The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 41: The map


“I still wonder why Cindy went into the forest.” Ashe said pacing around my room.

I shrugged. “I would’ve stayed, but I smelt rogues. I didn’t want to make Jake even more mad than he already was.” I said.

Ashe nodded. “Ya. David wasn’t very happy either. But oh well. They are big boys.”

I laughed. “They can handle it.”

Ashe winked and nodded. “I wonder what she was doing though. Was she going to talk to them?”

I shrugged again. “I don’t really know.”

“I wonder if she was selling them information. Is there a werewolf law against treason?”

I gave Ashe a strange look. “Ashe. We aren’t in government now.”

She laughed and waved me off. “But seriously. What if she was giving them information. Like Sadie.”

“I don’t know. But Cindy is the pack doctor here. She has been for quite awhile. I don’t get why she would go against her own pack.”

Ashe out on her thinking face. And her thinking face is looking her confused while she rubs her chin. Don’t ask me why she does that, because I don’t even know why myself.

“What if….” Ashe said trailing off going into a deep thought.

“Don’t think to hard. You’re itty bitty tiny brain might explode.” I teased.

She flipped me off and I laughed.

“What I was going to say.” She paused. “What if Cindy is the one that let the rogues know about the poison?”

My ears perked up at that one.

“What do you mean?” I asked standing up getting nervous.

“Think about it Avery.” Ashe said and walked to the window. “Since when do rogues know so much about how to weaken and possibly kill the only known fox spirit?”

“But that means.” I said not liking where this is going.

“Avery. I think she told them how to harm you. No one knows how to weaken the only fox spirit in the world. The rogues couldn’t have possibly done it by themselves.”

“But why would she go against her own pack?” I asked confused. None of this made sense.

“Who knows. Maybe it has something to do with her doctor status.” Ashe said walking to the door.

“Where are you going?” I asked following her.

“To her lab. I want to find some stuff out.”

“Ashe!” I yelled running after her.

“Don’t worry. She is out at a patients house.” She said.

We tip toed through the living room because Jake, David, and Liam were all passed out.

Aww, they look so cute.

Once we got to her office or lab or whatever you want to call it, we started to look around.

“I’ll look through her laptop.” Ashe said walking to her desk.

“Okay. I’ll look through her papers here.” I said pointing at a stack of papers she had on a desk.

“No.” I mumbled as I looked through them. “Nope. Nah. Nada. Nein. No. Ugh. That’s not what I want. N-ooh what’s this?” I asked myself as I lifted up a folded piece of paper.

“What did you find?” Ashe asked as she looked up from the laptop.

“Don’t know. Didn’t open it yet.” I said as I started to open it.

My eyes went huge when I opened it.

“What?” Ashe asked as she came next to me.

“It’s a map of our territory.” I said out loud.

“What are all those red x’s?” Ashe asked me.

“Those are where all of the rogue attacks have been.” I said looking at her.

“Oh shit.” Ashe said looking at me.

“What have you girls been up too?” Jake asked me when we got back into the living room with the map stuffed in my pocket.

“Uhh nothing.” I said smiling.

Jake gave me a weird look but didn’t say anything.

“John is coming and we are going to talk with doctor Cindy about what we can do.” Liam said.

“Oh great.” Ashe mumbled.

“What’s wrong babe?” David asked concerned.

“Nothing.” Ashe huffed.

“Ashey.” David cooed kissing her cheek.

“How old is she?”

“Cindy?” David asked while Ashe nodded. “Uhh she’s 21 I think.”

“Fabulous.” Ashe growled.

“What’s wrong?” He asked again.

I busted out laughing knowing what she was talking about.

Poor David was going to get an ear full of Ashe’s ranting.

“No going near her anymore unless I’m with you.” Ashe said glaring at a confused David.

“What? Why?” He asked confused.

“Because I’m sick and tired of that little werewolf who’re checking you out. I’m put up with it long enough and now I can’t ignore it anymore. So anytime she is around, I need to be with you.” Ashe growled out.

Oh I love her rants.

David stared at Ashe in disbelief before he busted out laughing. “Oh Ashe.” He smiled and kissed her temple.

“I’m being serious David.” Ashe said glaring at him.

David nodded and pulled Ashe on his lap. “I promise I will only go by her when you’re around.”

“Good.” Ashe nodded in agreement.

“Oh and by the way.” David whispered and kissed her ear. He smirked when Ashe shivered. “Jealousy is hot on you.”

I rolled my eyes. Horny male wolves..

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