The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 46: Traitors


“Victoria is really going to talk?” I asked Liam as he, Jake, and I are on our way to her room.

Liam nodded excitedly. “Yes. She came downstairs, said she was ready to talk, then went back up to her room.”

“That’s awesome.” Jake said.

Once we reached her room, John and Stacy, along with Scott, Carlos, Ashe, David, and some warriors wolves were waiting outside her door.

And John looked a little unhappy.

“What happened?” I asked. Did she escape?

“She won’t talk.” John growled glaring at the door.

“But she said she would.” Liam said worried.

I was about to open my voice, but another female voice beat me too it.

“I’m only talking if Avery comes in the room with you guys!” Victoria yelled.

“She’s here.” Jake said.

We heard something click and the door opened slightly.

“Where?” Victoria asked like she didn’t believe them.

“Right here.” I smiled and stepped in her line of sight.

Victoria looked at me and gave me a small smile and opened the door wider.

“See. I told you that you need patience.” Stacy said glaring at John before following me and Victoria in the room.

“I told you that you need patience.” John mimicked.

“Heard that.” Stacy said looking over her shoulder.

John immediately stopped and walked in the room while everyone was laughing.

“So. Uh how are you?” Liam asked sitting in a chair next to Victoria’s bed.

“Umm. I’m good. Thanks for asking.” Victoria said taking a seat on the bed.

“No problem.” Liam blushed.

“Gag me.” Jake said towards Liam’s blushing face.

I hit Jake right in the stomach. “Be nice.”

“Okay. No need to be violent.” Jake muttered rubbing his stomach.

“So Victoria.” I said as she looked at me. “What made you want to talk all of the sudden. Not that it’s a bad thing.” I quickly added while laughing.

“Well after you talked to me. I realized that I should probably try this out. My wolf, Ace, and I talked it through and-” Victoria started but John cut her off.

“You talked to her Avery?” John asked me.

I nodded and crossed my arms. “Yes I did.”

“She’s the leader of the rogues!” John yelled.

“Was. She was the leader of the rogues.”

“Still. You could have gotten hurt.”

“Like she would honestly do something to the Luna in a house full of werewolves that are on the Luna’s side. Let’s be real here.” I said as John stopped talking. “Please continue Victoria. And by the way. That’s a cool name for your wolf.”

“Thanks.” Victoria smiled as Liam nodded in agreement. “After Ace and I talked it through. We decided we wanted to try this. I men’s I’ve never had a mate before. But the way that Jake acts and looks towards you, it made me want to have one. Even though I might be really rusty at first, I want to try this. I know I won’t be the perfect mate for Liam.” She paused and looked at him. “I really do want to try it.”

“That’s good enough for me.” Liam said smiling.

“And I thought you guys would like to know what Sadie has planned.”

“I knew that bitch was behind all this!” Ashe yelled standing up. “I never like her!”

“I thought you didn’t like doctor Cindy?” I asked laughing.

“Cindy?” Victoria asked.

I nodded. “Ya. Why about her?”

“She’s working with Sadie.”

We all froze.

“Come again?” I asked.

Victoria nodded. “She is working with Sadie. But I didn’t know she was a doctor.”

“Ya.” David said. “She’s our pack doctor.”

“She is the one who organizes all the rogue attacks to your pack.” Victoria said.

“The map!” I screamed.

I took the map out of my pocket.

“What map?” Stacy asked me.

“So. Uh Ashe and I may or may not have snuck into Cindy’s office when she wasn’t there.” I said while Ashe let out a nervous laugh.

“Why?” Jake asked looking at me amused.

“Umm the day Ashe and I escaped from the house and went I to the forest. We saw Cindy walking to the forest.” I said.

“And we were gonna follow her, but we smelt rogues so we turned back.” Ashe finished for me.

“Then we snuck into her office and I found this map.” I added on unraveling the map and showing everyone. “All these red x’s are rogue attacks. She’s been tracking every single one.”

“And I think the circles are areas where she can have a possible rogue attack.” Ashe said pointing to the giant circles.

“But how would she know where to attack.” John asked.

Everyone looked confused.

“She couldn’t possibly know the patrol routine. Could she?” Carlos asked.

“Wait.” I said thinking.

“What?” Scott asked.

“She could possibly know them. But I don’t know if she knows all of them.” I said looking at the map.

“What are you getting at Luna?” One of the warrior wolves asked me.

“Think about it.” I said to everyone. “She’s the doctor.”

“What about it?” Ashe asked.

“She would have to know some of the patrol routines. She’s the doctor. How many times did she have to come out there to patrol to help someone. Maybe they were too badly injured to make it to the clinic so she had to come to them. She would have to know a couple of the routines. Maybe not all of them, but at least a couple.”

“She’s right.” John said. “We had to call her a couple of times to go to one of the wolves.”

“Exactly. And look here.” I said pointing to the circles. “There are a lot more patrol patterns than the ones that are circled. She is only circling the ones she knows.”

“So what do we do?” A warrior wolf asked.

“It’s simple.” I said looking at him. “We have to change our patrol patterns to something completely different. And mix up the people. Because I’m pretty sure she knows what peoples are in what routines.”

“We need to find Cindy.” John growled standing up. “Send out an all call for Cindy and find her.”

The warrior wolves nodded and ran out of the room.

“I’m so happy you’re finally on our side!” Liam yelled and hugged Victoria.

Victoria screamed and flipped Liam over her shoulder and got into a fighting stance.

Once Liam landed on the ground, Victoria gasped and went right to him.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry Liam. I-I didn’t know it was you. I-I’m really sorry.” Victoria rushed out.

Liam laughed and Victoria helped him up.

He pulled her into a hug, but slowly this time.

Victoria smiled and hugged him back.

“It’s okay. I shouldn’t have done it so fast. I mean, you were trained well.” Liam winked.

Victoria laughed. “I really am sorry for flipping you Liam.”

Liam waved her off and grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry about it. It was actually kinda fun. Can you teach me?”

Victoria closed her hand around Liam’s and nodded. “Sure thing.”

“Sweet. And this whole mate thing. Don’t be afraid to speak up. I’ll wait as long as I need to for you to trust me. I will wait forever and day for you. Take all the time you need. And if I’m going to fast, just tell me. My wolf, Louis, and I will always wait for you and Ace. So, just take your time and everything will work out.” Liam said looking down at her with a big smile.

Victoria looked like she was about to cry. “Avery was right.” She said and pulled him in for a hug.

“What?” Liam laughed as he hugged her back.

Victoria pulled back and looked at me. “She said I should give you a chance.”

Liam looked at me and ran over to me and lifted me up. “Oh my gosh. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” I laughed and gave him a big hug.

He put me down and Victoria walked over to us. “I am willingly to try this. And I’m really sorry if it takes a while. I’m not use to all the love that you guys give off. I might be really rusty, but I’ll try.”

“That’s all I ask for.” Liam said giving Victoria a kiss on top of the head.”

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