The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 5: Lets go


“Wait!” I called out to Jake and David. They both turned around and looked at me. “How is your house this big? Oh. My. Gosh. Are you guys in the mafia?! When I told Liam it’s not good to take drugs, I also meant selling them isn’t good either.” I scolded them.

“Avery, we aren’t in the mafia.” Jake laughed. His laugh sent shivers down my spine. What. The. Hell. Was. That.

“Then how is the house so big?”

“I….took over my dad’s business you could say.”

That doesn’t sound to good. “Oh. Okay then.”

“Okay. We will be back later tonight.” He rushed out. He grabbed David by the arm and practically ran out of the house.

I smirked as I watched them leave and walk out of the house. You might be here tonight, but Lilly and I won’t.

“So….” Liam trailed off awkwardly.

“So….” I mocked.

“Why can’t you tell me?” He said sounding irritated. HAHAHAHAHA. Good.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You know damn well.”

“Hmmmm. Lemme think.” I paused and rubbed my pretend beard. “Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell.”

“The eyes, the speed, the strength, and not to mention the voice.”

Shit. He really does pay attention.

“Listen. Just drop it.” I said before stalking up the stairs. I walked into our room and gently shook Lilly awake. “Come on Lilly. We are leaving this place.”

“Huh?” She asked rubbing her eyes. “We’re leaving?” She asked smiling.

“Yep. We need to go see mom and I need to get back to work so I can pay for her medical bills.”

“Okay.” She smiled and jumped out of bed.

We both got ready and snuck back down the stairs and I was about to reach for the knob. “Now we have to be quiet so Liam doesn’t find out.”

I felt something hard under my hand and I was confused. “What am I not suppose to find out?” Liam asked.

I turned around and jumped back. I grabbed his arm because they were folded over his chest while he leaned against the front door. He looked pissed… more like completely and utterly outraged.

“Oh no you caught us. We were going to get stuff for your surprise birthday party.” I faked disappointed.

He gave us a dark chuckle. “My birthday was last month.”

“Ohhh.” I said fiddling with my thumbs.

“Ya. Ohhh.” He mocked before he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

“Liam! Put me down!”

“No!” He yelled over my screaming punching his back.

“Fine!” I screamed and pulled my elbow in front of me and hit the back of his head.

“F@ck!” He screamed and dropped me.

“Oof.” I said as my face made contact with the floor. “That was unnecessary.” I mumbled to myself before standing up and sprinting back downstairs.

“Hey Avery. Look what I found.” Lilly smiled and handed me a…rope?

“Where did you find this?” I asked. Well they are kidnappers, I shouldn’t be surprised.

“I found it in some person’s room.” She shrugged. My eyes went wide and I dropped the rope…okay then. “Why was it in their room?”

“Umm. They…..uh they use it, when they uh catch the bad guys?”

“Like superheroes.” She squealed.

“Ya but these guys aren’t superheroes Lilly. These are bad guys.”

“Gee thanks.” Liam teased.

“A bad guy!” Lilly screamed.

“You’re right Lilly. Liam is a bad guy. And bad guys need to be tied up.” I smirked and picked up the rope with my finger and thumb. I don’t want to touch this, but I need it.

“Why are you touching that thing.” Liam asked in disgust.

“Lilly found it.” Was all I said before launching myself over to him.

“Ah!” He screamed in surprise as I landed on top of him.

I started smacking his face. “That’s for throwing me over your shoulder.” I paused and hit him. “And this is for dropping me on my face.” I hit him one more time before dragging him over to a chair. It took about 10 minutes because he kept thrashing around and putting up a fight. I finally got him in the chair and tied the rope around him.

“Gross! Do you have any idea what this rope has touched?!” He asked terrified.

“Nope and I don’t want too.” I said before walking into the the kitchen.

I grabbed a pan and put it behind my back while I walked back over to him.

“Avery.” He warned.

“Listen. I would love to stay and chat, but Lilly and I have to leave.” I smiled. His eyes fogged over and I turned to Lilly. “Lilly we need to leave. Nothing ever good happens when his eyes fog over.” She nodded and Liam’s eyes were back to normal.

He smirked at us. “So if you could untie me so I can put you too back in your room, that would be wonderful.”

“No.” I told him smiling.

“Why are you smiling.”

“So you can’t get out and follow us and call for backup….” I trailed off and brought the pan from around my back.

“What are you-“

“Sorry Liam.” I said before swinging it back and hitting his face knocking him out cold. I turned to Lilly. “Ready?”

“Ya.” She smiled and we walked out the door.

“Hello.” A man said coming up to us. Who is he?

I put Lilly behind me. “Hi.”

“Lun- uh Avery. What are you and Lilly doing outside?” His deep voice was full of suspicion.

He was very tall and well built. He had brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. He looked maybe to be in his 30’s and about 6‘5”.

“We were going for a walk.” I said going around him.

He stepped in front of me and crossed his arms. “Sorry but no can do.”

“Why not? And how do you know our names?”

“Uh. Never mind that.” Oh like hell I will…. “But you ladies need to go back inside.” He told us sternly. Ah hell no….

“No, Lilly and I want to go for a walk.” I told him crossing my own arms over my chest.

He frowned and his eyes looked to the left and he nodded. I followed his eyes and saw about 2 other men coming our way. Oh shit! I grabbed Lilly’s hand and hauled ass out of there.

I should have known these guys were with Jake.

“Avery they are gaining on us.” Lilly told me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw now even more men running after us. I huffed and picked Lilly up and ran even faster.

I made it into the woods and quickly looked around. I spotted a giant tree and decided that that was my best bet.

I made a left turn and ran up to the tree. “Lilly hang on to me.” I felt her hands go around my neck and her legs went around my waist. I hoisted myself up the tree and started climbing.

I kept climbing until I felt we had a safe distance between us and the men. “Stay here.” I told her. Lilly nodded and held onto the branch. I shifted into my fox and jumped down from the branches before landing on the ground.

“Where did she go?” I heard one of the men ask.

‘Act like a fox!’ Red yelled. I rolled my eyes at her and tried to act like a normal fox. How do I do that…?

“Aww. Look at this cute little fox.” A man said pointing at me.

“Dude. That’s not little. That’s huge!” Another said.

I huffed and looked down at my stomach. Am I that fat?

“I think you hurt his feelings.” I growled at him. I’m a girl! Thankyou very much…

“Shit. Uh sorry?” I snorted and turned my head. “Ugh what now.” I looked back at them and glared at the guy that called me a ‘he’.

“What?” He asked noticing my glare.

“Wait.” The guy that talked to me and Lilly said. “Are you a girl?” I stomped my foot on the ground.

“Oh. Sorry for calling you a guy then.” I did a small nod and turned towards the tree that Lilly was at.

“Okay then. Now where are those girls?” I heard a deep voice say.

“Wait. I think I smell her scent.” My scent? Did I smell or something?

“Ya. It leads over here.” I froze. I turned around and saw them walking to the tree. Ugh, think Avery!

I jumped in front of them and growled. They stared at me wide eyed. “What?” I growled again. “Do you have a burrow there?” He asked.

I growled again. “She does!” The brown haired guy said. “I wanna see them. Baby foxes are so cute.” He took a step towards me, but I growled cause him to jump back I shock.

“Dude.” A guy said and smacked him on the back of his head. “She’s a mom. She’s not gonna let you touch her babies.”

“Oh right. Sorry Ms. Fox. We can go look over here.” He pointed to some place else.

They soon walked away and when I knew they were gone, I went back up the tree to get Lilly. “Are they gone?” She asked. I nodded and she smiled in relief. I turned around and laid down for her to get on my back. “You want me to get on your back?” I nodded and again and she climbed on.

I jumped down from the branch and ran through the woods. We are free. I mentally smiled to myself. Mom, here we come.

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