The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 7: Lets get her back


“Hey Missy.” I said with a smile.

“Hello Avery and Lilly.” She replied.

“Is my mom still sleeping?” I asked.

She gave me a confused look. “No. She’s in surgery.”

I stared at her in shock. “Wh-what?”

“Yes. Your mother is in surgery. She’s getting the kidney transplant.”

“But. How? When? Wait what?!”

“Oh hello Avery.” Sarah said walking over to us.

“My moms in surgery. How?” I asked her.

“Well, we had someone anonymously pay for your mother’s surgery.”

“Who?” I asked. I was still shocked but I wanted to know who the person was so I could say thankyou.

She shook her head. “Sorry I can’t tell you. They made us promise that we couldn’t say anything and that they will tell you soon.”

“Okay.” I said softly. Lilly and I said our goodbyes and we headed for the library.

“Does this mean mommy will get better?” Lilly asked as we walking into the library.

I nodded with a giant smile. “Yes it does. She’s will be healthy again.” She’ll be as healthy as can be. I thought.

“Hello ladies.” Susie said. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug.

“Thankyou thankyou thankyou.” I said and continued to squeeze her.

“Uh you’re welcome?” She laughed as she hugged me back.

“That means so much to me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“My moms in surgery.” I told her.

Her eyes popped out. “That’s fantastic!”


“For what?”

“For paying for the surgery.” I told her in a duh tone laughing.

“Uh Avery. I didn’t pay for the surgery.”

I froze. Wait what….. “But the hospital said that it was anonymous. And the only people I could think of are you and Earl.”

She shook her head. “We didn’t pay it.”

“Then who did?” I asked confused. Who payed for it? It couldn’t have just been a random friend. It was $90,000. That’s a lot of money for someone to just anonymously pay for it.

“I don’t know. Do you have any ideas?”

“No. The only people I could think of are you and Earl.” I admitted.

“I can’t think of anyone either. Because no one has that kind of money just laying around.”

“I’m trying to think of someone though.” It couldn’t be my dad because he doesn’t even know. And we haven’t talk to either of my grandparents in so long. So they couldn’t have possibly know either.

“Huh. This is strange. But I assure you it wasn’t me or Earl. So someone else must have done it.” Susie said with a thoughtful look.

“Okay then.” I laughed. “Whenever I find out. I don’t know how I could possibly repay them.”

Susie laughed. “I’m sure you will think of a way.”

“I guess your right. I’m gonna look for a new book now.” Susie nodded and we went to work.

I was at the bookcase looking for a book while Lilly was sitting in a chair next to me reading a book when the bell rung. I looked up to see 2 very big men walk in.

I took in their appearance and froze. Those were 2 of the men that a chased me and Lilly. But thankfully it was the time I saw them in my fox form. So hopefully they don’t know what I actually look like.

I turned towards Lilly and kneeled beside her. “Listen to me. If those to men talk to you. Ignore them and say ‘sorry I’m not allowed to talk To strangers.’ Okay?”

She looked passed me and nodded. “Aren’t those the guys that chased us?” She asked scared.

“Yes.” I answered. She gulped and looked back down at her book.

I watched the guys out of the corner of my eye and saw them looking around. Can’t they just leave me alone. And why the hell are these people so interested in me?!

I was so concentrated that I didn’t realize they walked up to Lilly.

I didn’t want to freak out and cause a scene, so I just pretended to look for a book while I listened.

“Excuse me sweety. But do you know a girl named Avery?” One asked her.

“Sorry. But I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.” She replied before putting her book down and walking over to me.

“Oh. Uh right.” He said looking at the other guy who just shrugged.

“You alright?” I whispered.

She nodded and stood next to me.

“Excuse me?” I turned to look at the guy who just talked to Lilly. “Hi I’m Cory and this is Levi. Do you happen to know a girl named Avery?”

“No I don’t. Sorry.” I said.

Cory sighed an ran a hand through his hair. I took Lilly’s hand and walked away from them. About a second later, his phone rang. “Hello?” He whispered. “Well I am in a library……no I haven’t found her….” Shit!!!!

“I don’t know what she looks like…, I only got a glimpse of her…..wait, she has what colored hair…black hair and blue eyes……doesn’t she have a little sister too….” I looked up and made eye contact with Cory. “Her little sister has black hair too…..and green eyes…..” He smirked at me. “Yep….I found them.” He kept smirking at me and clicked the end button on his phone.

Cory put his phone in his pocket and crossed him arms looking at me and he kept that stupid smirk on his face.

I gulped. Oh. Shit.

Levi got the hint and crossed his arms smirking at me too.

Oh. Double. Shit.

“Ya. So we will be on our way.” I grabbed Lilly’s hand and ran for the front door. “Bye Susie.” I called out right before I stepped outside.

“Jump on my back.” I told Lilly. She hopped on and I booked it out of there. How can this be happening to me. I’ve been a good person. Like seriously!

I ducked behind a car and liked through the window. They ran out through the doors and looked around.

“Idiots.” I mumbled. Lilly giggled and I continue watching them.

Another guy ran up to them and started yelling. I noticed it was Liam. “Liam.” I growled.

“Why is he here?” Lilly asked.

“I don’t know. But if Liam’s here, then that means David and Jake are here too.”

Lilly sighed. “How did they find us?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted weakly.

“What do you mean you lost her?” A voice boomed and snapped Lilly and I out of our trans.

I peaked through the window again and this time I saw Jake. “Crap.” I muttered.

Jake, David, Liam, and 5 other guys including Cory and Levi were about 8 cars away from us. “I don’t know alpha.” Alpha? What the hell is that? “We found her and Lilly in the library. Then she ran out the front door and they both just suddenly disappeared.”

He groaned and leaned up against a sleek black escalade. Which I’m guessing is his. “Well. Let’s get her back then. I need my Luna.” He sounded hurt. Why on earth would he be hurt. I’m the one that got kidnapped her..

“We will Jake.” David said laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Ya man. How far could they really have gone?” Liam laughed.

That asshole. I never really liked him anyway.

“Your right.” Jake said standing up tall. “She couldn’t have gone far. Scott and Blake, you too look up by the park. Levi and Cory, you too look up more by Main Street. Trent and Liam, look around her. And me and David will look down by all of the houses.”

“Yes alpha.” They replied. Why do they keep saying alpha? It’s getting really strange.

I watched them as they got into separate cars and drove off into different directions.

Liam and I’m guessing, Trent, walked around all of the cars trying to find me and Lilly. I decided it would be best to follow them at a safe distance so they couldn’t sneak up on me if they happened to find me.

“Stay quiet.” I whispered to Lilly. She nodded and I walked with Trent and Liam.

“So what does Avery look like again? I remember serif black hair butt that was about it. She was too far away to see any details.” Trent told Liam as they looked through the cars.

“Besides the black hair, she’s kinda short, maybe around 5‘5”. Umm she has these really beautiful ocean blue eyes. Like they are really blue. She’s really small, but she can fight. It’s unbelievable. The strength she has, isn’t human.” Liam laughed. “Then Lilly looks just like her. Except she has really pretty emerald green eyes.”

“That’s pretty cool. I wonder if she’s pretty.”

“She is. But she doesn’t like me very much.”

“Why?” Trent asked laughing.

“It’s not funny.” Liam joked punching his shoulder. “I don’t really know how we got off on the wrong foot. But it probably has to do with me threatening Lilly.”

“You did what?” Trent asks in disbelief.

Liam nodded. “The day we kidnapped them, I grabbed Lilly and that’s when Avery went all ape shit on me. Like no joke. She is so protective of her. But I would guess that because of the state her mom is in.” Wait, how did he know my mom was sick? Did they pay? No. They couldn’t have. It just wasn’t logical.

“I guess ya.”

“But I don’t like her being mad at me.”

“Why not?” Trent asked.

“Well she’s the Luna. No one likes the Luna being mad at them.”

“That’s true.” Ugh. What does Luna mean?! I’m getting really frustrated right now.

Lilly and I were so focused on their conversation, that I didn’t notice as car was in front of me until I ran into it. “Oof.” I groaned as I rubbed my forehead.

“Did you hear that?” Trent asked.

“Shit.” I mumbled and his behind the car.

“Wait a minute Trent.” Liam said. I could hear him sniff. “Avery’s here. And so is Lilly. I can smell them.”

Crap. That’s when I decided to run.

I shot up from my hiding spot and ran for it like my life depended on it. Well it kinda did actually…..

“There!” I heard Liam yell.

I turned around and saw Trent and Liam running.

“Ya we found them….they are heading towards the park….okay we will….bye.” Seriously?! Liam just had to call someone didn’t he.

We kept on running for a couple of minutes before the shiny black escalade decided to make an appearance.

It cut off my path of escaping and just as I was about to turn, another black escalade cut off that path too.

Triple. Shit.

“Oh come on!” I yelled and threw my hand up in the air.

I put Lilly down behind and stood in front of her while Jake, David, Liam, and the five other guys stood in front of me.

“There you are.” Jake said with a smirk.

“How did you find me?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“It wasn’t easy.” Liam said.

I glared at him and he glare a right back. “Jerk.” I said.

“Jerk.” He mocked me in a girly voice.

Cory laughed but stopped once he saw my deadly glare. He did a cough to try and cover it up. Ya, well it didn’t work Cory.

“Now Avery. Be a good girl, and get yours and Lilly’s butts in the car right now.” Jake said.

“Why does Lilly have to go?” I really don’t want Lilly to get in the middle of this.

“Because she’s already seen to much, and I know for a fact that you won’t go anywhere without her.” Well he’s right there. But I still don’t want her to get in the middle of this. “So please would you too get in the car?”

I shook my head and got in a fighting stance. Jake sighed and ran his hands down his face. “Very well then.”

“Go for Lilly. She will do anything for her.” I heard David whisper as he and Levi got closer to us.

“You touch her, you die.” I threatened and moved my body more in front of hers.

David stopped walking and looked at me shocked. “How did you hear-” I didn’t let him finish his sentence because I brought my fist back and smoked him in the nose.

“You wanna go?” I asked Levi as he shook his head. I smirked. “Who’s next?”

Jake let out a low growl. I looked at him confused but he didn’t notice. “Blake! Scott!”

A guy, who I’m assuming is Blake or Scott, nodded and charge at me. I ducked in time and saw the other one grab my shoulder.

I grabbed his hand and bent down so he would flip over my back.

“Ouch.” I turned around saw Lilly kick Liam’s shin. I smiled, but it soon disappeared when someone grabbed me from behind.

I felt weird shocks and this electrify feeling surge through my body. “Sorry Avery.” I heard a gentle but sad voice before I felt duck tape go over my mouth.

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but he quickly put duck tape around my wrist and he handed it off to David who put it around my ankles.

“Avery!” Lilly screamed before Liam picked her up.

“Let’s go guys.” Jake said before he picked me up bridal style and walked me to his escalade.

He hopped in the back seat with me in his lap while Cory went to the driver’s side and David to the passenger’s side.

Once we got in the care he gently removed the duck tape. “Where’s Lilly.” I asked once it came off.

“She’s with Liam’s.” He replied not looking at me.


This time he looked at me and his eyes softened.

“As your punishment for running away, you won’t be seeing Lilly until I say.”

“WHAT?!” I screamed. Cory and David both jumped and Jake looked at me with sad eyes.

“Please don’t raise your voice at me.” He states in a calm manner.

But me, oh I was far from calm. “You have for to be kidding me.” He shook his head. “How is that punishment? That is so f@cking cruel.”

“It might be, but you need to learn. and don’t be cussing. Those bad words can’t be coming out of your pretty little mouth.”

My stomach did a flip. My pretty little mouth? “Don’t say that.” I glared at him.

“What?” He smiled. “But you are very pretty.”

Ugh. He’s making me get butterflies in my stomach.

I also felt Red pur. ‘Why the hell are you purring?’

‘I don’t know. I’m asking myself that question too!’ She yelled.

“Don’t.” I warned him.

“What are you gonna do kitten?” He smirked and brought his nose to my neck.

I heard a small growl but I thought it was someone’s stomach. It was probably mine. I am kinda hungry…

“Jake.” I got out as I felt his nose skin my neck.

“Mine.” He whispered.

“What? I’m not yours.” I said matter-of-factly.

He pulled his head back and glared at me with those intense electric blue eyes. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I’m. Not. Yours.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”









“No.” He smiled smugly. I smirked at him. He looked confused but then realization hit. “Hey! That wasn’t fair!”

David and Cory busted out laughing, but stopped once they saw Jake’s glare in the rear view mirror.

“Yes you are. End of discussion.”

“No.” I said and looked out the window.

He groaned and held onto me tighter. “You’re something else aren’t you.”

“You have no idea.” I said more to myself.

“What do you me-“

“We are here.” David said cutting him off. Jake nodded and we got out of the car and headed inside the house.

“Would you just be quiet already?” Liam yelled at Lilly as they walked through the door.

“What are your talking about?” Jake asked.

“Lilly has been screaming nonstop from the moment I got her into the car to right now.” He complained.

And he is right. Lilly is still screaming. But she stopped once she saw me.

“Avery!” She yelled. I went to go stand up because they took all of the duck tape off of me, but was brought back down in the couch by Jake.

Jake grabbed Lilly and handed her back to Liam. She started screaming again. “Can’t we just give her back to Avery?” Liam had to raise his voice so we could hear him.

“No.” Jake said matching Liam’s voice. “As punishment, they aren’t allowed to see each other until I say so.”

“Dude. That’s punishment for us.” Liam chuckled. Jake laughed but shook his head.

“They have to learn to not run away from us.”

“I want to leave!” I yelled standing up.

Jake snapped his head towards me and his mouth went into a firm line. “No.” He spoke to me.

I crossed my arms and continued staring at him. “Yes.”

“I said no.”

“Well I said yes.” I retorted.

“Well I don’t care.” He turned around and talked to David about something.

I looked around and found a pillow. I picked it up and threw it at his head.

He turned back towards me. “Did you just throw that at me?” He pointed to the pillow.

I shrugged. “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.”

“Watch it.” He warned me.

“Make me.” I gritted out through clenched teeth.

“Don’t test me princess.”

I unfolded my arms and put them at me sides, clenching and unclenching my fists. “I hate you!” I yelled.

Everyone in the room seemed to freeze except for me and Lilly. Their eyes were all wide in disbelief and Jake looked absolutely heart broken. But for me it felt like someone stabbed my heart. He looked like someone took his heart out and stepped on it right in front of him.

He opened his mouth but closed it. He did that a couple of times and I could have sworn I saw a tear fall down his cheek.

He clenched his jaw and his fists and looked away from me. “Liam and Cory, you are in Avery duty. Scott and Blake, you both are on Lilly duty. Don’t let them see each other. The rest of you, border duty.” That’s all he said before he stalked to the front door, ripping it open, and slamming it shut when he took a step outside.

Everyone was so quiet. Liam handed Lilly off to Scott, and him and Blake quietly walked up the stairs while Liam and Cory sat down on the couch still it saying a word.

I fell on the chair I was closest too and broke down in tears. Why do I feel like I am in so much pain? Like it physically and emotionally hurt to say that to Jake….

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