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The Lost Artifact

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Sakaze and Rimtos are traveling through the different regions of their world, exploring and encountering the various races as they go. Along the way, they hear rumors of a powerful artifact that has the ability to bring peace to their world, which is torn by conflict and distrust between the different races. Determined to find this artifact and bring peace to their world, Sakaze and Rimtos set out on a quest to find it. As they search, they face various challenges and enemies, and they have to gather allies and resources to help them on their journey. As they get closer to their goal, they encounter other groups who are also searching for the artifact, and they have to decide whether to team up or compete with these other groups. Some of these groups are enemies, while others are potential allies. What will happen after that, no one knows!!!

Adventure / Action
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Where it all began

It was a beautiful morning the sun was warm as usual and the air was fresh, I was doing my job as everyone does, my rank is red guardian which is close to become one of the protectors and I can take high up missions and finally my dream will be true, In this world you need to be strong to survive or you will die, why Am’ I saying this, let’s focus on the mission, my mission is to take this massage and deliver it to the demon king, to be honest I’m scared of him, I remember the last time I went there I was going to pee on myself, I mean his pressure is just different and his evil look and everything about him, but he’s a loyal king and trustworthy and you can take a word from him and he is extremely strong.

Alright let’s remember one more time what I will say when I give him this letter.


“I have come here to deliver this message from the capital”

This is good and simple, hopefully I don’t get kicked out like last time, whatever I’m here

A demon warrior “What brought you here, Human”

“I have a message to deliver to the Demon king”

“Let me see”


“Alright then, go ahead”

“Thank god, I wasn’t killed, that warrior is huge”

A demon Servant “Follow me to the throne room”

“Here we go”

“This throne room is just amazing it’s big and scary, but it looks cool”

When we arrived in front of the king, the servant said, “You are standing in front of our greatest king and the most feared creature in this world, knee-…” the king didn’t let him finish and said “Welcome Sakaze, what brings you here again??”

“I have a message from the capital, here it is”

“Hmm… Human king is just an-….” The demon king didn’t continue his talk and a huge explosion happened in the throne room it was full of smoke, All I could see the demon king was fighting two vampires and they were fast, I tried to escape but another explosion happened at the door it turned out some vampire were out there, I tried to help the demon king and I know I was useless but my body was just moving by itself.

All I can see was one of the vampires died and the demon king was fighting the other but from nowhere someone landed from the sky, and everyone stopped moving like something was force us to stop moving I guess it was his ability, he went after the demon king, and I was hit from the back and then I lost conscious.

After I lost my consciousness. I woke up in a strange place I wasn’t familiar with it all I can say is my whole body was in pain.

“AHHHHHH….AAA My Head is in pain, what happened???”

“Why does my entire body hurt so much???”

“There is blood all over my body!!!, what happened???”

“A random voice started to talk to me saying “ARE YOU ALRIGHT ANSWEAR ME SAKAZEEEEEEEE WAKE UP”

“My head was going dizzy, and I was feeling lazy all over my body, I can hear a voice in my head saying my name many times, I do recognize this voice but it’s for whose???”

The voice never stopped saying my name again and again after a while I calmed down for a bit and started to ask the voice.

Who are you???

Where are you???

How can I hear your voice in my head???

the voice replied, “it’s me Chimon, the king of the demons.”

“Chimonnn!!!! what are you doing in my head??”

“What is the last thing you remember Sakaze?”

“Well, the last thing I remember is that I was sent to you to give you a message from the capital and when I was leaving your throne room an explosion happened and then someone attacked us and at that moment, I lost conscious.

“That’s right, while we were alone in the throne room, Three of high vampires attacked us, I did manage to kill one of them and when I was holding the other one the other attacked me from behind, I didn’t notice there were three of them so both of them took my head out of my body but luckily there was a servant that came in time and transferred my soul into your body before I was going to be killed by them and after that he teleported you far away.”

“So, what you meant is that you were about to die by two high vampires but thanks to your servant he took your soul and put it in my body, and you are now inside my body.”

“That’s what I said dummy”

“How are you calm like this, I mean you are inside of me but I’m… I’m confused”

“Calm down, my servant is unique, he can transform any soul into another body”

“But as far as I know demons can’t use magic, right???”

“Yes, you are, but that’s his ability”

“Oh, ok now I get it”

“Right now, we need a plan to take the vampires down together or they will do as the dragon race did.”


“Yes, we, from now on I’m part of you, believe it or not, we are now one”

“But I got a question for you Chimon why did the vampires attack you and how did they even get in”

“Hmmm…. Probably they want to get rid of me or to be more accurate they want to kill me”

“Kill you!!! are they stupid or what??? I mean you are the strongest creature in this world Right??”

Laughing “Yes, I’m, but they got a golden chance to kill me so they went for it and for the second question probably to get the stone and how they got in I think vampires got special ability that you can’t feel their pressure”.


“You don’t know them?”

“I guess not, never heard about them”

“There are ten stone in this world every race got one your race needs to protect it at any cost without it you are nothing, every race tries to get them all together.

“What will happen if you collect them all”

“Some rumors say it can give you any wish, and some say it can give you a dragon body and some say it makes you immortal”

“Interesting, but why didn’t I hear anything about it in our capital and even there’s no rumors about it.”

“Of course, you haven’t, and you will never hear about it because every race keeps it deep secret only the kings and Lords know where it is. If the world knew about it just imagine what would happen.”

“Oh, now I understand”

“So, what’s now Chimon.”

“Let me see, first don’t let anyone know I’m alive if they knew I’m alive they will come after you, but I don’t think so because they didn’t see you from your hoodie and the smoke was all over the room so I guess we are good for now, right now they think I’m dead, go back to the capital and report that you have done the mission and gave me the letter and then you left without seeing anything. The real problem here is that they will try to find the demon stone, but no problem ‘Toby’ and ‘Luke’ are there so all good for now, they will stand up for them.”

“Alright let’s head back to the capital.”

When I returned to the capital, I met with the only person that I didn’t want to meet

“YO Sakaze how did your mission go??? You seem a little bit tired anything happened to you there don’t tell me you got in fight with them,”

I would feel Chimon laughing inside me and said “hahahaha, no way in earth he can do that”

“No, I’m tired because I didn’t sleep well yesterday and as you know I was training hard this past week so….”

“Oh, then go report back quickly and get some rest, you know tomorrow is a big day be ready I won’t go easy on anyone”

“Same as well, alright see you at home Rimtos and you too go get some rest”

“I have training to do”

“Alright, good luck”

“What will happen tomorrow Sakaze???”

“We will be doing the test to be one of the protectors”

“Oh, just like Kai Lucas interesting”

“Yeah, like Kai Senpai, his magic is kinda annoying, I have trained really hard this past week”

“I guess Kai magic was……”

Out of nowhere an explosion happened in the capital. “What was that it was loud let’s go check it out”

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