The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 50: The fight and the surpise shift


“Hey ugly! Over here!” I yelled right before I shifted and leaped at him.

He looked my way and he had a confused expression before it turned to fright when I tackled him.

I quickly got off of him as Ashe leaped on him and bit his neck till he stopped moving.

I shifted back and gave Ashe’s wolf a high five. “Nicely done.”

Ashe gave a bow and Vic’s wolf gave out a little chuckle.

“Avery!” I heard a scream.

I looked around and couldn’t see anything.

“Avery!” I heard again and realized it was coming from the house.

I ran to the house dodging the rogues and saw the front door was wide open.

Didn’t Jake close it?

I heard a scream full of fear and a gun shot go off.

I jumped from the sound and booked it upstairs.

I ran to one of the spare rooms and saw Lilly holding a gun and a dead rogue laying in front of her.

“Lilly?” I asked confused. Did she shoot him?

“Avery.” Lilly cried and ran to me.

“Are you alright?” I asked her looking for any sign of injury.

She nodded. “It was running after me a-and I just grabbed a gun and I shot. I-I killed him. Avery! I killed him!” She hiccuped and starting crying some more.

“It’s okay. It was for protection.” I said and hugged her.

“Ow.” She yelped and held her right shoulder.

“Are you okay? Did he bite you?” I panicked and glanced at her shoulder.

Lilly shook her head. “No. That him has a really big kick to it.” She said with a small laugh.

I smiled until I saw the gun.

“Umm Lilly?” I asked as I walked towards the gun.

“Yes?” She asked following me.

“Where did you get this gun?”

“It was by the wall of guns on the ground. A rogue fell into the wall and it fell off so I grabbed it.” She said confused as to why I was asking her this stuff.

“Umm. You shot a MK16..” I said my voice trailing off.

“What is that?” Lilly asked looking at the gun. “Is it the name of the gun?”

“Yes.” I laughed and picked her up. “It’s a very powerful gun. I’m surprised you could shoot it.”

She smiled. “Well the rogue that chased me into the room shifted back and laughed at me saying I couldn’t shoot the gun. So when he shifted back into his wolf, I closed my eyes and shot.”

I laughed. “You are full of surprised aren’t you.”

“Yes I am! I mean, I AM your sister.” Lilly laughed and gave me a hug.

“Yes you are.” I said smiling at her.

“There you are!” Vic and Ashe said running up to us.

“Sorry. It was Lilly. She shot the MK16.” I told the girls.

“Nicely done little grasshopper.” Ashe teased.

“How did that feel.” Vic laughed.

“It hurt.” Lilly said holding her shoulder.

“Hey bitches!” Someone called.

We turned around to see two rogues.

“Hey. They answered to their names.” The one rogue laughed.

“At least we shower unlike you.” Lilly said putting her hands on her hips after I set her down.

“Oh snap crackle and pop!” Ashe yelled.

“Listen here you little squirt.” The rogues growled at her.

“Aww. Is someone upset that they got burned by a 6 year old?” Lilly teased.

“Lilly! Don’t provoke them.” I laughed.

“Listen here you little mini bitch.” They two guys growled.

“Oh hell no!” I growled and brought the MK16 in front of me.

“Oh shit.” The rogue said scared.

I pulled the trigger and watched as the two rogues in front of got torn to shreds by the bullets.

“Let’s go.” I said pissed off as I grabbed Lilly’s hand.

“Where are the guys?” Ashe asked looking around.

“I don’t know.” Vic said trying to find the boys as well.

“Would you look at that. The traitor and the nobody’s.” I heard a squeaky voice behind us.

We all turned to see Sadie, Cindy, and a bunch of rogues with them.

“I am soo not in the moods for them today.” Ashe growled.

“Ohh boo who.” Cindy said wiping fake tears.

“Man you really annoyed me.” Victoria said smirking.

“I didn’t like you either.” Cindy said shrugging.

“That’s fine with me. You were also a terrible fighter too. Which was really funny watching you try to spar.”

Cindy’s face got beat red after Vic said that. “I-I was just trying to go easy on you.”

Vic let out a huge laugh. “Oh. That’s good. Nice try.”

Cindy shifted and went after Vic. But all Vic did was smirk before she shifted too and jumped at Cindy.

“Go after the others. Avery is mine.” Sadie growled.

“You’re on troll.” I said smiling.

Sadie growled at me and shifted.

“Ashe. Watch Lilly.” I said before I shifted.

Sadie went for my neck, but I mange to dodge at the last second and watch her face go into the dirt.

I wanted to laugh but I didn’t have time for that.

I quickly turned around and jumped on her back when she was still on the ground.

She tried to shake me off, but the but the scruff of her neck to stay on.

She noticed this and started running and taking sharp turns to somehow throw me off.

Sadie looked over and saw something, because the next thing I know is that she sprinted off into throat general direction.

I looked up and saw a branch hanging low.

I quickly jumped off because I figured out what she was planning and I saw her dunk right underneath it.

‘That was close.’ Red sighed.

‘Ya it was.’ I said breathing heavily.

I wasn’t paying attention and I felt myself get tackled.

I looked up and saw a rogue on top of me.

When I looked over, I wasn’t expecting to see Lilly holding a big branch.

I shifted and immediately picked her up.

“Lilly!” I yelled and held her tight. “What the hell are you thinking. You were suppose to stay at the house.”

“I was in the house. But I saw you get tackled. I had to do something.” She said looking down at her hands.

I sighed and gave her a big hug before I set her down. “Okay. But next time, stay in the house.”

“Deal.” Lilly smiled.

Before I could anything else, I felt myself get tackled to the ground.

“Avery!” Lilly screamed as she ran towards me.

I was trying to get the rogue off of me when we heard a growl and I watched as Lilly stopped and looked up.

We both saw Sadie come running.

And she was aiming at Lilly.

I tried to get up, but the rogue kept pushing me down and he bit my shoulder.

As I screamed in pain, Tony came running and checked Sadie’s wolf in the side and knocked her over.

‘Red! Help me please!’ I screamed in my head.

With the help of Red, I finally managed to kick him off of me and he went flying into a tree and got knocked out.

“Tony?” I asked as I slowly stood up and watched him breathe in deeply.

“This is the shittiest birthday I have ever had.” Tony growled.

“Today is your birthday?” Lilly and I asked.

“Yes. And these stupid rogues ruined it!” Tony said as his breathing got heavier and his voice got deeper.

“Umm Avery?” Lilly asked and she slowly went behind my legs.

I held my should and stood there watching as Tony’s eyes glowed bright blue and his teeth got bigger.

“Tony?” I asked confused.

“I think he is shifting.” Lilly said surprised.

Right in front of me. I watched as Tony shifted into a dark brown wolf with striking blue eyes.

“T-Tony?” I asked shocked.

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