The Fox and The Wolf

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Chapter 8: The silent treatment


“Avery?” Liam asked moving his hand in front is my face.

I just turned my head and turned up the volume on the tv.

“It’s the silent treatment.” Cory sighed.

“I was afraid of that.” Liam said looking at me.

I turned the volume up higher and ignored them. They looked at each other and sighed in defeat and sunk back in the couch.

I decided too give them the silent treatment. And if I know Lilly like I always have, Blake and Scott will get the same thing.

But for Lilly and I, silent treatment is much worse. We won’t eat, talk, or even pay attention to your presence. We’ve done this before with mom when we were younger. Lilly learned from me, and she perfected it over the years. But she screams if someone touches her while she is going you the silent treatment. She has done it too me multiple…..multiple times.

“Please talk to us Avery.” Liam pleaded.

I was very confused about him right now. First he hates me, then he likes me, then hates me again, and now he’s pleading that I talk to him. Bipolar much?

“Liam.” Blake came in groaning.

“Ya?” Liam asked facing him.

“Lilly is giving us really silent treatment and her stomach has been growling for the past 10 minutes. She refuses to eat, talk, sleep. And I know she’s tired and hungry. All she is doing is sitting in the corner with a book. She won’t even look at us. I tried picking her up and putting her on the bed for a nap, but right as I touch her, she started screaming and wouldn’t stop until I let go of her.” There’s the little sister I knew.

“I know how you feel.” Liam said pointing to me.

Blake looked at me and sighed. “Lemme guess, you’re getting the silent treatment too?”

“Ya. She’s hungry too. But she won’t talk, listen, or eat anything. She always turns the volume up every time we try and talk to her.”

“What do we do?” Cory asked.

“I’m pretty sure they are only behaving like this because Jake made us separate them.” Liam said.

“Well they need to eat. Both of their stomachs are growling.” Blake said worried. And right on cue, my stomach decided it wanted to sound like a dying whale. “See!”

“Avery. You need to eat. This isn’t healthy.” Liam said. I grabbed the remote and turned the volume up. “Told you.” He said to Blake.

“Well what if Scott and I bring Lilly down so they will both eat. Because they won’t do anything until they can see each other.”

“We can’t do that remember. Jake said to not let them see each other.”

“Call him.” Blake said before we heard heavy footsteps running down the stairs.

“Blake!” Scott yelled angry.

“What?” He asked.

“You can watch Lilly for a little bit.”

“Why. What happened?”

“She picked up your alarm clock and threw it at my head.” He said pointing to a scratch right above his left eye.

Blake sighed before nodding and walking up the stairs.

“That’s kinda funny.” Cory said laughing.

“No it’s not. It hurt.” Scott let out a chuckled himself. “Your sister is mean.” He said facing me. I turned the volume up louder. “Silent treatment?” He asked. “Silent treatment.” He confirmed.

“She’s been doing this all day.” Liam said running a hand through his hair.

We have been siting here for 10 more minutes and I still wouldn’t talk or eat anything. “That’s it. I’m calling Jake!” Liam yelled before grabbing his phone off of the table.

He came back a couple minutes later with a look of relief. “He’s on his way with David.”

And he was right. Right after he said that, a worried looking Jake and David came bursting through the door. Once he saw me, his features softened but turning worried again when my stomach growled.

I glared and turned back around to the tv. “Avery.” Jake said as he stood behind me.

“She won’t talk.” Liam said. “We tried.”

“Really?” I could see Liam nod out of the corner of my eye. “Avery please.”

I grabbed the remote again and turned up the volume. I probably need to stop because it’s getting really loud.

“She’s been doing that too!” Cory had to yell over the volume.

“Why?!” Jake yelled back so Cory could hear.

“Every time we try to talk to her, she turns the volume up!”

“Oh!” Jake walked up to the tv and turned it off. I frowned at him as he crossed his arms. “Now Avery-” I cut him off by pressing the power button in the remote. He sighed and tuned it off again. “Avery plea-” I cut him off yet again but turning the tv on.

He was shaking and clenched his fists closed. He stalked over to me and ripped the remote from my hand. I frowned looking down at my hand. Well then….didn’t have to be so mean.

“As I was saying.” He started after he turned off the tv again. “You need to talk to us. And eat something.”

My stomach has been growling nonstop but I didn’t care. I’m only going to talk and eat once I can see Lilly again.

“Avery?” Jake pleaded. I looked at him and his eyes held so much pain.

My fox whimpered at the sight of him. ‘Avery! I’m having mood swings or something! I don’t like it. I feel like such a girl…’ Red said.

‘Well I hope they know I will talk and eat when I can see Lilly again.’ I told her.

‘I agree with ya sista!’ She howled.

I laughed at her. But was brought out of it with a hand waving in front of my face.

“You tend to zone out a lot don’t you?” Jake asked with a smile.

I kept in looking straight forward, not wanting to look at him. “Come on Avery. Please talk, anything. Punch me, I don’t care. Just do something.” Liam said leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees.

I shifted in my seat from all four of them staring at me. “Maybe we should let Avery and Lilly see each other.” David said.

“No.” Jake said sternly. “Avery needs to learn she can’t run from us. She belongs here.”

I stiffened. I don’t belong here you freaking idiot. I belong with Lilly and my mom at my house. Speaking of which I wonder if my mom is done with her surgery and who payed fore it….?

“Jake look at her.” David said pointing at me. “She’s not talking, not even looking at us or paying any attention to us. Her stomach has been growling nonstop and she won’t eat. Just let it go this once. She needs to eat. Her and Lilly both aren’t eating.”

“Wait what? Lilly’s not eating.”

“He’s right.” Cory said getting up. “Lilly won’t eat anything. She won’t even talk, or acknowledge us. She screams every time someone touches her, and she won’t lay down for a nap or anything. She already threw Blake’s alarm clock at Scott’s head because he tried putting her down for a nap. They’re both starving and won’t do anything besides just sit there.”

“Seriously?!” Jake said running his hands down his face.

“Ya. They both won’t even look at us. They just stare off into space with a blank and emotionless expression.”

Good. Maybe they will see that Lilly and I are a too big of pain to keep around and set us free.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Jake whispered. “Blake!” He yelled.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw Blake standing there. “You called?”

Jake took a deep breathe and looked at me. He stared at me for a little bit and then turned back to black. “Bring Lilly down here.” I shot up from my seat and a huge smile came in my face. “Ya, now you smile.” Jake muttered.

I glared at him and sat back down.

“You sure?” Blake asked.

Jake nodded. “I know they won’t eat until they can see each other. I don’t want them to starve and I want Avery to talk to me. So please go get Lilly and bring her down.” He nodded and walked back up the stairs.

We waited for a moment before he we heard screaming. “Don’t touch her. Tell her to walk down the stairs.” Liam yelled.

I heard tiny footsteps frantically run down the stairs. “Avery!” Lilly screamed and ran into my arms. I picked her up and held her close to me.

“Oh I missed you Lilly.” I heard the guys sigh in relief when I talked. “Are you okay?” I asked her looking all over for any sign of injury.

She nodded. “Ya I’m fine. I only screamed because they touched me.”

“That’s my little sister.” I smiled proudly at her.

She giggled and our stomachs decided to make an appearance again.

“Let’s get you girls some food.” Jake smiled and David followed him into the kitchen.

Once they were in the kitchen, I snapped my head towards Blake and Scott. They gulped when they saw my fierce glare. I walked up to them and they looked like they were about to crap their pants. “Don’t you ever, touch her again. And if you do, I will rip your throats out….with my teeth.” I threatened and turned to walk into the kitchen. “That goes for you two as well.” I said to Liam and Cory.

“So are you guys full?” Jake asked. Lilly and I nodded. “Good.” He smiled.

I picked Lilly up and walked into the living room. “So tell us about yourself.” David said warmly.

He seems like the only one I can actually trust. And it’s weird because

Red trusts him too. But she feels like she can trust all of them. Even Jake. She still says it feels like she has a connection to him, and I personally think she’s on crack or something.

‘Am not!’ She retorted. I rolled my eyes at her and focused back in David.

The rest of the gang came in and sat down. Jake came down and sat by me, but thankfully left a little space between us. It’s not much but at least he wasn’t touching me.

“Why should I?” I asked not trying to sound mean.

“Just to get to know you more. Look, we are sorry for kidnapping you. Especially with what your going through. But it’ll all make sense soon enough.” He apologized.

His statement angered me. He doesn’t know what I’m going through!

“How do you even know what I’m going through?!” I said standing up. “You know nothing about me! So therefore you can’t say anything about me.”

“Avery calm down.” Jake said touching my arm. His touch calmed me and it sent sparks through my body. He smiled at me and tugged on my arm.

I got out of my trans and ripped my arm away from his grasp. I grabbed Lilly’s hand and walked towards the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Liam called out.

“Upstairs!” I yelled before stomping up the steps.

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