The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 43: Red comes out


I was running with Ashe and a bunch of warriors, oh and can’t forget John, to the north border where patrol is currently fighting against five spies. And from what I’m hearing, the spies are highly trained.

Liam and a couple of other patrols were almost here, but got stopped because a spy tried to escape.

Once we got there, I saw wolves everywhere.

“What the hell is she doing here?!” I heard Jake yell as he grabbed me and pulled me to him.

“I’m sorry alpha, Red came out. And she is really scary when she is angry.” The guard said while offering an apologetic smile.

“Good. I’m doing my job.” I smiled.

“And why is Ashe here?” David asked grabbing Ashe.

“They both are really scary when they are angry.” Another guard said.

“Let’s go kick so rogue spy ass!” I shouted as Ashe nodded in agreement.

“Oh no no no. That’s not going to happen.” Jake said while David nodded in agreement to him.

“Excuse me.” I said looking at Jake.

“We have never had spies before. I don’t know what they can do. And I don’t want to risk anything.” Jake said getting angry.

“That’s it.” I said getting angry.


“Listen here!” I growled as I took control. “I don’t care if you never have had spies. Avery and I are fighting and there is nothing you can do about it!” I growled in Jake’s face.

Jake looked shocked before his eyes turned.

“Red. You need to go back to the pack house!” Kaydon growled.

“Oh hell to the no.”

“Do not disobey me Red!”

“I can and I will! I’m tired of you always sending me back to the pack house for the tiniest thing. I’m tired of everyone thinking I can’t fight because I’m a f@cking girl. Well you know what?! I will fight these rogues. And no one will stop me! With that said, you can throw your little temper tantrum later. Because the day is the day, where the Luna fights back!” I growled and turned towards the fighting scene.

I stepped forward and everyone stopes fighting.

“Luna Red is in control.” A guard said as he kneeled down.

One after another, the warriors kneeled down and even David and Ashe did.

“Let’s end this.” I smirked.

A spy shifted and walked up a little before he stopped.

“Looks like we are in the presences of the famous fox spirit.” He taunted.

I growled. “Yes you guys are. And you should feel honored.”

He was taken back by my sarcasm but put on a smirk. “Oh gracious Luna.” He said with a teasing bow.

“Oh please. Hold the applause.” I said laughing.

“So is the Luna going to actually fight? Or is she going to crawl back to the pack house like usual.”

Okay. That pissed me off.

‘If I was in human form. I would strangle him!’ I heard Avery say.

“You see. As the Luna, I miss all the fights because my jackass of a mate orders everyone to take me to the pack house.” I said crossing my arms.

“Watch it.” Jake yelled.

I flipped him off and continued my speech. “With that being said. I can’t miss the opportunity of fighting rogue spies. We’ve never had that before, so this is all new. And I thought it would be fun to show a bunch of male werewolves what a female fox spirit can do.” I said with a laugh. “So what do ya say? Shall we finish this?”

“With pleasure.” The rogue said with a crooked smile.

I watched as a rogue stopped forward and shifted.

Oh my gosh.

“You know. Not all rogue spies at a males.” The girl smirked.

I gave her a grin. “Your wolf was so big. I’ve never seen a female werewolf so big before.”

She laughed. “I get that a lot. It’s fun to see the faces of everyone when they know that I’m a girl.”

“I bet. I would laugh too.”

“Oh and the funny thing is. I’m the leader.” She smirked and crossed her arms.

I raised an eyebrow at her. “That’s even cooler. Looks like I know who I’m going after.”

“Same here.” She said then she turned her body slightly but kept her eyes on me. “The Luna is mine. No one else touches her unless I say so.”

“You heard the leader.” I said to my warriors. “The leader is mine.”

“May the best female win.” She said before she shifted.

“May the best female win.” I confirmed before shifting also.


It’s good to have control back.

‘Ready Red?’ I asked as my warriors shifted.

I could see Jake looking at me out of the corner of my eye.

And. He. Looked. Pissed.

‘Oh. I’m ready.’ She said.

I let out a growl and jumped forward.

The rogue did the same thing and jumped.

That pretty much signaled everyone too attack.

I went down right before she made a move to bite me.

Doing this gave me the opportunity to move my head up, so it looked like I was head butting her stomach.

Ha! Take that!

She shook it off and jumped right back up.

Well poo…

She lunged for me and tackled me into the ground.

She went to go bite my neck, but I hooked my feet so I pushed up on her stomach.

When she flew over my head, I jumped up and tackled her.

But with her being bigger than I was, she got me off of her quicker.

I flew back and hit something.

I shook my head trying to get the pain to go away and I looked at what I hit.

When I saw the tree, I thought back to when Carlos grabbed the stick to smash my dad’s car.

‘I got an idea!’ I yelled to Red smiling.

‘Well make it quick because here she comes!’ Red warned me.

I looked up to see in fact, the girl running straight for me.

I quickly turned around and snapped off a stick when I jumped onto a branch.

I swung my head around and the branch smacked the girl right on the face.

I watched as she hit another tree and the giant impact caused her to shift back.

I looked around and saw the warriors watching us.

I realized that all the spies were gone.

The fight between the girl and I must have taken a longer time, because all the spies were captured.

I shifted back and Jake instantly came to my side.

“Are you alright?” Jake asked.

I nodded and pushed him away slightly so I could go check on the girl.

I know she is a rogue spy that tried to kill me. But I couldn’t just let them take her without seeing if she is okay.

I was about to go up to her, when Liam’s wolf shot into the clearing.

He shifted and ran to the girl.

“Mine!” He growled and picked her up.

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