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Stories From the Wanderer

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Stories From The Wanderer is the first series of my semi-fictional stories. "Part One: Treasure Unknown" is a three part story, while other stories may be stand alone. If "To be continued" is at the end of a story, there will be another corresponding part. This series is meant to open and expand our minds as we navigate life. To connect to our inner child and bring creativity to light. The Wanderer is meant to be not just one person but all of us as we live on this Earth. So immerse yourself and enjoy the ride!

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Part One: Treasure Unknown

There I was, walking unknowingly into the desert. No idea of what I might find or see, but hopeful for the journey ahead. This was something I’ve never done before and was anxious to see if I could finish what I set out to do. I had hoped I would find what I was looking for, I had to. This trip was planned for months, down to the very fine details. I was looking for the treasure that had been lost for almost a millennium, or at least that’s what the legends say.

The day was hot, and sunny, with temperatures reaching 100 plus degrees. Why I decided to go on this journey at the height of the sun, I have no clue. As I trekked through the desert I saw all kinds of little animals. Lizards, snakes, and locusts. You could hear the fall of the tiny rocks as the creatures scurried away from me, in hopes of staying protected. I meant no harm to these creatures, after all, I was in their home looking for something that may not even be real!

Anyways, it’s been about an hour now of walking and still, nothing. I wonder if I’m making a mistake. What if I am in the wrong place? But how? I’ve been very meticulous with every detail, so there’s no possible way. This is where “faith” has to kick in I suppose. They say when you stop looking for things, that’s when they find you. Maybe that’s why I’m not finding what I’m looking for. As I kept walking I could hear the silence of the desert. It was the strangest thing to hear, pure silence. The sound of the sand and rocks falling, or the sound of absolute stillness. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. My thoughts were the loudest thing out here! Strangely enough however, after about 10 minutes, my mind went silent. Completely still and quiet. It’s like all the thoughts that were running through my mind weren’t there anymore. It was a strange sensation to feel my mind go still but empowering at the same time.

Thanks to this new found clarity, I was able to recenter on the whole reason I even came out here; to find the treasure. I had hoped it was something so magnificent and grand that it would make me extremely rich. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what I’d find, but I was certain now more than ever I was going to find it. According to legend it’s unlike any treasure in the world, and has the power to change the life of whoever finds it. Given the year I’ve had, I could use some life changing greatness right about now.

My watch began to beep as I got closer to the coordinates I had mapped out. “4Hr:22Min., 5.5 Mi.” my watch face reflected. It didn’t even seem like I’d been out here this long! As I looked ahead about a hundred feet or so in front of me, I saw something standing out of the ground. I ran over to it with the excitement of a child on a play-ground. Finally, I found what I came to look for on this journey! I approached the object and it was a rock formation. Almost like someone put it there. Taking a moment I looked around and saw nothing but the immense beauty of the desert and the sky above. It was so surreal and honestly took my breath away. Realizing how small we are in comparison to this grand world, tends to put things into perspective. I looked back at the rock formation and noticed a tiny whole. Within it looked like a rolled up piece of paper. I then grabbed the scroll and read what was written;

I’m sure when you set out on this journey you did not expect to find a scroll. While the treasure is enticing, it is not what you think. The treasure is within. All of your needs and wants are within your whole being. Think of the journey it took for you to even get here. Through the sand, rocks, and everything in between. If you’re reading this that means you are one of the people destined to find this. Many set out on the path before you but you were the only one to reach this point. Your power is immense, but your destiny even greater. You have unlocked something within that many would not dare try. I hope you are ready for what’s next chosen one, for your life is about to change in ways you can’t even imagine. I hope you are ready.”

Feeling completely shocked, I somehow felt a deep resonating feeling with what I had just read. Almost as if my soul had known exactly what the scroll was going to say before even reading it. The treasure the whole time was me. I held the secrets of abundance the treasure stated would be waiting for me. I couldn’t wrap my head around it at first but it somehow made sense.

I decided to take a break before heading back. I brought myself some water and food, as I knew I needed the energy for the journey back. I sat next to the rock overlooking the desert. There was a lake in the distance, which I thought was quite extraordinary for a desert. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing to the eye. The stillness brought me so much peace and tranquillity. As I took in the sounds and smells, I paused for the moment to meditate. I felt this intense energy around me as I did so. The ground around me started rubbling and shaking! My body started vibrating in a way I’ve never known a body to vibrate. Even the hairs on my body stood up and my eyes wouldn’t open. I felt this heavy gravitational pull begin to pull me! “What’s happening?!” I thought. Where was I going?!

To be continued…

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