after I put my waffles in the toaster. “Liam won’t try to steal Lilly away from you.”

“How do you know?” He asked me.

I gave him a smile. “Lilly likes you too much, and Liam doesn’t stand a chance. He’s got his own mate out there some where.”

Tony gave me a grateful smile. “Good. And I hope Liam finds his mate soon.” He growled.

“He will. Don’t worry little killer.” I laughed and got up to get my waffles.

“If she is my mate, do you think she will accept me?” I heard Tony’s small voice behind me.

“Are you kidding me?” My mom laughed. “Tony, she’s got the hots for you. She hasn’t stopped talking about you.”

“Really?” Tony beamed.

My mom nodded. “She really likes you.”

“Who likes Tony?” Lilly asked as she came walking down the stairs with Katie.

“Uh..” My mom trailed off not knowing what to say.

“Probably some girl from the pack. A group of girls were drooling over him when he first got here.” Katie said not very happy.

Even she wants Tony and Lilly to get together. She has been bugging me and Ashe saying that we need to get them together already. She’s such a little spit fire.

“Excuse me?” Lilly asked. She is pretty pissed off now.

“Hey Lilly.” Tony smiled pulling her into a hug.

She slightly pushed him away and walked to the fridge.

Oh shit.

Tony looked back at me and I shrugged.

“Lilly?” Tony asked.


“Lilly?” Tony tried again.


“Lilly?” Tony asked again.

I looked over at him, and he looked heartbroken.

“Lilly.” I scowled walking over to her while Tony sat down in a chair.

“What?” She hissed at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in a whisper so no one would hear us. “Why are you ignoring him.”

“Who’s this girl that likes him?” She asked me getting upset.

I stopped and looked at her. Is that why she is so upset?

“Lilly. Is this why you are ignoring him?”

She looked down at her hands. “I just want to know who likes him.”

I pulled her into a hug. “Lilly.” I laughed as I pulled back to look at her. “No girl likes him. Well not that I know of. We were talking about you.”

“Wait what?” She asked confused.

I nodded. “Tony was asking if you really liked him. And we were saying yes, how you have the “hots” for him. As mom put it.” I laughed as I put air quotes around hots.

“So no other girl likes him?” She asked carefully.

I smiled and shook my head. “No.”

She did a small squeal and ran over to Tony.

She grabbed his hand. “Come on. Let’s go outside and play.”

Tony smiled and quickly nodded.

I laughed as I stood back up. “Kids.” I said shaking my head.

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