The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 51: Tony watch


I stood behind my sister and watched as Tony shifted into a dark brown wolf.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even speak.

“T-Tony?” Avery asked as Tony was done shifting.

His wolf shook out his fur and looked around.

“Avery!” Jake yelled as he, David, and Liam ran towards us.

“Who the hell is that?” Liam growled shielding Victoria as her and Ashe ran over to us.

Liam was about to shift but that’s when I stepped out.

“Stop!” I yelled as I ran in front of Liam.

“Lilly get behind me.” Liam said as he went to grab me.

Right as he touched my shoulder, Tony’s wolf growled.

Jake got in a defensive position, but Avery yelled too.

“Guys stop. That’s Tony.” Avery said running in front of Jake.

“T-Tony?” Liam asked.

With Liam’s hand still on my shoulder, to Tony’s wolf ran over to me and grabbed my shirt.

I let out a squeak as Tony’s wolf pulled me behind him.

He slowly walked backwards until he was fully over me and growled at everyone that looked my way.

“Aww!” Ashe shrieked. “He’s protecting Lilly.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Jake’s father said as he walked out.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked.

“Tony is only ten. And he just shifted. His wolf will be out of control. He has no control over his wolf just yet. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t shift naturally.”

“What do you mean?” David asked.

“What happened before Tony shifted?” Jake’s dad asked.

“Sadie’s wolf came running towards us.” Avery said trying to get close to me.

But she jumped back when Tony growled.

Jake stood protectively in front of Avery and eyes Tony carefully.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Tony wasn’t ready to shift yet. But seeing Lilly put into danger like that must have triggered something and forced his wolf out. No one shifts this young.” Jake’s dad said.

“So what does this mean?” I asked trying to push Tony’s wolf off of me.

Tony growled and lowered himself onto me.

“That means it’s going to be one hell of a time trying to get him to shift back. And his wolf has full control. Tony is only ten so he can’t overpower his wolf just yet. He needs to be watched 24/7 until we can teach him how to control his wolf. And I have a feeling Lilly is his mate so we have to be careful when they are around each other. We should limit their time together.”

Right as he said that, Tony let out a feral growl and jumped at Jake’s dad.

Jake’s dad calmly stood there and moved out of the way at the last second causing Tony’s wolf to go into the dirt.

I giggled seeing Tony’s wolf shake his head while sitting down.

He must have heard me because his head popped up and his tongue rolled out of his mouth. When he stood up his tail started to wag.

“Tony!” Liam yelled.

Tony looked right at Liam and let out a small growl.

“You probably shouldn’t make him mad.” Avery laughed.

“It’s not my fault he doesn’t like me!” Liam defended himself.

I laughed even more and Tony’s wolf ran over to me.

He stood over me and licked my face causing me to giggle even more.

“Awww!” The girls and Jake’s mom cooed.

“Who is that?” I heard someone ask.

I looked up and saw Katie with two guards.

“This is Tony.” I said trying to push his head away from me.

“He shifted?!” Katie screeched.

I nodded and smiled at Tony’s wolf.

His wolf in return smiled back and laid down beside me.

But his head shot up and he let out a growl when a guard took a step towards me.

I heard Jake’s dad sigh. “Cameron and Taylor.”

“Yes?” The guards that were with Katie asked.

“You two are on Tony watch. Since he is only ten, he needs to be monitored 24/7. Keep him in your sight at all times. We might need to limit his time with Lilly.” Jake’s dad said but was cut off when Tony’s wolf growled. “Anyway.” He started. “Him being with Lilly might make his wolf want to come out. They can stay together, but if he shows signs of his wolf coming up, get Lilly away. He doesn’t know how to control his wolf just yet and his wolf can easily overpower him. So he needs to be watched every second.”

“Yes sir.” Cameron and Taylor said.

“Good.” Jake’s dad smiled.

“So. Umm how are we going to get Tony to shift?” I asked as I petted his head.

Everyone’s eyes widen.

“Oh shit.” Jake said.

“I don’t know. He’s so young so it’s going to be a lot harder.” Jake’s dad said.

“This is gonna be fun.” I said as I looked at Tony’s wolf wagging his tail at me.

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