The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 52: What do you mean mate


“Shift you stupid mutt!” Liam yelled at Tony for nth time.

Tony growled and hit Liam with his tail causing him to fall over.

I tried to hide my laugh whereas Lilly just fell over because she was laughing so hard.

“I’m glad you find this funny.” Liam growled at Lilly.

Tony growled and Liam because of his tone towards Lilly.

“I do find this extremely funny.” Lilly said in between laughs.

Liam growled and stormed towards the house.

Victoria sighed as she walked towards the house as well. “I’ll go calm him down.”

John clapped his hands together. “Well this is gonna be loads of fun.”

Stacy playfully hit his shoulder. “Be nice.” She said walking up to Tony. “This is the first time a 10 year old has shifted. I’ve helped many new shifters shift back into their human form but they were all around the age of 16. And I like a challenge.”

“See. Why can’t you guys have a positive mind like Stacy.” Ashe scolded.

“Because this is gonna be hard.” Taylor said.

“Be nice.” Ashe snapped.

Taylor gulped. “Sorry Beta Female.”

Ashe nodded with a victorious smile and walked up to Tony.

“Now Tony. Are you there?” Ashe asked.

Tony’s wolf’s eyes went wide and he sniffed the air.

He snapped his head to the left.

‘Mate!’ We heard a male voice yell through the mind link.

“Who was that?” Jake asked confused.

“That was Tony’s wolf.” I said pointing at him.

We followed his line of sight…

And he was looking at Katie…

“Why is everyone looking at me?” Katie asked.

“Wait. Who is he looking at?” Ashe asked.

Lilly and Katie were both standing next to each other and Tony’s wolf walked right up to them.

‘Umm. I’m confused.’ Tony’s wolf said.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Since his wolf was forced out and Tony is so young. He can’t tell which one is his mate.” John said walking over to us.

“How does he not know?” David asked.

“I don’t know. It must have something to do with the fact that he wasn’t ready to shift yet.”

“Well how do we tell which one is his mate. Because he did look at Katie first.” I said.

“But he protected Lilly.” Ashe interrupted.

“Could they both be his mate?” David asked.

John shook his head. “That’s not possible. His wolf must be confused. Because Katie and Lilly are closer to his age. So he must have gotten the girls confused.”

“I got it!” Ashe shrieked.

“Ouch woman.” Cameron laughed. “You sound like a banshee.”

“Hurtful.” Ashe laughed.

“Nah. Just playing wit cha.” Cameron joked.

“Nope. Damage is already done.” Ashe said placing. A hand over her heart.

“Oh wow.” I laughed shaking my head. “What is your plan Ashe?”

“Oh right.” Ashe said running over to us. “You know how when your mate touches you, you feel sparks?” Ashe asked.

“Ya.” We all said in unison.

“We’ll have his wolf close his eyes and have each of the girls touch his shoulder at the same time. Which ever direction he leans too, ta da. That’s his mate.” Ashe said smiling.

“That’s brilliant.” I said as I turned to Tony’s wolf. “Close your eyes.”

Tony’s wolf looked unsure but did it anyway.

I motioned for Katie and Lilly to get on different sides and at the same time place their hand on his shoulder.

I watched as the girls did it and onus wolf jumped slightly.

His wolf slowly put what it looked like was a smile on his face and leaned towards the left.

“Open your eyes.” I said smiling.

Tony’s wolf opened his eyes and he looked down at his left.

There…on his left side…stood a smiling….

On his left side stood a smiling Lilly.

“Ta da!” Ashe screamed. “Lilly and Tony are mates. Tilly forever!”

“Wait. This means I have a mate?” Lilly asked with a small smile.

“Yep.” I laughed nodding.

“That is totally awesome!” Lilly screamed and hugged Tony’s wolf. “I have my own Jacob.”

Tony’s wolf perked his ears up and titled his head at Lilly.

“Oh shit. The possessiveness begins.” I laughed.

Tony’s wolf growled slightly and brought Lilly closer to him with his paw.

“Lilly. Don’t mention guys around Tony now.” Jake laughed.

“Oh right. Sorry Tony’s wolf.” Lilly giggled and snuggles closer to his fur.

‘Luna. Can you please tell her my name is Blaze.’ The same male voice said through the link. ‘Yes it’s me. Tony’s wolf.’

I looked at Tony’s wolf and he bowed to me.

“Lilly. He wants you to know that his name is Blaze.” I said smiling at Tony’s wolf. Er I mean Blaze.

“That is an awesome name!” Lilly complimented.

Blaze wagged his tail and licked the side of her face.

“Ew.” Lilly giggled pushing Blaze’s head away.

Blaze got up and walked towards Jake and I.

‘I’m sorry for snapping at everyone earlier. I didn’t mean too honestly. The rush of shifting and Lilly being in danger kind of set me off and I couldn’t control it. I really am sorry. Please forgive me alpha and Luna.’ Blaze apologized.

“Of course we forgive you.” Jake smiled.

“And please. Call me Avery.” I said with a smile.

‘Thank you Jake and Avery. Now umm. Can you help me shift.’ Blaze said laughing awkwardly.

“Uh sure.” I said laughing.

“Umm how are we going to do this exactly?” Jake asked confused.

“Can’t you give him an alpha command?” I asked.

“I could. But that’s not the right way to get someone to shift back. We only do that for emergencies.” Jake said thinking.

“I got it.” I said smiling and walked towards Lilly.

“What are you doing Avery?” Lilly asked.

I stood next to Lilly and turned to Blaze. “Blaze. Either you shift back, or you can’t play with Lilly.” I smiled sweetly.

Blaze’s eyes went wide with fear before he quickly shut them.

“Now. Just think of yourself in human form again. Your hair color, eye color, stuff like that.” I said.

“Wait. Lilly cover your eyes!” Ashe yelled.

“Wh-” Lilly didn’t get to finish because we heard popping and right in front of us was a naked Tony.

Lilly’s eyes went wide before she slowly turned around.

“I don’t think I can look at him the same way ever again.” Lilly commented.

Tony looked around, but his face showed confusion when he looked down.

He squeaked and tried to cover himself.

Jake laughed and took off his shirt and handed it to Tony.

‘Oh hot damn.’ Red commented as I looked at Jake’s chest.

I heard someone clear their throat and I looked up to see Jake smirking.

‘Avery.’ Jake growled huskily. ‘Kaydon and I can hear Red’s thoughts. You might want to stop before something happens.’ I watched as Jake’s eyes started to flow slightly.

‘Can we just kidnap her again and take her to our room?’ I heard a new voice.

‘Kaydon!’ I squeaked through the mind link.

‘What. I’m just saying. I wouldn’t mind it at all. Not one bit.’ Kaydon laughed. But you could tell he was being serious.

‘I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. That little wolf whore.’ Red laughed.

‘Heard that.’ Kaydon and Jake both said.

I gulped. ‘Way to go Red.’

‘How did I know they were listening?’ Red growled slightly but started to laugh again.

I shook my head and disconnected from the link.

“So now what?” Ashe asked.

“Well. Tony still has to be watched 24/7. He’s still too young to overpower his wolf yet so we can’t risk him shifting randomly. And we are going to have to monitor him closely when he is with Lilly. Blaze will eventually lose control and we can’t have that when Lilly is around. She might accidentally get hurt.” John said.

“I would never hurt her though.” Tony growled.

“I’m not saying you hurt her Tony. I’m just saying we don’t want to risk anything.” John said trying to get him to understand. “We just have to be careful. We can’t have you just shifting randomly right now.”

Tony sighed but nodded. “Okay. But I can still hang out with her right?” He asked hopeful.

“Of course.” John smiled. “You will just have Cameron and Taylor with you 24/7.

“As long as I’m with Lilly. Then I don’t care.” Tony said as he walked up to her.

“Can I look now?” Lilly asked scared.

“Yes.” Tony laughed. “I’m really sorry about that.” Tony said as Lilly turned around.

“It’s okay. Just don’t do that anymore.” Lilly laughed.

Tony smiled and hugged her. “Of course…..mate.”

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