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Soon to be Blue

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Molly Jankins. A 13784 year old girl, lives in Maine. She then moved to New York after an accident. She is what you would call a. ‘shapeshifter’. she runs from away from everyone but at the same time searches for answers. She has a habit of disappearing and showing up on the other part of the world. She only has one wish. Can she fulfill it our well it turn out to be a waste of time? On her adventure she comes a cross a group of interesting people. Whom seems to help her move along and help her. Is that really their intention or is it something more sinister? Will something or someone stop her travels? Will she get her wish?

Adventure / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Its a pleasure to meet you, my name is Molly Jankins! I'm 13,784 years old, or 24 in human years. If you couldn't guess I'm not human. I'm what you may call a 'shape shifter'. Basically I can shape shift into any livng thing. We are actually called Cambio Forma. But people just call us Shape Shifters.

You may thing being able to shape shift is amazing. It can be but there are a coupple of rules. First, once you shape shift you have to stay in that form for a period of time. This all depends on who the person is and how old they are. For me. I have to stay shift for about a decade before I can chose another form. Secound, Shape shifters don't have something called a true form. We were brought into this world as a blob, and whatever aniaml we see first we become it. Third, were smarter than humans. Right away we know how to speak in every laungage that ever existed. It helps us to blend in.

In this world, if you can think of any fanasy animal it exists. Like dragons, werewolfs, vampires, elfs. You get the jist. Most humans don't think we exists. That is the eception of fanasy huters. More on them later.

I'm currently living out my peaceful life in New York. It's a wonderful place for me since I have taken the form of a cat. I have been in this body for 2 decades. Not wanting to leave my peaceful life. I chose to keep this form, but it is almost time for me to shift again. I still havent thought of what to be yet, or if I want to stay as a cat.

My daily life consits of eating out of garbage bins, taking nice strolls down parks. Running away from dogs and animal partrol. Its really a joy.

I've been living in New York since it was created. It was quite interesting to see the transformation over time. To the bussy streets to the horrible smells and even to the load honking of people in there cars.

I'm also quite familar with the animals of these parts. But mostly in a a bad way. There are not a lot of shifters left. Probably about 60. Shifters have a bad reputation of being these evil vile creatures that take on human from just to cause chaous.

Ya thats not true. We just wish to live out our lifes peacefully. When ever we creat chaos is usally when humans hunt is down to kill us or when you kill our familys. We try to stay out of everyones way. We are often the middle ground of things. We take no sides.

Sadly, us shifters have no way of giving birth to other shifters. Not because we cant but because it is cery unlikly that we well ever find someone else from our kind, that is male. Almost all shifters are born as a female, and once we are born our parent leace is so we can live our own lives.

That leaves us to be not very social beings. We like to stay to our selves. Not getting a ny atachments as they will die way before us.

The oldest known shiftrr to die was about... you ready for this? 865,578,356,173,279,729 years old. How do you even say that! Yikes I never want to live that long. So in shifter terms I'm still a baby.

Its getting late now. The sun is setting behind the tall skyscapers. That seem to tower even mountains. The sky turns form orange to pink to blue. Causing a beautiful mode over the city.

Humans start getting ready to head home. The streets become packed with cars and the sidewalks fill with people again.

I hope down from my roof. That I was sun bathinng on all day. I step onto the stair well it creeks as I step out onto it. As I hop down onto the pavment and walk out of the ally way. I round the corner trying to stay agaisnt the wall as to not get squished.

I go up a cupple blocks then turn left into another ally way. As I walk into it I hear the honking of other cars as I turn my back to the street. I go past a big green dumpster over filling with garbage. Past it is a small hole that I sliver through. Once down there I wait untill my eyes adjust to the dark. The smell of old rain water and mold fills my nostril and goes to my lungs.

I settle against the wall of the small cave. I made over decades to fit me for any situation. I lay down my joints ake from the soarness of jumping inbetween roofs abd the sleep takes me. Its peaceful and relaxing. Th honks of cars subside as my mind starts to drift else where.

Authors Note:

Thank you so much for read! I'm really exited for you all to read about Molly's adventures! I can 't wait. Due keep in mind that it will take awhile to get the next episode out. Since it took me a while to find a way to make this episode exactally how I like it. I hoe you enjoy the story.


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