The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 44: Meeting the new mate


“How is that possible?!” John asked outraged.

“John. Calm down.” Stacy said trying to sooth.

“Calm down? You want me too calm down?” John asked getting even more frustrated. “Liam’s mate is a rogue. And the leader of the rogues to be more specific!”

“What’s wrong with being a rogue?” Ashe asked getting upset.

“I agree with Ashe.” Scott said looking hurt.

John looked at both of them and sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s just. She is the leader.”

“Listen. I’m not gonna stand here and listen to you guys bad mouth my mate. I don’t care if she a rogue or the leader. She is still my mate. And that won’t make me love her any less!” Liam growled out before ripping the door open and running outside.

“We might need to fix the door.” I pointed out as the door came of the hinges and slammed against the floor.

Stacy sighed. “It must be really hard for that boy. Having a mate that hates him right now.”

I thought back to last night when Dr. Cindy had to give his mate a shot to make her fall asleep. She wouldn’t come with us willingly. She gave Liam one hell of a chase. And she messed up my fur…

‘Sounds like us.’ Red laughed.

I nodded. ‘It does.’

‘Maybe we should go talk to her.’ Red suggested.

‘Do you think it will help?’ I asked.

I looked around and noticed no one paying attention to me, so I decided to quietly slip to the stairs to get to the guest room where Liam’s mate is.

‘We can at least try. Liam is a mess. His own mate doesn’t want anything to do with him.’ Red said sadly.

I nodded again. But this time I was determined to get her to talk.

I stopped in front of the door for a moment before knocking.

I could hear her sharp intake of breath, so I knew she was awake.

I slowly opened the door and stepped inside before shutting it.

“Hi.” I said quietly.

The rogue girl gave me a blank stare, so I moved to sit in one of the chairs that were in the room.

“Umm. H-how are you feeling?” I asked kinda nervous.

If looks could kill, I would be six-feet under.

“Cut this shit. What do you want with me?” She asked, venom was dripping out onto the words.

“You’re kinda our Third’s mate. That’s why you are here.” I said. Shouldn’t she already know this?

“No.” She said shaking her head. “I refuse. I have stuff to do. So can you please unlock these?” She asked raising her hands.

I looked at her hands and my eyes went wide.

She had silver handcuffs on, but they put a large amount of cloth around her wrists so the silver wouldn’t touch her skin.

At least that was kinda thoughtful…I guess.

“Listen, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go.” I said hugging myself with my arms.

Whenever I look at her, I thought of me and how I was so hopeful someone would let me go.

“Why not?” She asked.

“You’re Liam’s mate.” I said looking her in the eye.

“So that’s his name?”

“Yes.” I said nodding.

“What’s your name?” She asked quietly.

“If I tell you mine.” I paused hoping I wouldn’t make her put her walls back up. “Will you tell me yours?”

“I’m Victoria.” She said with a small smile.

I gave her a big smile back. “I’m Avery.”

“So you’re the fox spirit she wants killed.”

I froze at that.

“Wait w-what?” I asked.

“Sorry. I can’t. I already said too much.”

“Oh. Uh it’s okay.” I didn’t really know what to say to her.

“Why are you hugging yourself so tightly?” Victoria asked.

You could almost detect a little concern mixed into her voice.

“Uhh. It’s just. I was in your position once. Just without the silver handcuffs because they don’t work on me.”

“Wait. You were kidnapped too?” She asked and I nodded. “By who?”

I pointed downstairs. “My mate.” I said with a small laugh.

“Jake kidnapped you?” She asked laughing.

“Yes he did.” I said laughing along with her.

“Can I ask how?” She asked still laughing.

I nodded thinking back. “He and his little goons, aka; David, Liam, and everyone else, captured me. The first time was at the park when I was with my little sister Lilly. Then I escaped and they got me outside of a library. Those were good memories. I’m pretty sure I kicked them all at least once where the sun don’t shine.”

Victoria busted out laughing. “Oh that’s gold!”

I busted out laughing with her. “It was. Even Lilly got into it. She slapped Jake across the face when he tried to grab me.”

“I don’t even know Lilly and I’m starting to love her already.”

“You should have seen it. She left a hand print on his face. And she also kicked Liam in the shin.”

“Damn. I miss all the good stuff.” Victoria said shaking her head.

“Well. If you stick around, you’ll be able to see it.” I said shrugging.

She stopped laughing and looked at me. “I don’t know.”

“Victoria.” I said walking over and sitting on the bed. I pulled the key out of my pants pocket and started undoing the lock on her handcuffs. “Just trust me. Liam is a sweet and caring guy. He’s really nice, funny, smart, clumsy, sometimes stupid. But.” I paused and put the key back in my pocket. “He’s worth it. Having a mate is wonderful. I was just like you. I was scared. I know how you feel. But can you at least give Liam a chance. You won’t be sorry.”

She held onto her wrists and took a deep breath. “Okay.”

“Okay?” I asked hopeful that she will say yes.

I watched as she took another deep breath. She must be really nervous.

“I’ll give Liam a chance.” Victoria said meeting my eyes.

“You will?”

“Yes.” She said giving me a nervous smile. “But I won’t warm up to him right away. He’s the guy. He has to make the first move.”

I nodded with a chuckle. “Of course.”

“Wait.” Victoria called after me as I opened the door.

I paused in the doorway and turned around. “Yes?”

“I thought you couldn’t uncuff me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Avery.” Victoria said sternly.

I laughed. “Okay so maybe I picked-pocketed John on the way to the stairs. Maybe I didn’t.” I said with a smile before shutting the door after I walked out of her room.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Jake growled at me.

I sighed before turning back around. “I wanted to fight.” I said calmly for the 5th time in a span of like 2 minutes.

This is how it kept going.

When I walked into my room, Jake stormed up the stairs and started yelling about how I could have gotten killed and how I was so stupid for doing that stunt.

“You could have gotten yourself-” He started.

“Killed? Ya, I know. You told me 15 times already.” I said staring at him.

I wanted to laugh at how his face was getting a brighter shade of red by the second. But I knew this was not the time to start laughing. He was one word away from shifting. I could tell.

“Then why the hell did you do it?! Do you how angry Kaydon and I were?” Jake yelled at me for the billionth time.

“Ya. You were shaking.” I said getting angry myself.

“Exactly! Maybe that was a sign that you should have listened!”

I finally snapped.

I let out a growl and punched through the wall.

“Who the hell do you think I am?!” I yelled at Jake after I shook my hand to get feeling back into it. He went to open his mouth but I held up a hand. “That was a rhetorical question Jake.” I sighed and sat down on the bed. “Listen, just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t fight. I’m sick and tired of being told to go inside the nearest house whenever the tiniest argument breaks out. Seriously, a guard told me that I should go inside some random house the other day because two pack members were yelling at each other. He told me I would be safer inside than outside. Do you know how stupid that is?!”

“Well it would be safer.” Jake said crossing his arms. “But ya I understand it was stupid.”

“Jake! I can handle myself perfectly fine! Gosh!” I said standing up from the bed. “Everyone is all like, ‘oh my gosh the Luna is so fragile’ or ‘the Luna needs to get away from the fights’ o-or ‘the Luna can’t fight, it’s too dangerous’. I can handle myself Jake. And everyone better start to know that!”

“Avery. It’s for your own good.” Jake said trying to calm down.

“What is? That everyone is treating me like I’m some sick little kid that needs to be watched 24/7?!” I asked raising my voice.

“Don’t raise your voice at me.” Jake said narrowing his eyes at me.

“Well too damn bad! Because here I am raising my voice at you!”

He took a step closer and his eyes shifted.

“Don’t test me.” Kaydon said, his voice deep.

“Oh hell no.” I said shaking my head. “You will not start this with me.”

“I am your alpha.” Kaydon growled.

I raised my eyebrow at him. “Oh really? You are using that card with me. Well guess what, ‘alpha’.” I said putting air quotes around the word alpha. “That doesn’t work with me. I’m not a werewolf if you haven’t noticed. So your alpha card won’t work on me.” I smirked.

Kaydon growled and with full speed, pinned me up against the wall.

I was a little scared that because his wolf was in full control, that he would hurt me. But I didn’t want to show it.

“Well guess what little fox. You are in my pack, so you will obey me as your alpha.” Kaydon said getting closer to my face.

Okay, that hurt…

I looked up at him shocked.

“You son of a bitch.” I growled before I felt my eyes shift.

I pushed him back and punched him in the jaw.

“You f@cking asshole!” I screamed. “How dare you say that! I am the Luna and you are the alpha of this pack. Our pack. Not your pack. So that means we are equal. So you dare ever say that again to me. Because if you want to be the big hotshot and not treat me like an equal. Fine. But I will be gone then.”

Kaydon jumped back up and grabbed my shoulders, pinning me against the wall again.

“You will not leave me!” He growled. His voice cracked a little at the end, but he tried to cover it up.

“Then start treating me like a damn equal. I’m tired of being put aside, because I’m a girl.” I yelled in his face.

“I have been treating you equally!”

I scoffed. “Oh really? That’s what you call treating me equally? Wow. You are so stupid.”

Kaydon looked shocked at what I just said. His face was priceless.

“Did you just call me-“

“Stupid?” I asked with a smirk. “Why yes, yes I did.”

His face again. Priceless!

“You will not treat me like this.” Kaydon warned.

“Well if you’re gonna treat me like a little kid, then deal with it.” I growled.

Kaydon growled and bit into my neck right where my mark was.

I groaned as he pulled out and licked it.

This is gonna be a wild night. I though to myself as Kaydon smashed his lips too mine.

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